Volume 7, Number 11                                                                                          September 2015
From the Editor
The Games People Play
In my neck of the woods, people take sports very seriously.  It doesn’t matter if the sport is college football or middle school intramural dodgeball, emotions run high, rivalries are intense and winning is critical.
When I was a kid, I witnessed my emotionally unstable sixth-grade teacher berate a student during a game of wiffle ball.  “Eyes on the ball, Wilson!”  she shouted furiously, as the frightened boy struggled to strike the ball.  “Come on!  What are you doing out there?  Hit the friggin’ ball!”

I wondered how an adult could be so zealous about a game that involves a cartoonish plastic bat and an oversized, perforated ball that is specifically designed to waft through the air in a completely erratic manner.  Why was winning a game of wiffle ball so important to my teacher?  Had she bet money on the outcome?  
The whole thing seemed ludicrous, and I lost interest in sports until many years later, when I became a member of my local nudist club.   I quickly learned that nudists tend to play sports for enjoyment, with little regard for the rules of the games and little interest in winning.  It’s just not in our nature to fret over such things.  Our equipment was often substandard, and our players were generally quite inept, but that never seemed to impact the tremendous amount of fun we had.
The relentless humidity of our Tennessee summers had warped the surface of our pool table to such an extent that a billiard ball would often circle back to the player or become lodged in a valley before reaching the desired pocket.  The pavement of our basketball court had cracked and deteriorated after a particularly icy winter, which made running treacherous and dribbling next to impossible.  Our Monopoly board game was missing most of its play money, our ping pong table didn’t have a net, and we once played a softball tournament without gloves or bases.
But we sure had fun!
The 2015 AANR Nude Games will be held the weekend of September 26-27 at AANR-affiliated clubs, resorts, campgrounds and other locations throughout North America. In the spirit of the ancient Greeks’ nude Olympics, the Nude Games will provide fun and excitement for all who attend. 
Nude athletes will enjoy competing in tennis or volleyball tournaments or participating in 5K runs.  Others will enjoy less strenuous activities such as checkers, darts or bridge tournaments. Nudist chefs will compete in barbecue or chili cook-offs.  The AANR Nude Games will provide fun competition in a wide variety of activities for members and guests alike.
Remember to visit our events calendar and follow our Facebook page for a complete list of upcoming AANR-East events!  
News from the Eastern Region
Last Days of Summer
Summer may be coming to a close, but there's still time to catch some rays before we have to head back indoors!  It's a great time to plan a trip to Bar-S-Ranch, Berkshire Vista or Pine Tree Associates!
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