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Issue #172  November 2019
Hello & Welcome !
We're back from a very successful Quilt Market & Festival and feverishly trying to get caught up because next week at this time I'll be hopefully getting ready to come home following an equally successfully knee replacement surgery. So while I continue getting ready, go ahead and get started on this month's issue of Kat Bytes which includes a close-out sale on some fabric and don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom as we're announcing a brand new product, and just in time for Christmas!
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November 2019 "Eye Candy"
The bags you see below are among those that customers have shared recently on either our FaceBook business page, our Instagram feed or on our Group page on FaceBook. So thanks to EVERYONE! They were ALL great but here's a few of my favorites!
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic)
I first saw Jay Whyte‘s Sling Along on Instagram and fell in love with the fabrications! It strikes me as a fantastic summer bag!  

Susan Polk says she LOVES the size and functionality of her Everyday Attache but I love her fabric choices! This looks like a fun bag to carry!
And believe it or not this is Gwen Walker‘s 1st Sling Along.
I love how she figured out how to turn her Sling Along into a back pack! Well Done Gwen!
LaBreeska Harris made this Sling Along after a special request from a local Collie breeder. This is her 2nd Sling Along and she said it went together much faster and easier that the 1st. Now she can’t wait to start ANOTHER!
Mary Larson made these two Packlets for her MIL to go with a duffle she made for earlier to take on an upcoming trip. Now she’s completely coordinated!

And Barb Flowers said that as always, she enjoyed making this Bangle Buddie and has already purchased MORE Jason Yenter fabric to make another!
And here’s the very first Gateway bag to be a part of our Eye Candy post! It was created by Lori Gates who says she can’t wait to take it with her for her next afternoon in the park!
I love everything about Debbie Harris‘ little Go-Go Compact which she made for a school teacher friend, and isn’t this fabric super appropriate?
Gwen Walker added piping around both the front & back panels of her  Bangle Buddie . Congratulations Gwen on an awesome bag and perfectly coordinated fabrications!

And finally, this is Kay Marsh's 2nd Sling Along which she created for a friend and fellow quilter!
(For LARGER images: Click on each individual pic) 
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A FUN Video-
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A Closeout sale- Swan Lake Border
This month we're clearing out what's left of our Swan Lake Border fabric in order to make room for some exciting new fabrics we saw at Quilt Market!
This fabric is cut in 1 yard increments and was previously sold on our website for $14.99 each, but NOW (and until they are all gone) you can pick up a package for just $7.99 each!
Just click HERE to fin out more, but don't delay! We only have a limited quantity left and when its gone, its gone! 
Quote of the Month-
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A gif stands for graphics interchange format and is a bitmap image format file. It’s not a video file, think of it as a moving picture file. Gifs are a great way to respond to people and can often be confused with a meme.
I use gifs ALL THE TIME and figured it was about time to do a quick tutorial on how you can use gifs too.
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As Funny As Real Life-
Click image or HERE for a larger view.
A Cowboys-Giants Monday Night Football game was interrupted by something arguably more exciting: a cat that was unconcerned with the N.F.L.’s rules.{Click HERE to read more}
When Gabriela Longfish launched her Fringe pattern in August of 2017 she had no idea what was coming next. The pattern, which is for a woven blouse and dress, was an immediate success and, a year and a half later, continues to account for 30% of her revenue. Longfish isn’t 100% sure what it was about Fringe that customers liked so much.
“I sort of feel like it’s chasing a rainbow,” she says. “I tried using the same logic with my next design & I was able to avoid the zipper, but the result wasn’t the same.
It turns out that what Longfish experienced is very common among pattern designers: one or two patterns far outsell all the rest. Although, as she found out, it’s impossible to predict for certain how a new design will do in the marketplace.
LOS ANGELES — It’s never too early to start working on your brand. This dictum, at the heart of so much young entrepreneurship, is the guiding principle of the Unincorporated Life, a high-end fashion camp for kids, in Hollywood.

Over the course of a week, students aged 6 to 18 learn how to build and brand a clothing line from scratch: They design and sew outfits; make logos; form a customer profile for their target demographic; and market their wares (mostly to their parents).

Cat Picture of the Month-
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