Liberty & Autonomy Are Basic Needs
"Let Freedom Ring"   
Fredrick Douglass a former slave and inspirational social reformer, became a leader famous for incisive oratory, fearlessly sharing his perspectives prior to the American Emancipation Proclamation.

Addressing "Fellow Citizens" abolitionists in Rochester, NY on July 5, 1852 he stated, "The sunlight that brought life and healing to you, has brought stripes of death to me...You may rejoice, I must mourn".
                              First known collective photograph of the Jaisalmer Merasi Community circa 1980
Gains for a few are so often on the backs of the many. 
We remain mindful of dire global needs as much of daily life in the US reopens. 

    Merasi families have endured loss of significant livelihood for 16 months ongoing

Our partners have yet to rise up from Covid's wreckage. Good news is that Nawab provided a historic list documenting his community's eight young men joining their two role models; all employed as healthcare workers. They are providing Merasi with otherwise unavailable vaccinations.  
      Merasi School Director Sarwar Khan receives his protective jab

Grassroots Advocacy  
In June, Merasi School staff delivered 75 vital kitchen staple packets to all students' families twice.
Locked in covid limbo, an anxious Merasi mother and her children receive essential kitchen staples 
*GO* Home Study Booklets

Losing access to their education signifies a crippling disability. Aware the reopening of local markets meant *GO* production can resume, students came by to implore the return of learning stating "families stayed in Jaisalmer for these Merasi School booklets!".
   Dedicated students remain steadfast in their commitment to their education 
Kindness is the language the blind can see and the deaf can hear Mark Twain

FAR's Fresh Website  

Like many others, Folk Arts Rajasthan has struggled with the "never knowing when". During Covid 2020 & India's second wave.
We continued to sow seeds for education & legacy preservation programming, ready to pivot in any consequential moment would it be allowed.

We stand ready to alert you when we can of a website resplendent with jubilant images of Merasi School's reopening. In the meantime, share with us our soft launch: 
Education will be the light guiding Merasi Children to their future
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