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leavenworth ksHi Friend. Seven years ago we led 300 people on a march to Fort Leavenworth, where Chelsea Manning had just been transferred for the first time. Over the following years we staged mass rallies at Fort Meade during Chelsea's trial while organizing the largest non-corporate contingent in the history of the San Francisco Pride Parade. Chelsea is alive and free because of you.

The question is who's next? Whistle-blowers are under increasing attack from the Trump/Sessions war on truth. Yet we welcome and anticipate more leaders will speak up and help light the way forwards, and with your help we can be ready to support them!

Together we have raised $1,665 of the $25,000 we need to continue our project. We have $500 this week in matching challenge donors to double your impact! Thank you to Susan Sheinfeld (Bridgewater, MA) $250, and Ed Fisher (Lt., USNR, retired, Pasadena, CA) $250, for their leadership. Are you able to be a matching challenge donor, either publicly identified or anonymously, of $100 or more? If so, please contact

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david coombs

"If not for the efforts of Jeff Paterson, the Manning Support Network and Courage to Resist, there’s no way that a president would spend the political capital to grant a commutation."

David Coombs, Chelsea Manning's lawyer

maria santelli

"There is no question in my mind that Chelsea Manning is free today directly because of the tireless work of the amazing people at Courage to Resist! Their work is critical. Our freedom and democracy depend on the witness of war resisters and whistle-blowers, and Courage to Resist has shown time and time again that war resisters and whistle-blowers can depend on them."

Maria Santelli, Executive Director, Center for Conscience & War

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