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October 17th newsletter
OK2A is the Kiss of Death at the Capitol?
Last week OK2A’s cofounder Tim Gillespie unleashed a savage attack upon Rep. Mike Christian, calling him “anti gun”, mainly because Christian voted his conscience and the will of his district rather than kiss the ring of Tim Gillespie.   A legislator sent us an excellent response to the vicious and irresponsible attack which is a tactical endorsement of Democrat John Whetsel.  Keep in mind that Whetsel has had more people die in his jail than all other Oklahoma County sheriffs combined since statehood.  More deaths in the Oklahoma County jail under Whetsel’s rule than the state of Texa had in that same time period.  Think about that, twenty years of jail deaths in Texas is less than twenty years of jail deaths in a single Oklahoma County.
Here is the legislator’s guest opinion that shows just how irrelevant OK2A has become:
Unfortunately, OK2A exhibited all the signs of a dog that was chasing its own tail. They also demonstrate diseased RINO-Speak. That is that Rep. Christian was only 80% with us and he must be sacrificed.

But Whetsel was thanked personally by Bill Clinton for the Brady Bill, not to mention that in 2014, the OK House had to override the Governor so that way we could compel someone like him to allow citizens proper access to the full range of firearms and accessories they are permitted to by federal law. The audacity of OK2A to remotely or implicitly say that Whetsel is worthy of consideration displays a callous disregard for advancing real conservative 2nd Amendment policies. It's not a shock that OK2A is a kiss of death for getting things done at the capitol.

Let’s look at things rationally. HJR1009; Mike Christian co-authored, just the same as other demonstrated 2A leaders like Rep. Enns, Bennett, and Fisher. Why HJR1009 failed is that last minute monkey business occurred between the Rules Committee in each chamber. The addition of "by the state or by a political subdivision, agency or instrumentality thereof" at the last minute caused disagreement and required conference. It doesn't take a novice to figure out that sending something to conference is a great way to have things die on the vine for many reasons. Basically, HJR1009 died because of an issue regarding a phrase that someone had to throw in, and no one could get signatures at the last minute and I don't see Mike Christian's name on House Rules committee. Enough about HJR1009, it died because certain people didn't do their homework and have it ready to fire from the get go. Remember, when the Senate strikes title, it's them spiking the ball. What could possibly be the issue with Mike
Christian on this matter?

Moving on to another issue where OK2A is off base.  SB1057, their own pet bill, was to effectively protect gun shows. They claim Rep. Christian killed such a thing. You can pull up the vote for yourself at this link. Shocking information in that house vote link, only 2 nays by liberal democrats. HB2869 which is what ol' Tim was bellyaching about never survived after 2/25/16. Further, Rep. Christian voted in SUPPORT of SB1057 which came out a month later. Here is a little reality of the Oklahoma Legislature, there are some real turds, polished turds, and maybe some good things produced. But only when it goes to the governor's desk does legislation have any chance of being more than a scribbles and type.

Rep. Christian voted in support of HB3098 (not requiring SDA card for inside the state), yet again, digging through bill info is within a keyboard's grasp. However, what OK2A failed to talk about is how car carry portion is where things get tricky. The whole idea they wanted throw into the firearms in vehicles portion was: "In the absence of reasonable and articulable suspicion of other criminal activity, a person possessing a firearm in a vehicle shall not be disarmed, have the firearm inspected or be physically restrained by any law enforcement officer." Here's what that translates into:  LEO pulls you over for speeding & no insurance (common in Oklahoma) as you are driving along an interstate. You’re going to be upset that your plates will be pulled and get some tickets. You happen to be carrying a loaded subcompact. They might ask you to step out of the car and off to the side to help mitigate injuries from an inattentive driver ramming you. With the proposed language that OK2A is arguing about, that LEO in that scenario is required to make zero effort to know that your firearm is A) physically secure B) if chambered and/or loaded. Now...a lot of jurisdictions only have one officer in a large vicinity. But ask yourself, if you were an officer, how you would run the information and paperwork back in your vehicle? Are you able to maintain eye contact and observation of a possible chambered, loaded, and physically unsecured pistol at the same time your seated looking up information on your screen from dispatch? Nah, it's impossible to do that.

