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With the re-branding of Magellan Professional to Ashtech, I have changed the Software and Firmware Mirror that I have maintained for the last three years to (The old address forwards to the new site and remains viable.)

With the change, I have added a more concise listing of modern Thales/MagellanProfessional/Ashtech receivers with direct links to both the official FTP site and HTTP mirror: [ Latest Firmware ]

The HTTP mirror provides:
After 10-years of existence there is some question as to the continued viability of the RPLS - Ashtech board. In case of its demise, I have added a bulletin board for Ashtech questions: to the mirror.  I plan to continue to troll the RPLS board in addition to the new board, and I certainly hope the RPLS board will continue operation. If it does die please join me at the new board for a virtual beer (it supports images, links and cute little beer icons).

If this message finds you by mistake, please accept my apologies. There is a link at the bottom of the message which will automatically (really)  remove you from any future notices or alerts.

My best wishes, Mark Silver

And now onto some particularly bad news...
AshGPS: WAAS Failure Imminent for PRN 135

The FAA is reporting that PRN 135 (one of two active WAAS satellites covering North America) will drift out of orbit and become unusable within the next two weeks.

Users in North West Alaska will be highly impacted. Users in the rest of the current coverage area (North America) may experience 3-5 minute unavailability during the next year when Uplink Station Switchovers occur with no back SV in place.

WAAS corrected positions used in MobileMapping applications (MMPro, MM6, MMCE, MMCX, PM3) will probably not notice any issues.

However Ashtech receivers, used in Static/S&G/Kinematic mode, which perform SBAS ranging (like the ProMark3, PM500 and PF500) base will loose one SBAS ranging correction source. This may require slightly longer occupations and initialization times.

Thankfully (for those of us in the lower 48) PRN 135 is doomed and not PRN 138. Unfortunately, there is no backup in place until November 2010 when PRN 133 becomes available. (Of note, my Pro Flex 500 is currently tracking--but not using--PRN 133.)

The loss of PRN 138 before PRN 133 availability is certainly the Worst Case Senerio for all GPS users in North America!

Links: [ FAA ] [ NGS ] [ GPSWorld ] [ FAA Powerpoint ]