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 NEWS & ADVENTURES of a mama musician artist   | January 2018 |  The Amanda West Newsletter 
Dear Ones,
I write with New Years Blessings to each of you.
It’s been a while since my last newsletter, and if you didn’t already, you now know why: I am so pleased to announce that our latest songwriting inspiration has arrived! Yes, I gave birth to our second child just a few weeks ago in the deep of winter. It was an incredibly powerful and healing experience for me, and I have since been home, honoring the precious postpartum time.
This birth gave me an opportunity to put into practice what I have been teaching over the last 4 years through my work with Womb Song – the power of song to ease the transition into motherhood (whether it be your first or fifth time). This was indeed a singing birth! And while I was no longer able to sing by the end, all my birth companions, including the nurse midwife, were singing to me as I gave my final pushes. “Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Om”, and there he was. 
Meanwhile, I know many of you have been out marching in the streets, while many of you continue to work for social, racial and environmental justice in a myriad of other ways. Still others contribute heart-work in seemingly smaller ways, like getting the kids to school on time, and dinner on the table. It is all important, and I thank and honor each of you in your work and on your path.
Sometimes it doesn’t look like much, but believe me as I sit here feeding this new baby hour after hour, I am contributing to the revolution too! May we each receive all the love and nurturing we need.
In other news, Womb Song has just gotten a beautiful new website which you should check it out, I am so very excited about it: 
My own website is next!
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This year I am beginning something new for you ~ a song of the month. Each newsletter will feature one of my songs that you may not have noticed before, or know anything about, particularly if you’ve never heard me perform it live. All of my recordings are now available online to listen to for free, and for digital download, many at a name your own price, so you can choose what my time, energy and songs are worth to you. I encourage you to check out each song of the month and if it moves you, please share! 
I wrote this song in between relationships – one was dissolving, another forming, and my heart was seeking clarity. I went walking by the ocean, from whom I have learned so much over the years. I watched the waves, each one forming, then breaking, and a new one forming again, from that same huge body of water. It dawned on me – this is what Love is like ~ every relationship, every experience, is a new wave formed, but it is all of the same ocean. And life continues in this way, forming and breaking and forming, as constant as the ocean waves.
And so my wish for each of us this year is that we may find trust in the movement of the waves, riding each one to its fullest, and gracefully letting it go when it is done, welcoming in the next as it forms again from the great ocean of Being.
In Love and Song,
~ Amanda
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