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This issue is all about extendin' Summer.  It might be o'ficially Fall, but as long as the warm weather continues, let's hold on and hold off what some are sayin' will be nasty winter...

Live Music is Carryin' On

All Summer Long - folks have been joinin' us on the
 Patio at Paddy's to enjoy some acoustical tunes and good times.  And it ain't stoppin' so long as the weather holds out...with highs every day this weekend right at 80 degrees, it should be perfect on the Patio yet again.  

As a special feature, we'll have local band, Don't  Know Dorothy - a lively crew that features our own bartender, Mike Reynolds, on bass guitar. Live music starts each night at 7pm and usually runs to 10pm.
Join us for these great sounds:
  • Don't Know Dorothy - Thurs, Sept. 25
  • Brett Blakemore - Fri, Sept. 26
  • Andy DeWitt - Sat, Sept. 27
From there on out, follow us on  Facebook to get the lowdown on the schedule of well as all the other good times, great food, and refreshin' quenchibility. 
Megan Makes the Summer Brew
One of the most popular and quenchable concoctions to emerge from behind our bar this summer has been the Summer Brew.  Made with lovin' care by our staff with local Boulevard beer, it's delightin' and excitin' while it refreshes parched patrons all Summer long.
Megan shows us - and tells us - how it's done:
"First, we start off with a shot of Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka.  The grapefruit flavor of this vodka is unique and a lot of people drink it with just a little soda on the rocks." 
"We use it for our Summer Brew because it adds some tart flavor.  The side effect, of course,is that increases the alcohol content of the finished drink."
"Next, we add in some lemonade which really adds to the citrus flavor.  Most summer brew concoctions include vodka and lemonade, but with the Deep Eddy Ruby Red added in, I think it really sets off the flavors and helps it all come together."
"It's important to get the right amount of lemonade - you want the flavor to come through, but you also need enough space left for the beer."  

"In the picture, you can see I overdid it on the lemonade while our 'photographer' got the picture just right, so don't use that as a guideline.  I like to use a bit less lemonade and we have the proportions down to a science, so you'll have to let me make you one and show you how."

"After the vodka is in, along with the lemonade, we finally top it off with Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat.  Pouring the beer in last helps mix everything together, but we still finish with a quick stir."

"There might be a lot of similar summer brews people make, but most of the time it's with a domestic light beer. With the Boulevard Wheat beer, more flavor and more substance or character than you can with other options."  
"Plus it adds more color too.  The finished product looks as good as it tastes.  It ends up being a cool, refreshing drink that goes great with just about anything on our menu." 
As a final note - October is almost upon us and it brings a lot of fun to Paddy O'Quigley's -- keep on the lookout for our Oktoberfest Bratwurst specials, The Pink Paddy Martinis for Breast Cancer Research, and of course, our annual Halloween Party!
That's all for now!  Keep in touch and remember to visit our website or follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest on current specials & upcoming events.

Slainte and God Bless

Paddy O'Quigley's