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Election Recommendations
Update on last week’s recommendation of Mike Turner for Congress.   I should have checked the RINO Index because Mike Turner voted against that oversize budget in 2013.   The vote he got wrong was legislation that expanded the Universal Service Fund tax expansion.  Turner has a lot of signs out in yards up in Tulsa and he has a serious shot at winning this race or at least competing in a run off.
SENATE DISTRICT - 12  -  Senator Bingman versus John Knecht.  Bingman is a RINO with a 20 out of 100 score meaning he got two votes out of 9 correct.  Meadows made a big deal out of Knecht refusing to show up at the OCPAC meeting but that is likely more about not wanting to associate or be associated with Charlie than a test of Knecht’s conservative values.    Charlie refused to endorse the guy but hell, does he think the State Chamber is running someone againt their own boy?    Not knowing anything about the guy still leaves us with the fact that he would be better than Bingman.
SENATE DISTRICT - 20  -  Any one other than incumbent Senator A.J. Griffin,  who scored a 20 out of 100 points on the RINO Index.
SENATE DISTRICT - 22  -  Mark Thomas
SENATE DISTRICT - 28  -  Anyone other than Jason Smalley who earned a dismal one point out of 100 on the RINO Index.   Jason voted for creating a new state agency and every bad bill on the 2013 RINO Index
SENATE DISTRICT - 40  - Steve Kern.   A bit over the top on religion but a pretty decent conservative.
SEMATE DISTRICT - 42  -  Greg Childers.   Greg served one year as my local Senator but redistricting moved his district way down South so he sat out a couple of years.   Greg did keep his head down during his one year in office and but he did a lot of work behind the scenes to get other Senators to help kill legislation that he was forced to support.   The South Side legislators like Greg and include him in their group and that is a pretty savvy group.   I was initially against Childers when he ran because he was a new Republican but I am certain that once he is elected for a full term he can shine his conservative light for all to see.   Meadows made a big deal out of Childer giving me his proxy for a GOP State Committee Meeting but the story that former GOP Chairman Matt Pinnell told puts things in the right perspective.  When asked why he gave me his proxy Childers replied “Would you like to tell Al Gerhart no?”  The proxy was needed because we had a rogue district chairman disenfranchising Republicans because they weren’t supporting the right presidential candidate and I had an email where the witch flat out admitted that she considered them the “enemy”.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 10  -  Randy Barnnett received an OCPAC endorsement and lacking any other negative info he is most likely the best choice.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 27  -  Anyone other than Josh Cockcroft who earned a dismal 22 points in 2013 RINO Index.    His challenger is Lani Habrock and would most likely make a better conservative than Cockcroft who has failed miserably.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 29  -  No choice, five people running.  The word that the woman named Dani is a bit clueless.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 31  -  Jason Murphey, who earned a respectable 78 on the 2013 RINO Index.  The other guy is a state chamber stooge attempting to knock Murphey out of office.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 32  -  No opinion
STATE REP DISTRICT - 38  -  Jason Warren is pretty solid except a tad weak on abortion which many conservatives will overlook if he is rock solid on other issues.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 40  -  Mike Stuber appears to be the most conservative.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 41  -  Ross Vanhooser who is running against incumbent John Enns who earned a dismal 39 on the 2013 RINO Index.   
STATE REP DISTRICT - 49  -  Anyone but Tommy Hardin who earned a 45 score on the 2013 RINO Index.  The other guy couldn’t be any worse and the State Chamber isn’t likely to go after their own man.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 53  -  Anyone other than Mark McBride who earned 45 on the RINO Index.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 54  -  Paul Wesselhoft.   Paul earned a respectable 78 on the 2013 RINO Index and the other guy is a chamber rat sent to remove Paul from office.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 61  -  Anyone other than Kenny Bob Tapp who is the Ron Paul crazy running for office.   Not a particularly intelligent man, disloyal to allies, and has some really disgusting political mentors.  Murdock is supposed to be the chamber rat in the race.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 62  -  YOUR CHOICE  -  The 22 year old John Michael Montgomery came for our interview process and clearly is not a conservative. I don’t know about his opponent. It would be a shame to see T.W. Shannon replaced by someone much less conservative as may be what is about to happen. OCPAC members chose NOT to endorse Mr. Montgomery.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 63  -   Anyone other than Coody who is Ann Coody’s son.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 69  -  No recomendation. 
STATE REP DISTRICT - 76  -  David Brumgaugh.  He  has improved his score to a very respectable 89 points after we jumped on his butt in his freshman year.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 79  -   Dr. Lois Jacobs
STATE REP DISTRICT - 82  -  Kevin Calvey
STATE REP DISTRICT - 91  -   Chris Kannady is a marine and we have had some good successes supporting the jarheads.  He has strong support in his district as evidenced by the amount of yard signs in yards and not scattered on street corners.
STATE REP DISTRICT - 95  -  Brent Rinehart is a very solid conservative
STATE REP DISTRICT - 98  -  no recommendation
STATE REP DISTRICT - 101  -  A J Bailey is a libertarian Republican who ran against Gary Banz in 2012 and is back for a second shot.   Definetly better than incumbent Gary Banz who had a dismal 33 points on the RINO Index
It is no secret that there is animosity between this organization and Senator Cliff Branan, however this article is written on facts not animosity.
We used records that are publicly available by going to and looked at his financial records. We checked both the individual and the corporate/committee donations to see who was telling the truth. The first thing we noticed was that Senator Branan never closed his campaign committee from his 2010 campaign which allowed him to collect campaign funds until he decided to run for the next office. He did this until the end of March, 2014. This allowed him to build a pretty good war chest.
