The NursingCAS Advisory Group meets on October 24 – Survey Data is Needed to Make Informed Decisions
Complete this survey by October 20, 2011 in order to ensure that your voice is heard. The data collected from this survey will be used to make important decisions regarding enhancements and changes to the application.
Dear NursingCAS & WebAdMIT User,
The NursingCAS Advisory Group is meeting on October 24, 2011 to discuss the future of NursingCAS. New members have been added to the group:
  • Hilda Abreu, The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
  • Nanci Borg, University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Joanne Davis, University of Kentucky
  • Angela Kerner, University of Michigan
  • Leslie McKeon, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
  • Vanessa McMasters, Camden County Community College
  • Elena Panaitescu, University of Pittsburgh
  • Mary Pascarella, University of Kansas
  • Lisa Rosenberg, Rush University
It is imperative that we have the survey data from participating schools in order to make informed decisions regarding such important issues that will impact you as a staff member at a participating NursingCAS school, such as coursework entry, the annual closure period, enhancements for next cycle, GPA calculations, and verification, among other pressing issues.
Additionally, if there are any specific issues you would like to bring to the Advisory Group for discussion please email Caroline Allen, NursingCAS Manager, at by October 18, 2011.
Resources for NursingCAS Schools
AACN launched its new Web site on October 12, 2011 and there is a new resource section available for schools participating in NursingCAS. I recommend that you bookmark this resource site, and check back often for updates. If you have any suggestions on additional items to be posted here please contact Caroline Allen, NursingCAS Manager, at or 202-463-6930 x258.
End of Year Reports Are Available:
The WebAdMIT Support Team sent out an email on September 21, 2011 regarding the release of End of Year reports and how to access the reports in WebAdMIT 2010 – 2011.  Please note that this feature is only available to programs who participated in NursingCAS for the 2010-2011 admissions cycle. Read instructions on how to access and download end of year reports and learn about what information is available in the reports.
WebAdMIT 2012 Log in Information
Please note that to access applicants from cycle 2 (those that applied after August 15, 2011) you will need to log into WebAdMIT 2012. The designated administrator for your school should have received instructions via email on August 31, 2011 regarding how to log into WebAdMIT 2012 and transfer settings and users from WebAdMIT 2011. Here are the instructions on how to transfer settings.
Here is the link to log into WebAdMIT 2011 - 2012:
However, you will not be able to log into the WebAdMIT 2012 portal unless your school administrator has already logged in and transferred the settings. Should your administrator need assistance with this or if they did not receive the email on August 31, 2011 please contact the WebAdMIT Support Team via email or phone at 716-636-7777 (option 7).
In order to access applicants from NursingCAS cycle 1 (applicants who applied between March 30, 2010 – August 1, 2011) you will need to log into the WebAdMIT 2011 portal with your former login information.
NursingCAS Cycle 1 (2010 – 2011) closed on August 1, 2011. As of September 30, 2011 applicants can no longer log into their application from NursingCAS Cycle 1 and only documents that were received by September 30, 2011 were processed and verified. NursingCAS is no longer processing or accepting mailed documents for NursingCAS Cycle 1 applicants. If applicants e-submitted, paid, and had a verified application by August 1, 2011 during NursingCAS cycle 1, then they can use the "Re-Applicant" feature and carry their information over to the 2011 - 2012 NursingCAS Application cycle. Updated 2010-2011 applications and new 2011-2012 applications will be assessed the same application fees. To re-apply, applicants should visit
If you missed a WebAdMIT 2011-2012 Training Webinar session in September, you can schedule an individual training session with the WebAdMIT support team to help you become more comfortable with the features of the system.
WebAdMIT Support can be reached by phone at 716-636-7777 (option 7) or by email at You may also access the WebAdMIT Help Guide or the WebAdMIT Custom Export Field Layout (data dictionary). Please contact WebAdMIT Support with any questions about your admissions portal.
NursingCAS Coursework Entry Service
Beginning on November 1, 2011, NursingCAS will begin to offer applicants the option of using the NursingCAS Coursework Entry Service. Many schools have expressed concern about the need for applicants to enter in their coursework as part of the application process.
Based on feedback from schools and in an attempt to accommodate both schools and applicants, we have decided to implement this new service. Applicants will have the option of paying a $150 fee (regardless of the number of transcripts submitted) to have a NursingCAS application processor enter in the applicant’s coursework on their behalf. The coursework entered by an application processor will be verified by a member of the NursingCAS team.
Applicants using this service will need to allow ten business days for their coursework to be entered, and all official transcripts must be received before the coursework entry service can be initiated. Applicants must pay the regular NursingCAS application fee in addition to the coursework entry service fee if they choose to use this option, both payments must be received to initiate this option. More information and instructions will be made available to schools on how applicants can take advantage of this service.
Review your School Listing on NursingCAS & Check your Deadlines:
If you have not already, it is very important that you or a designated representative at your school create a test account in order to review your school’s listing. Most likely your program application deadlines have been updated and we want to ensure the deadlines listed are accurate and should be live. Contact Caroline Allen, NursingCAS Manager, at 202-463-6930 x258 or to make any changes.
To create a new test account visit (please note test accounts from Cycle 1 will not work). Click on “Create Account”, in the “First Name” field put your name followed by the word test, for example “CarolineTEST”. This is important so we can separate out test applicants from actual applicants. If your school has both undergraduate and graduate programs listed please create two separate test accounts, one for undergraduate and one for graduate. In order to create both an undergraduate and graduate test account you must use two different email addresses. Once you are logged into your test account you will be directed to your application homepage (see screenshot below).
Click on the last option "Designations" then click on "Add" to add new designations (see screenshot below). Then scroll down or search for your program and check to ensure the program and/or track names and the deadline(s) listed are accurate. If you find any errors please contact Caroline immediately via email or at 202-463-6930 x258 so we can fix the error.
You also need to check that your listing on the "Participating Nursing Programs" search feature is accurate. Are the links posted correct? Are the program types offered accurate? Please note that the search is filtered by "undergraduate" and "graduate" so keep that in mind when you are reviewing your listing. You may need to adjust the filter depending on which programs you have listed on NursingCAS in order to review your school's listing. See the screenshot below and for the "Program Filters" option choose either Undergraduate Only or Graduate Only.
Again, if you have not already, please complete the NursingCAS survey. Feel free to distribute this survey to your colleagues and other staff members at your school that use NursingCAS as well. If you have questions regarding NursingCAS please contact me, Caroline Allen, NursingCAS Manager, by phone at 202-463-6930 x258 or by email at
Thank you,
Caroline Allen
NursingCAS Manager
American Association of Colleges of Nursing
One Dupont Circle
Suite 530
Washington, DC 20036
202-463-6930 x 258
P.S. - Check out this article, NursingCAS and comments from the NursingCAS Advisory Group Chair, Dr. Timothy Gaspar, Dean at the University of Toledo School of Nursing, were featured on on September 16, 2011.
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