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This is my cat, Mike, or as we called him before he got adopted, Big Mike.
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   One More Story
They say it's rare for a calico cat to be male, but here is one! It's so rare, his adoption applications have been pouring in, so he will find a home very quickly.
Happy Valentine's  Day on Feb. 14!

                        February 7, 2015
Vaccination in the News For Pets
A new study by Kansas State University veterinary diagnosticians finds that pets with out-of-date rabies vaccinations are very unlikely to develop the fatal disease if given a rabies booster immediately after exposure to the virus. This will save a lot of lives as there may be no need to euthanize or quarantine the pets.

According to Michael Moore, project manager of the KSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, "While the vaccines are licensed for a certain number of years, the immune system doesn't sync to a date on the calendar and shut down because it reached that particular date."
Can you think of a caption for these guys?
9 Ways Cats Are Beneficial To Your Health
We've all heard that petting a cat can lower your blood pressure, but here are some other cool ways they help!

This Newborn Puppy Was Dying
Then This Cat Did Something Unbelievable
Yes, if you guessed adopting it and nursing it herself, you're right! Very heartwarming story:
New Header for the Newsletter!
The header at the top of this newsletter shows two of my cats who are no longer with us....Radar and Redneck. Radar went to the "Bridge" at age 18 and Redneck got adopted 12 years ago.

I would love to feature your kitties in the header of future issues of the Kitty Times, too!  Just email a photo to me at hipaws @, with "Cat Photo" in the subject line.  Be sure to tell us the cat's name and a little info, including your name, if you wish.   (C)2015