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Coup Attempt against Duly Elected State GOP Party Chairman Fails

“The McCarville Report Article was
an Outrageous Lie”

For the Sooner Tea Party to break our longstanding tradition of only one newsletter per week it has to be momentous news.  The last special edition was in 2012 when our back to back expose articles on the corruption of Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater resulted in an OSBI probe against Prater and the subsequent Grand Jury investigation.

But we need you to drop everything tomorrow morning and support Randy Brogdon at the State Party Meeting that is being held at 10 am at  the Hope Worship Center,  8304 S. 107 E. Ave.  (Take the 81st Exit off 169, go south on street adjacent to Sinclair gas station at 81 & 169). 

The coup attempt on Brogdon did fail, with Vice Chair Estela Hernandez apologizing this afternoon, however this could simply be a ploy to get all of us to let down our guard and not attend so that the dirty deed can be tried.   The credit for breaking down the coup goes to the Pat Campbell Show on KFAQ after they ambushed Hernandez with the fact that not only had her meeting with Brogdon been taped, they had listened to it.  So please show up tomorrow.  Only those carrying proxies from their state senator, state representative, or County GOP party official can speak and vote but having a pack of upset grassroots Republicans present will show the County Chairs that Brogdon has wide spread support.


The last two month’s attacks against Oklahoma Republican Chairman Randy Brogdon came to a head the last few days with a coup attempt being planned at Saturday’s GOP State Executive Committee meeting in Tulsa where a resolution would be presented from the floor asking that Brogdon be removed from office.   Despite Chairman Brogdon’s acceptance of the controversial GOP employee TC Ryan on Thursday the attack was continued on Friday morning when Oklahoma Republican Vice Chairman Estela Hernandez went on the Pat Campbell Show on KFAQ.

Hernandez had attacked her Chairman, Randy Brogdon, in an email and helped leak that email, bolstering the claim that Brogdon had screamed at her and verbally abused her in a meeting at the GOP state headquarters in Oklahoma City.     The story that Vice Chairman Estela Hernandez helped spread was that Brogdon had ordered everyone out of the building and screamed at Hernandez, so loud that the employees outside could hear the screaming.  Their idea was to paint Brogdan as an abuser and a woman hater, a tactic used heavily in the comments sections of the articles that went out nationwide after this was firt attempted in May.


However, Brogdon had dropped a bomb on the Wednesday morning KFAQ interview; the meeting had been taped, and the tape wound up in the hands of the Pat Campbell Show.    Pat Campbell went over the stories on the McCarville Report claiming that Brogdon had belittled Hernandez, that the story was being pumped on Twitter and Face Book, and the story about Pam Peterson claiming that Brogdon verbally abused the entire Republican Women’s Caucus.

Hernandez quickly disavows in the interview that she put out a press release against Brogdon, claiming that it was a private email and that it was leaked.  Then she claimed that she decided to publicly admit the private email.    Hernandez started spinning her comments, claiming she spoke with Brogdon and TC Ryan after the story broke.  Hernandez claimed she sat down with both and that they were “dismissive”.    Hernandez claimed that afterward she “felt” that she wasn’t part of the team and was excluded from meetings.


Pat Campbell pointed out that the original McCarville report was no longer as it was when it was first posted, a shortened version plus an update had been posted instead.   Campbell said that the original article said that Brogdon hauled Hernandez into his office and opened a “can of whoop ass” on Hernandez but that Campbell and his team had listened to the taped meeting and said “I didn’t hear that, where did that come from?”

Hernandez started tripping all over herself; oh she was so glad that the meeting was taped because it showed how “dismissive” Brogdon was and how she wasn’t being listened to.  

Campbell did a masterful job, asking Vice Chairman Estela Hernandez what she thought her job description was with the GOP.   Hernandez started quoting the state GOP rules, claiming the Chairman had general supervision, but she felt that Randy was requiring her to support “his” agenda and that “her” agenda was ignored.  

Campbell asked her if she and Brogdon should be both presenting a unified public front.  Hernandez wouldn’t answer and dropped into the gutter wanting to blame Randy for supporting TC Ryan.   Campbell stopped her, said after listing to the recording he thought that Hernandez wasn’t on the same page as Brogdon.    Hernandez kept hammering the TC Ryan decision saying  ”Am I supposed to champion the decisions that Randy Brogdon makes?”

Campbell made an excellent point when he asked if Brogdon didn’t have right to be upset with her if he was out in one of the 77 counties doing the GOP work while his Vice Chairman was “talking smack” about him.  That upset Hernandez; she became even more shrill and defensive.    She began wrapping herself in “God, family, and country”.  

Campbell asked about the OKC press conference and Hernandez’s appearance at that news conference and Hernandez’s accepting the  Oklahoma  County GOP resolution demanding that Brogdon fire TC Ryan and “bringing that too Brogdon.  It was obviously set up, Campbell stated that it obviously was done to add credibility to the resolution condemning Brogdon and that it was protocol for OK County GOP to bring any resolution to Brogdon.

Hernandez became even more defensive, telling Campbell and Eddie Huff that they had it wrong.      After a few minutes of listening to Hernandez spinning the facts Campbell said “If after this show, I went into my boss’s office and talked to him the way you talked to your boss Randy Brogdon,  I’m out the door.  It is called insubordination.  The whole tone was confrontational…. If you want to be chair, run for chair, you’ll probably win.”

