Sunday, January 14, 2006

Huntsville Town Hotline

In this Hotline:

There have been several events over the past year that need to be passed on. While we do not want to startle or cause concern to residents, it is important that we all keep a watchful and concerned eye out. We will offer a chronological overview of some of these events, although exact dates of the occurrences may vary.

The Welcome to Huntsville sign vandalized and destroyed

This was the large, carved, wooden sign on First street as you enter town. Vandals destroyed it in January 2006. The replacement order has been at the sign shop for some time and we hope to have a replacement in a couple of months.

Park Restroom Vandalism

In September or so, the park restrooms were vandalized. This has been a recurring problem.

Home Burglary

About 2 months ago, a home on the corner of 7600 E and 500 S was burglarized. The homeowner returned home to find a van in the driveway with the perpetrators "loading up." The suspects were apprehended in Morgan County as they fled over Trappers Loop.

Aldous Cabin Sign

In early August, a small (9" x 12" or so), metal sign was placed by the town of Huntsville on the Aldous cabin. The cabin is located next to the Yukon Grill at 7400 E and 200 S.

The sign was historical in nature and explained some of the background and origins of the cabin. We did receive some input as to the verbiage of the sign, and before a new sign could be created, the original sign "disappeared."

The stolen sign was immediately replaced with a similar copper sign with updated verbiage based on the input received. Fast forward several months, and sometime during the past week, the sign was once again STOLEN. The sign was attached to the building with 4 - 3" Screws, so the job probably required a power tool to remove and it most likely took some time.

The Weber County Sheriff’s Office has been notified of the theft and vandalism. If you noticed any activity at the Aldous Cabin last week or have any information, please contact the Weber County Sheriffs Office at 778-6602 or contact the town council at .


A message of this nature is unfortunate.  With the exception of the Home Burglary, there are strong indications that these jobs were "local jobs" conducted by perpetrators living in the area. 

The time may be right to enact a "Neighborhood Watch," so please contact the Town council at if you have any interest or feel a Neighborhood Watch would be advantageous.

Thanks for you interest.


Richard L. Sorensen

Huntsville Town Council Smile