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March 2014 – Soon returning to Toronto and really looking forward to District 60's Spring Conference!!           
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District 60 Spring Conference April 4-6, 2014
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plus many other wonderful workshops
Do you now know why ?
                        Very proud mama am I !                        
Lovely winter spent in Naples, Florida! Enjoyed speaking opportunities here!
Especially great weekend in Orlando speaking with the Professional Speakers Guild.
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Hope to see you there! 
MY OWN UPCOMING SEMINAR on all 9 C's of STORYTELLING....see section far below for more info.
Quotations of the month:
“People won't remember what you say as much as they'll remember what they see when you say it.” - Patricia Fripp CSP
Phrasing helps with staging.” - Craig Valentine,1999 WCPS
"Don't re-tell the story, re-live it." - Mark Brown, !995 WCPS
 3 Tips on Purposeful Platform Movement when telling a story 
When you tell a story, do you either remain glued down to one spot, or pace aimlessly?
Speaking is both content and delivery. By choreographing your story ‘script’ on the platform, the audience will remember what they saw when you said it.
After all, isn’t  that what we, as speakers, want… to be remembered and repeated?
To involve your audience in what you are saying, it takes more than hearing your words. To experience your stories, they must be invited and placed into your scenes so they can re-live them with you.
Why do we choreograph a story script?
  • to create a lasting picture of a scene: Create scenes with characters, dialogue, and actions in the listeners’ minds which they can easily visualize. Then at the end of your speech, when you refer to something you have already said, just call it back by gesturing to the spots where you spoke about it. Doing this will evoke emotion in your audience because they will be able to "see" in their minds the story you had talked about in that specific spot.(i.e.Do you recall the frustartion I felt when...?)
  • to establish congruency between words and actions: (traveling or action words) They give you a valid reason to move:  “I walked to my car and ...”  “And I physically retreated in fear!” “1 saw the chair across the room and collapsed…”  “I boldly took a few steps forward...”
  • to create timelines/sequencing events: Because we read from left to right in our western culture, do this from the audience’s perspective- their right is their future, their left is their past; center stage is present for both speaker and audience. Split the platform to show different spots for the past, the present and the future 
-“ If you could have seen me four months ago, you would have seen ...” PAST  
- “Right at this moment, I...” “Now fast forward 3 years...”  “And over the next 2 decades, I changed from being ...”   PAST to PRESENT
“In the future, I would like to move towards...” Gesture or move to FUTURE location 
When re-living your stories, do not remain glued to one spot or wander aimlessly as your movements will be meaningless and distracting to the audience. Pay attention to choreographing your script; in other words, move with purpose and intention on the platform.
I invite you to join me next month, when we examine the letter "Y" as it relates to another storytelling skill.
Until then, happy speaking!

My Own Upcoming Storytelling Seminar
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Storytelling is the most powerful tool you can use in speaking.
Why not learn how to master it?
Remember facts only tell, but Superb Stories Sell!
When: Sat. April 26, 10-3:30
Where: Bartimaeus Inc. 290 North Queen Street, Suite 112 Queensway and North Queen, across from Sherway, Etobicoke
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