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June 2010 

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DISCLAIMER: EFT and FREED are gentle energywork techniques and have produced remarkable results in relieving emotional and physical distress. 
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I created FREED, after Gary Craig (EFT Founder) announced his retirment and the end of his website.  FREED evolved after years of my experimenting with various types of energy work, including EFT.  FREED is a faster, easier way to release fears, phobias and negative emotions via a few quick strokes of the hand over ONE energy meridian. 
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Plus we'll get about 33% more releasements done in one hour than in the EFT sessions!
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Featured Article
Get FREED of Stubborn Body Fat!
by Colleen Flanagan

As summer begins in the northern hemisphere, many people are wishing they'd shed a few more pounds since January so they could fit into their swimsuits. In the southern hemisphere, folks may be glad that winter approaches so they can cover those extra pounds with bulky sweaters and jackets.
Almost everyone has "problem areas" of the body where fat tends to accumulate more than other parts. Did you know that specific fears can keep stubborn fat on certain areas of the body?
Arm fat may indicate fears that you'll always be denied the love and respect that you yearn for, or the unspoken desire to push hurtful people away.  
Belly fat often represents fears of losing control, relationship anxiety, or not getting the loving emotional nourishment you crave.  Belly fat can also signify a buffer between you and the world, or layers of protection between your inner child and outside danger.    
Thigh, hip and butt fat accumulate in those areas when we have fears about our sexual, personal or financial boundaries being invaded. 
The body will pad itself with fat buffers (and/or respond with pain or "dis-ease") wherever the negative emotions are stored.  The body may not release the fat until the emotions are cleared.
One of my guy friends who's extremely fit and muscular (in his 50's) complained to me about the few ounces of fat below his ribcage. No matter how many abdominal crunches he did or healthy meals he ate, this one fat pocket would not disappear
Both my friend and his expert personal trainer were stumped about this stubborn fat.  Immediately I suspected trapped emotions.  My surrogate muscle testing indicated fears of not being safe from December 2009. I asked him if anything scary happened to him then (besides holiday stress).
He grimaced and replied, "That's when I found out I was losing my job."  He felt "stabbed in the gut" when he heard the news and his body responded with a buffer of stubborn fat.  We quickly got the emotions FREED so his fat could melt away. 
Are you ready to release your fears and any stubborn emotional fat? 
Before you begin the energy work, pick ONE area of stubborn fat that's storing painful emotions. Think about what fears may be causing the fat to accumulate in that area, using my tips above.

The below stress releasing information can be used AT YOUR OWN RISK and with many energywork modality, including FREED, EFT, MTT, Reiki, Meditation or whatever you prefer! 
If you are new to EFT and want to try it, download my FREE EFT chart .  All my FREED clients can use their meridian fear releasing techniques, as we did in our sessions. 

Step 1: If you're using FREED, apply your magnet or hand 3 times and repeat the below statements that apply to you. 
If you're doing EFT/MTT, tap on your karate chop point or rub your sore spot using the below as a setup statement 3 times, then do the 9 gamut procedure and reminder phrase tapping.

“I release this stubborn arm fat caused by fears that I'll always be denied the love, hugs and respect that I so desperately want and deserve.  I release these fears of not being safe causing this arm fat which is my unspoken way to keep hurtful people away.” 
“I release these fears of losing control, of losing my relationship, or never getting loving emotional or financial nourishment.  It's safe to release the fat on my belly.  I feel safe to release this fat buffer between me and the world, safe to release the layers of protection between my inner child and the outside world when (frightening event) happened.
“I release these fears of causing this thigh, hip and butt fat because I am afraid that my sexual, personal or financial boundaries are being invaded.
“I now choose to feel safe, relaxed and peaceful. I feel empowered and joyful.  I take back my power to release this stubborn emotional fat now! Fat loss is good loss!”
For the LADIES... got cellulite?  Emotional causes of this ugly, lumpy fat are self-punishment and unresolved anger. I didn't believe I had these emotions in my cellulite but I did--some from childhood! Surprised OMG! 
After getting FREED of all that old "crappage" those cellulite lumps noticeably decreased in two weeks and never returned.  Goodbye fear, hello smooth thighs! 
I've shed 18 pounds since January 2010 using FREED. I didn't deprive myself or spend hours in the gym, AND I still ate a sinful dessert after dinner each night. I got FREED of my cravings and so can you!  Contact Colleen!

Step 2: Relax and re-asses your feelings.  If any painful memories came up when you did the above work, release those negative emotions.  When you can think of the experience that previously upset you, but now you feel no pain or anger, you should be clear.
FREED and EFT/MTT are fabulous tools to create and maintain a healthy, slender body!

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