That very scenario is what can give a former lawman pause on that level of openness. Unintended consequences of loose language that even the NRA rejected is what killed their pipe dream.

OK2A and Tim are complaining how things didn't get heard and how "leadership" killed their bills. Campus carry for instance. There are only a couple of conservative legislators that have enough stones to really "maximize" the rules to advance good causes. If OK2A had listened to sage advice their bill would have passed and they were given a road map on how to get what fantastical legislation they dream of out of a policy committee but Tim refused to listen.  Instead they tried failed routes.

So in a nutshell, OK2A is acting like Kasich. They had a chance to get their ideas brought forward and have no one to blame but themselves.  Instead of whining like Holts, they could go on the offensive and use similar tactics that lobbyists employ. Saddest of all, in a true binary choice for Sheriff, they pile on against Rep. Christian for being the Reagan 80/20 vs. attacking the true enemy of the 2nd Amendment.
Echols, Osborn… Do you Need a Sooner Tea Party Boot up your… Holt?
It didn’t take the RINOs long to pounce on an opportunity to weaken state sovereignty and personal liberty once DHS announced that Oklahoma’s waiver for the Real ID act compliance had been rejected.  Representatives Leslie Osborn and Jon Echols announced that they would fille a bill next year that would bring Oklahoma into compliance with the Real ID law.  Echols was quoted as saying Oklahoma is not being given much of a choice by the federal government.  News flash for you Jon, 32 states have yet to comply and not a single state is actually in full compliance because most of the 24 states that have been given a pass have refused to pass the more dangerous parts of Real ID.
Here is a list of the 23 states and D.C.  that so far have refused to accept Real ID:
Alabama  Arizona  Colorado  Connecticut  Delaware  DC  Florida  Georgia  Hawaii   Indiana
Iowa  Kansas  Maryland  Mississippi  Nebraska  Nevada  Ohio  S. Dakota  Tennessee  Utah
Vermont  West Virginia  Wisconsin  Wyoming
But here is a list of the five states that the feds are choosing to be their whipping boys to coerce the other 24 states into compliance:
Kentucky  Maine  Oklahoma  Pennsylvania  S. Carolina
Are we the states that are the most stubborn?  No,  those states have done a lot to modernize their drivers licenses short of full compliance with Real ID.  Here is a list of the states that simply ignored the feds on Real ID and have refused to even apply for extensions or waivers:
Minnesota   Missouri   Washington
According to the latest threats, the five states above, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Maine, Pennsylvania and South Carolina, may not  be allowed to board commercial flights with only state driver’s licenses and would instead be required to use an alternative form of identification such as a passport, according to Homeland Security.   But that is a total lie as you can actually board an aircraft with zero ID as long as the TSA can verify your ID in their extensive data base. 
You give your name, they look you up, see your picture, answer a few questions, and on the way you go.  Illegal aliens can board airplanes, I have personally seen them hand an I-862 form with their name on it and pass through security, no watermark or other security features, no photo, anyone can make one of these on their home computer.  Even the TSA says you don’t need ID:   
“In the event you arrive at the airport without valid identification, because it is lost or at home, you may still be allowed to fly. The TSA officer may ask you to complete a form to include your name and current address, and may ask additional questions to confirm your identity. If your identity is confirmed, you will be allowed to enter the screening checkpoint. You may be subject to additional screening.”
Real ID started in 2005 and for over a decade the states have been pushing back against the privacy killing effort.  Besides the privacy concerns, the ability to have a facial recognition data base that could be used to track  and control citizens, there is a massive cost to the states to comply and a huge security risk to have everyone’s personal information in one hack-able data base.  One of the states being singled out with Oklahoma is Kentucky which has complied with ALL aspects of Real ID save one; the state still allows ID cards and drivers licenses to be handed out at 144 circuit court clerk’s offices where the security standards are less than the drivers license bureaus.  Other than that Kentucky has complied with the “material compliance checklist” that the TSA has watered down in order to get a few states to comply.
