AshGPS: Firmware, Software Update Notification
for Ashtech, Magellan Professional, Thales Navigation
Fri 7 September 2012
New ProMark 500, ProMark 800, ProFlex, 500 ProFlex 800 Firmware 
New ConfRadio Version 2.3.2
Updated Pricing for ProMark 800 and ProMark 200!
New ProMark 500, ProMark 800, ProFlex, 500 ProFlex 800 Firmware
New firmware is available for these devices:
ProMark 500: firmware  info
ProMark 800: firmware  info
ProFlex 500: firmware info
ProFlex 800: firmware info
In addition there is new firmware available for the MB800, MB100, HDS800.
New ConfRadio Version 2.3.2

There is  a new version of ConfRadio. This tool will allow you to program any of these radios:

PacCrest PDL RXO
PacCrest ADL RXO
PacCrest Vantage TRX
PacCrest Vantage Pro TRX
Magellan TX
Ashtech ULink

that are connected to any of these receivers:

ProMark 500
ProMark 800
ProFlex 500
ProFlex 800
ProFlex Lite

or connected directly to the programming PC. 

ConfRadio allows you to use a Bluetooth connection from your PC to the receiver.

You can download this tool from the FTP site with this [ link ].

Updated Pricing for ProMark 800 and ProMark 200!

The price of the ProMark 800 receiver has dropped $1,000 and all options (Unlimited RTK, GALILEO, L5, GSM Modem and FAST 20 Hz Output) are now included. This makes a significant difference in RTK Base / Rover pair prices and GSM Network Rover prices.

If you are considering purchasing a RTK pair, it will be worth getting a new quote based on this new PM800 offering:

PN 990657-99; ProMark 800 GNSS Single Receiver Kit

It can drop the price of a fully optioned Base Rover pair by more than $15,000! I tried to automatically re-quote all PM800 systems that we have issued during the previous 90-days. If I missed yours, drop me a piece of email...

The price of the ProMark 200 receiver has also dropped $1,000! This means you can purchase a complete network rover, ready-to-survey, for well under $9,000! We were running a special on ProMark 200's through the first week of October, this price adjustment really makes a big difference.

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