The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers

Alnwicky in the UK, May Weekend  -Part 2

Running Hares: Inncon's, Rectum, Mary Poppins, Woofers,

Hashers appeared at breakfast, bright eyed and bushy tailed, with no hint of the excesses of last night before.  There was some
difficulty identifying the hashers of the night before who seemed oddly normal, without their red dresses.

After a hearty breakfast, hashers prepared themselves for the rigours ahead in whichever way they felt appropriate. Some
wandered into town for additional supplies of mead and coal, some keenoes went for a Parkrun 15 miles away, others
carefully blow dried their hair, some packed their bumbags, staring wistfully at pictures of loved ones, wondering if they
would ever see them again. At last as the clock struck 10.30am all hashers, complete with layers and lunches were herded
into the waiting bus, abandoning the walkers to their walking fate.

BM in fine voice, regaled the coach with cheerful hash appropriate songs ably assisted by Hash Sab, before the bus arrived
in Newton by the Sea, and disgorged the medium run occupants before heading down the coast to Warkworth. At a random
point the bus stopped to let off 2 walkers  and  BM tried some unsuccessfully mooning. Unsuccessful, as the targets of his jape
were blissfully unaware of what was happening aboard the bus, much to the hilarity of the bus occupants, and the sadness of BM.

Hours later, the bus arrived in Warkworth, by which time all the noisy occupants had settled down for a snooze and grumpily
awakend to undertake an 11 mile run.

With Dosser preparing for the epic run with a 99, the pack shambled off along the River Aln in what can only be described
as a pedestrian pace.

Highlights included
First aid applications for sore feet ( Speedy)  serenaded by BM.    
Long runs down of sunny expansive beaches
Ringing the gas cannister to signal our arrival to the golf club set  
That level crossing with its succession of endless trains
Friendly farmers ushering us through their freshly planted field   (?) it must have been a dream
Dolly mixture lifesavers
The usual weed, thistle combo in fields to delight those in short shorts.
Stepping stones over the River Aln and a dousing of cold water
Some downtime on the swing in the park  enjoyed by BM and Hash Sab
Morleys ( so many morley's)
Hydration provided by our  heroic First Aider and back running hare encouraging us slowbies -
Splitting into 2 groups
Legging it in to find Counterfeit and Woofers had waited for us to ensure a beer stop ( how wonderful)
Lunch !

Medium Runners 
Highlights included
An intrepid search for Mary Poppin's pants along the route,( for clarity, these were not real pants but pink material
posing as pants and used for the glorious seed bombs.
2 hares ( teachers) failing utterly to get the headcount correct at each stop
Castle Views
Pill boxes
A tot of Lindesfarne Mead enroute
A much appreciated shady trail in the latter half of the run
A mere 10 mins tardiness for the bus collection
Failure to locate the Budweisers meant the wedding party booked on the bus after us must have had a lovely time !
Thought it was all fantastic!
With the writer now suffering from RSI, we will pass swiftly to the circle where visitors were welcomed and chastised, new
songs learnt, and newbies welcolmed, before all turned in for showers and tea and transformed themselves into punk rockers
where they rocked the night away. 

On Sunday, the hangover run took place around Alnwick, due to lordly intervention yet again from the Duchy of
Northumberland. However it was excellent ( we expected nothing less from our brilliant organising committee and hares) with
highlights including the skeleton in the car, Rectum and Fishflaps running the trail back to front and a lovely circle in which all visiting hashes were
presented with some local ales and additional seed bombs.
A fantastic weekend away, the brainchild of Mary Poppins and brillantly masterminded by the Alnwicky committee 
We salute you!
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