What we found for his donations between Jan 1, 2011 and March 31, 2014 was a steady stream of corporations that, as Corporation Commissioner, Senator Brannan would be expected to regulate. Even worse was a steady influx from the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce, which is nothing more than a voice for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. In short, he was and still is a chambercrat.
From April 1, 2014 until June 9, 2014, which were the last dates available, we will give him credit for picking up donations from private individuals. We must point out though that a good majority of those private individuals are senior officers in companies that as a Corporation Commissioner he would be expected to regulate.
During this same time period he continued to take donations from corporations he may well be expected to regulate. Groups like Chesapeake Energy, Newfield Exploration and so on. Now is this really the guy you want to sit on a commission that is supposed to protect the citizens? With him on the Commission you’ll get more ruling like the one that left it up to OG&E if they wanted to put smart meters on peoples residence or not. That gave the citizens no option. We know of some citizens that OG&E had handcuffed by the police, just to install these meters.
His run for Corporation Commission further explains another aspect of Senator Branan’s sordid career. As stated earlier, there is a great deal of animosity between this organization and Senator Branan. There is also a great deal of animosity between this organization and the Oklahoma County District Attorney. Senator Branan had virtually no statewide name recognition whereas the leader of this group had a lot of statewide name recognition. Is it possible that the charges were prosecuted and trial was held to get the D.A. a little payback and Senator Branan a little statewide name recognition? We  believe it does.
In conclusion we can only say that Senator Branan is not the man for the job as your next Corporation commissioner. He is basically owned and operated by the very corporations he would be asked to regulate, and he has proven that he doesn’t have the stones to separate the two. He’s contaminated the halls of our State House for 12 years now. Let these be his last.
Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday June 24, 2014 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library- The Dougan Room
Konawa School 701 W. South St.
Guest Speaker this month is none other than our own Al Gerhart, cofounder of the Sooner Tea Party and billed as a political commentator for the event.  Trust me, Al has been called a whole lot worse the last five years so political commentator is just fine.
(Editors note:  There is ample evidence that Hofmeister is the Education Union candidate but she might well be the lesser of evils for this race)
We are covering the hotly contested Superintendent of Public Education Primary this week in our Newsletter. This week we cover the Republican challenger, Joy Hofmeister. The first article of interest we found was this. This was when she first announced her candidacy for the position as Superintendent of Public Education.
The next article we found was this. It’s her campaign web site. We spent some time browsing the site just to see what information was available there. It’s an interesting site that tells you her view on where Oklahoma Education needs to go. The one problem we saw in the site was that she supported Parent-Teacher Associations. For those not in the know, this is actually part of the Unions. We would recommend that these be changed to Parent-Teacher Organizations which strictly benefit the students and the schools.
During our browsing of the campaign site we found a reference to Kumon South in Tulsa, Ok. We decided to investigate that a little bit and here is what we found. This is an education assistance program designed from what we can see to assist student that are having trouble on various subjects.
The next article of interest we found was this. This is a work history of Joy Hofmeister. She has a deep background in education. Something that we should expect of the position she is seeking.
The next article we found of interest was this. It was a fairly good question and answer session, but we feel that they were kind of softball coming from the Union to a fellow teacher. It is something that needs to be considered.
The next article we found of interest was this. The A-F report card system for schools was a big subject on the agenda. The incumbent defended the system, as she had developed it, and the challenger decreed that our communities deserved a reliable accountability system. All in all it was a lively debate.
We next found this article of interest. Here it seems the main topic of interest was the Third Grade Reading Law. It seems that Janet Barresi feels that the third grade is where the determination should be made on whether or not to hold a child back a year. Joy Hofmeister adamantly disagreed. She felt the effort needed to be made in Kindergarten, first and second grade on reading. This is something that is better left to local school boards and the parents, not the legislature.
We also found this article that is very interesting. This would explain why Superintendent Barresi has loaned her campaign almost a million dollars so far this campaign cycle. Is she running a campaign or buying an office? It’s hard to tell with Superintendent Barresi.
We next went to to look at Joy Hofmeister’s campaign finances. We’ll have to admit we were surprised when we dug into the reports to find that better than 95% of her donations have been by individuals. In fact the total of her corporate finances since the beginning of her campaign have been made by only three corporations and total only $8,000.00. We must ask when you have ever seen a candidate for statewide office do this good with so little corporate support. This would indicate she owes her allegiance to the people of the State of Oklahoma.
Recently things have taken a decidedly nasty turn in this race. We found this report first. It would appear the Superintendent Barresi has accused Joy Hofmeister of some illegal contact between her and an individual that now runs a dark money group that supports her campaign. Joy Hofmeister claims all the contact took place prior to her having filed for office and was unaware that the individual was going to do what he is doing.
We actually found two articles that proved interesting on Joy Hofmeister’s counter to Janet Barresi’s accusation. You can see them here and here. These are some serious charges levied against Superintendent Barresi.
In support of the charges levied against the Superintendent we found this article. It appears that there may be a Federal investigation in the not so distant future for our current Superintendent. Releasing the names of Special Needs Students has brought disgrace to the office of Superintendent of Public Education. The fact that it was done for the sake of power is despicable. This wouldn’t have happened with an educator in office instead of a dentist.
In closing we must conclude that Joy Hofmeister is the real deal. She’s running a campaign based on and financed with the people. That is where her allegiance will lie. She will do her utmost to assist the children of the state of Oklahoma. With the Common Core State Standards gone Local School Boards will have the freedom to raise the limit on standards of their school districts. An Educator is better than a Dentist as the Superintendent of Public Education.




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