18 October, 2019
Downtime for people and equipment, construction and building damages? Undoubtedly, any business which aims to develop itself and to be more competitive, strives not to fall into such critical situations.
In response to the needs of the industry for greater safety and security, the international forum "NO Accidents" will present the advantages of advanced and completely new solutions for these challenges. It will be organized by Via Expo on 14-15 November at Grand Hotel Plovdiv.
What are the benefits for participants?
You can establish contact with new clients and partners
You will share your professional experience
You will get up-to-date knowledge and find the solution you need.
Discount till the 31st of October for attendees from the same company 
2nd attendee - 50% discount
3rd attendee - free
For representatives of state administration, universities and students - 50% discount 
from Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Serbia, UK and the Netherlands
Anton Krantev, Business Development Manager, Konica Minolta Bulgaria
What did we learn from maintenance related accidents in the oil & gas industry?
Why we should detect precisely compressed air and technical gases leaks  the Manager of Trokuttest Group Bulgaria speaks on the topic

How works the concept ‘Accidents Avoidance through Reliability + Maintenance = Functionability’
Event Partners
 The Chamber of Engineers in the Investment Design (KIIP) is the Bulgarian national organization of the engineers from all specializations, involved in investment and structural design. More
 Srednogorie.eu is an organization, formed on an industry-regional basis that unites the resources and goals of the enterprises and local municipalities in the Srednogorie region.
 Machinebuilding-Bulgaria.com is a Bulgarian portal, which presents the latest news and developments. More
 Journal of the Engineering Industries - is the only Bulgarian journal that offers diversity of scientific, technical and commercial information more than 66 years. More
 Magazine Industry is the first and so far only magazine dedicated to all industrial branches in Serbia. More
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 Organizer: Via Expo