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In honor of Labor Day and the return of our children to the classroom, we continue our coverage of the ongoing Perelman Jewish Day School labor dispute with our exclusive interview of Rabbi Jill Jacobs author of the Conservative movement's decision on "Work, Workers and the Jewish Employer."

In honor on National Dog Day, we spotlight the rights service dogs have won in Pennsylvania, and the contribution of service dogs to disabled veterans of the IDF.

After the fighting in Gaza, "the Liberal Lion of Pennsylvania" Daylin Leach takes some of his fellow progressives to task for an "unmistakable strain of anti-Israel sentiment."

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1. Should Philadelphia Host the 2016 Democratic National Convention?
The Democratic presidential candidate will be nominated in Birmingham, AL; Columbus, OH; Brooklyn, NY; Philadelphia, PA or Phoenix, AZ.
2. Pennsylvania Accepts Partial Medicaid Expansion.


august-27-2014-v-stands-for-web3. Gaza as Seen by a Progressive Zionist:
Many progressives, who rarely if ever find a legitimate reason to use force, somehow justify Hamas shooting rockets into Israel. No other country in the world would be expected to tolerate this.
4. Deceptive Silence 50 Miles From Gaza:
Life seemed to be going on fairly normally in Jerusalem: We had “only” a few alarms; but that was just on the surface.
5. Lies, Statistics and Photos:
Over the course of one week, The Philadelphia Inquirer ran 10 photos depicting attacks and damage in Gaza, and none depicting the effect of thousands of Hamas rockets on civilians in Israel, or any Hamas militants.
6. Birthright Launches New Program for Israeli-Americans.
7. If Haredim Can Drop Books to Seek Sofer, They Can Serve in IDF.


JSPAN's Rabbi George Stern speaks to Rabbi Jill Jacobs, founding director of T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, about the annulment of the teacher union by the Perelman Jewish Day School.


IDF Hero
Decorated IDF Veteran Eli Yablonek and his dog Glen from the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind.
Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission decided in favor of Deborah Rosan and the rights of puppies being trained to be service dogs.
11. Anti-Semite Attacks Temple University Student.


9. Rosh Hashanah Honey Bread From the Ethiopian Jewish Community:
When the Ethiopian Jewish community came to Israel with Operation Moses in 1984, they brought their distinctive Rosh Hashanah bread with them.


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