The twenty three states plus Washington D.C. that have been judged as meeting compliance with Real ID actually have not met compliance as few of the states have allowed access to their motor vehicle database/  But Homeland Security can’t take on all 50 states so they are picking on five and the five aren’t even the least compliant five states.
Homeland Security has announced January 2018 as the final deadline to states if they want to allow the use of drivers licenses to board a plane.  But the reality is that grounding passengers from half the states in the Union is guaranteed to ignite a firestorm that Homeland Security couldn’t withstand and would bring lawsuits challenging their constitutional ability to restrict travel without a national ID card.
Most of the 26 states that are still opposing Real ID do so on privacy concerns, unfunded mandate concerns, or to stop federal overreach.  States like Oklahoma, Maine, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina (yes, the ones chosen by the feds to crush first) have all passed laws making Real ID illegal in the state.   Those states realize the concern of allowing a federal ID card to be implemented.
Osborn and Echols are jumping at the chance to ram the federal ID requirement down the throat of Oklahomans in the mistaken belief that there will be little outrage.  It is an act of cowardice, turning their backs on fellow Oklahomans and the millions of citizens in the other 28 states that have stood their ground against the TSA and Homeland Security, easily the two most hated federal organizations.  Both Osborn and Echols are going to pay a tremendous political price if they file legislation in support of Real ID.
Lying Republican or a Truthful Democrat?
The Watchman
It would appear that the first RINO who has yet to be elected has already shown his colors. In fact before the runoff after the primary we covered both contenders on the Republican ticket. Those articles were published in July. Naturally a winner was selected and that turned out to be Adam Pugh. What has prompted this article was an article we found here COMMENTARY -- The problem with Pugh. Now it appears that during the primary and the runoff election that Mr. Pugh presented himself as a stalwart conservative that people could rely on. This turned out to be far from the truth.
Now to be fair we went to the blog mentioned above and obtained a copy of it here #OKElections16 Apples to Apples: SD41 - Kevin McDonald (D) & Adam Pugh (R) | Blue Cereal Education. We were aware that Mr. Pugh was a selectee for the group APPLE, which is a pro-teacher’s group. Most parents are on the side of teachers as it is. Where the surprise came was in the reply to the bloggers questions when Mr. Pugh stated “I don’t support the current efforts for ESAs or vouchers.” That’s completely opposite of a majority of the Republican voters in District 41. His opponent doesn’t even take that hard of a stance and he’s an educator.
The article we wrote warning the public of Mr. Pugh’s deceit were published on July 26, 2016 in the Sooner Tea Party Newsletter and on  dated July 27, 2016. We told you that this man had experience working for politicians in Washington D.C.  We warned you that he was not all that he was claiming to be, yet you chose him anyway.
We went to his campaign web site to see what information we could find there.  We find this to be rather ironic in nature. We don’t doubt his patriotism, however he states “A patriot, not a politician. All too often our government, both locally and nationally, is made up of career politicians who have never served in the private or military sectors. That reality leaves a stark void of accomplishments where certain critical virtues of leadership and sacrifice are developed and proven,” He’s correct. We can’t figure out why he doesn’t consider himself a career politician. He ran for the House seat in 2014 and was defeated. He originally filed for the House seat again this year until he found that the Senate seat was open and he then filed for the Senate seat. He worked with career politicians in Washington D.C. That sure sounds like someone who wants to be a career politician to us.
We also warned you that he was trying to make his career look better than it was. Throughout His biography he attempts to mislead the public by using the word “Aviator”. Many will get the impression that he was a pilot. That is far from the truth of the matter. Those within the military community are fully aware of what his job was as an aviator aboard the type of aircraft he flew aboard. What it amounted to was a glorified airborne air traffic controller. Don’t let this smooth talking politician fool you.
Now that the truth about his political leanings has come out we cannot recommend this man to be elected to the Oklahoma State Senate. We don’t need another Senator who owes their allegiance to the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. At this point and time the Democrat has at least been honest with the people.