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The Dr. Alfonsina Q. Davies
Epilepsy Foundation
September  2015 

A  milestone in the fight against epilepsy!

World Health Organization (WHO)
Takes on Epilepsy!
In May 2015, the World Health Assembly, the decision making body for the World Health Organization (WHO), approved a Resolution that identified
Epilepsy as a serious health threat that needed urgent attention on a worldwide basis.

The resolution called on all member states and regional groups to take a number of actions which would provide better identification, treatment and understanding of epilepsy. 
It also calls for more funding for epilepsy research; promotes actions to prevent the causes of epilepsy and “to ensure public awareness of and education about epilepsy, in particular in primary and secondary schools, in order to help to reduce the misconceptions, stigmatization and discrimination regarding people with epilepsy and their families that are widespread in many countries and regions.”
This Resolution of the 68th World Health Assemby, comes after many years of hard work by The World Health organization (WHO), The International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE), and the International Bureau for epilepsy (IBE)
  This group launched the “Global Campaign against Epilepsy –Out of the Shadows” in 1997.
Dr. Vicente Iragui, Director of the Epilepsy Center at UCSD, brought this very good news to our attention. Dr. Iragui and his wife Dr. Evelyn Tecoma, also with the Epilepsy Center at UCSD, have devoted their lives to treat, cure, and bring relief to all those afflicted by epilepsy. In this issue we are recognizing the work of these two remarkable individuals who daily fight this battle for their patients.
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