Hernandez got riled up at that point, stating that she was an unpaid volunteer staffer, Campbell broke in saying that had nothing to do with it and that her roll was to support the Chairman and the Party.    Hernandez, like a broken record, fell back on her talking points saying that Brogdon was mad because she wasn’t supporting TC Ryan and “his” agenda, meaning Brogdon’s.   At this point Hernandez is talking over Campbell and Campbell is saying “Estela, Estela, Estela…Hello!” trying to calm her down.


Campbell brought up that he and his staff didn’t hear “angry” Randy, that they heard frustration on Randy’s voice but that she (Estella) came across as angry and confrontational.  Hernandez then claimed that she didn’t accuse Brogdon of berating her and they were both angry and frustrated.  At this point co host Eddie Huff broke in and said that his take after listening to the audio tape was that Brogdon was upset that Hernandez was working against the Party’s stance and undermining Brogdon.

Hernandez then began blaming Brogdon for “not handling” the TC Ryan crisis earlier and for not listening to her and that it snowballed, without adding that she was working with the Oklahoma County GOP  and the McCarville Report to snowball the issue into the national news.  Huff broke in and reminded Hernandez that it was Hernandez’s own actions that undermined the GOP when she personally attended the press conference that was hammering Brogdon and hand delivering the resolution ordering Brogdon to fire Ryan, that her presence added credibility to the attack.

Hernandez kept spinning and kept up her defensive front.    And for all the married guys out there Hernandez started wanting to bring up little offenses and conversations she wasn’t happy with as reasons to justify her stabbing Brogdon and the GOP in the back by attending that press conference.

Campbell tried to give Hernandez a way to save face and show that she was interested in building the Party and come together, only to be met by Hernandez’s claims that Brogdon was “categorizing” the party factions and causing division.   Campbell broke in saying that they got what they wanted, the won, TC Ryan was gone, why continue to attack Brogdon in public like she was doing?

Campbell then stuck her foot way, way, down her own throat by saying that there were two groups; the establishment and the grassroots.  Campbell asked her which group she was in and Hernandez refused to answer saying it was “divisive”   Campbell drove home the point, asking Hernandez which group she was with.   After stumbling around a bit Hernandez claimed she was “grassroots”.  Right….partnering with the McCarville Report…..


The funniest part of Hernandez’s public implosion was that had she listened to the KFAQ radio broadcast program before she went on she would have known that there was a recording that refuted how that meeting went down.  The show had a woman staffer give her take on the recorded meeting, with the woman saying that Hernandez was the aggressor and had come in with an agenda and that agenda was to represent the Oklahoma County GOP group in the meeting.  The woman said that Hernandez wasn’t following her job description which was to serve the Chairman.   The woman said that the tone was insubordination and that she would have said the same thing that Brogdon said, that she had undermined the GOP and overstepped her bounds.   The woman said that the conversation was not the way it was portrayed on the blogs.


Hernandez had been on the show about a month earlier and Eddie Huff thought that she had or wanted badly to throw Brogdon under the bus.   Huff said he sensed an eager person, wanting their day in the sun, a political power play, that her email on the McCarville Report was more of a campaign piece than a legitimate letter of complaint.  All three of the hosts agreed that that meeting was not as represented on the blogs, with Brogdon being calm, Hernandez being confrontational up until the last when both became heated.

Brogdon has made his mistakes, keeping Ryan on for far too long after the domestic violence info came out.   Brogdon had rejected TC Ryan’s resignation the day the info came out, wanting Ryan on staff because of his duties.   Brogdon understood that it wasn’t about Ryan but about the fight between the grassroots and the establishment and that he didn’t want to see a young man chewed up in a proxy fight.  Brogdon accepted that it was a losing battle once Fallin weighed in and the next day he went on the Pat Campbell show and laid out the real issue; the war between the establishment and the grassroots. 



The podcasts of Brogdon and Estella Hernandez show a stark contrast between a principled man willing to be loyal to a good staffer and a back biting, ambitious woman willing to do anything in her eagerness to throw her Chairman under the bus so she could take over.

Vice Chair Estela Hernandez of course is a thoroughly establishment, pro illegal immigration, party hack.  She and her husband run a small construction company that hires illegals that look like the stereotypical Mexican gang member complete with tattoos.    Hernandez was quite vocal when Obama was trying to ram through the last illegal alien amnesty program, using her GOP position as minority outreach member to gain publicity for her message of giving amnesty to the illegals despite the Oklahoma Republican Party Platform being squarely against any amnesty for illegals.


Hernandez herself was an illegal alien, gaining citizenship when she turned 18, and one would assume that her mother was part of the Regan illegal alien amnesty program so Hernandez’s very presence in the U.S. was based on an illegal act of her mother.  Yes she eventually became legal but she and her family jumped to the front of the immigration line through criminal means while untold thousands or millions wait their turn in the immigration process.


This is late notice, we realize that, but we need as many people as possible to show up tomorrow to support Randy Brogdon at the State Party Meeting that is being held at 10 am at  the Hope Worship Center,  8304 S. 107 E. Ave.  (Take the 81st Exit off 169, go south on street adjacent to Sinclair gas station at 81 & 169). 


We will have a story on who else was behind this attempt to take down a duly elected Party Chairman and the woman that TC Ryan allegedly had the quarrel with.  Yes, we know her name and have researched both her and her family to find out if she had a history of this sort of thing.  Let’s just say it ain’t pretty for now.




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