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May 8th 2016 Newsletter
May 15th 2016 newsletter
Is the GOP Inept or Weeding Out Candidates in the Primaries?
A few days ago we received a phone call from a Tulsa area activist and party leader asking for assistance for one of their local candidates, Brian Jackson, who was running against Senator Dan Newberry in the upcoming primary.  Senator Newberry, AKA Homeless Dan for forced from his home for not paying his mortgage while running for office no less.  Newberry scored a dismal 55 out of 100 points on the last RINO Index as he has a penchant for tax credits, lowering government accountability,  and thinks the National Popular Vote is a good idea.
But who was this challenger?  Some nobody running on a lark and a few hundred bucks?  Nope, turns out the guy is a seven year veteran of the Sand Springs School board, something he initially didn’t disclose when he emailed Tulsa County Chairman Mike Ford on March 3rd in a vain attempt to obtain a list of Republican voters.
Eleven days later Mr. Jackson politely emailed Mike Ford again, mentioning another local GOP staffer that said that Ford was the gatekeeper to getting access to the online Republican voter data, and bringing up the fact that he was a seasoned campaigner who had held the Sand Springs School Board position for seven years.
Finally Mike Ford, Tulsa County GOP Chairman, responds after another email from Jackson on March 21st.    Ford ( in case you want to email the guy) claims he has sent the request to the state GOP HQ and delivering access was up to them, saying that he would let Jackson know when the state GOP allowed access and delivered a password.
A week later on March 28th Jackson emails Ford again, asking that he receive the data before April first, noting that on that date it is a short 92 days until the primary vote.  No reply from Chairman  Ford.
On April 4th Jackson emails Chairman Ford once again expressing his need for the GOP data and drops the name of a prominent banker friend in the Tulsa area and that it is a short 86 days till the primary. No reply from Chairman Ford.
On April 28th Jackson emails again pointing out it had been 24 days since his last message on April 4th, 62 days till the primary election, that he has waited over two months for the requested GOP voter list for Senate District 37, and that he was becoming very frustrated with the GOP to whom he had been loyal since high school.   No reply from Chairman Ford.
At this point Mr. Jackson had called the Sooner Tea Party, reminded them that it was 50 days till the primary vote and informed them that someone from the Tea Party would be coming by tomorrow to pick up the information.
And that got their attention; a few minutes later Jackson got an email from Jake Parsons, the Director of Operations for the Oklahoma Republican Party, asking for Jackson to give him a call.   Jackson tried to call but couldn’t get past the receptionist at the state GOP HQ in Oklahoma City so he emailed Jake Parsons back the same day and received no email response or return phone call.  The Tea Party also called asking about the issue, noting that we intended to write a story about the lack of support but we received no response from Jake Peters or anyone at the state GOP HQ.  
Finally on Wednesday, two days later, Jake Parsons has sent a new form to fill out requesting access to the Senate District 37 voter information.    At that point we had had enough and processed the entire voter list for SD 37 from the Sooner Tea Party Voter Vault and emailed it to Jackson.
Now we are going to stop short of endorsing Brian Jackson.  He has some positions that we aren’t happy with such as allowing retired teachers to start teaching again immediately upon retiring instead of waiting three years.   So a teacher retires, starts drawing a pension, then returns to work?  Makes no sense at all, if they want to teach why retire other than to start siphoning off twice the tax dollars?  He is for stopping federal overreach on school testing but he talks about riding a bus with seniors to the Capitol, upset that these seniors didn’t pass their end of instruction test and therefore couldn’t graduate.   If the students didn’t pass the test then they haven’t been properly educated and are not ready to be passed on to college or employment.  The teachers and school system has failed those kids but they ought not to be allowed to graduate if they didn’t learn the basics. 
Jackson was opposed to the POP Museum in Tulsa, saying that the money ought to have gone to roads and bridges and education so there is a lot to like about the candidate but he also supports the Boren penny sales tax so Jackson is a mixed bag for conservative voters.
But Chairman Mike Ford, State Chairman Pam Pollard, and Jake Parsons, the Director of Operations of the State GOP ought to be ashamed of their actions or inaction in withholding voter data from a Republican candidate for eleven weeks going on twelve weeks.  And Jackson is a moderate Republican.
Governor Mary Fallin Earns
the DubiousHonor of Being One of the Most Unpopular Governors in the U.S.
It is nice to see journalists writing something that Oklahomans have long known; Mary Fallin is heavily disliked in her own state.    The article states that Fallin has a 42% approval rate in the stat with 47% disapproving of her work with 11% undecided.   That puts Fallin in the bottom of the heap, in fact only 9 other governors had worse rankings.
This is no surprise for a governor that has repeatedly tried to defy the will of Oklahomans and stuff liberal or special interest policies down the throats of Oklahomans.  One hopes that Donald Trump was just being nice when asked about the possibility of Fallin becoming a VP choice.
Vaccine Bill Veto Override Used as a
Bargaining Chip by House and Senate Leadership
A week ago Governor Mary Fallin vetoed the legislation that would have given parents of children four pages of information on vaccines, an appendix from the CDC vaccine information.  Fallin used all sorts of buzz words in her reasoning for vetoing the bill but the bottom line is that it was special interest medical companies urging her to kill the bipartisan approved legislation.
This last week we checked on the chances of a veto override vote occurring and were aghast to find out that Senate and House leadership were using the threat of an embarrassing veto override as a bargaining chip in budget negotiations.  As in, you keep our oil and gas tax credits intact or we will push for that veto override.
Shameful behavior whether you support the right to know more about the vaccines given your kids or not.    Taking an important piece of legislation and using it as leverage while intending to continue the political kabuki theater.  You see, the House and Senate always knew that Fallin would veto the measure but passing it kept a lot of activist heat off them and allowed them to run out the clock in the legislative year.   This is the favorite trick; using term limited public officials to bear the brunt of stopping good legislation.
I am not entirely convinced on the issue myself but I do believe in a parent’s right to control what is injected into their kid.  I believe that printing out two sheets of paper on front and back is not a major expense and that the parents are more than capable of reading and asking questions if they have concerns.  I do continue my education on the topic and found this excellent article on the issue this week.   
The article is from a doctor that had watched the movie Vaxxed, From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.  The movie depicts a controversy about CDD whistleblower Dr. William Thompson who claims that the CDD altered and destroyed data that showed a link between vaccinations of children and autism.    Thompson had co authored ten year long studies that exonerated vaccines from causing autism and later came forward stating that the studies were fraudulent!
The article goes on to state that in 1995 one in five hundred kids had autism but by 2015 it had jumped up 11 fold to one in 45 kids.  The doctor explains that his medical training in school taught him that vaccines worked and were effective but he learned different once he was out of medical school.  He supports the chicken pox and measles vaccines as effective but asks are our kids healthier or not after these 70 different childhood vaccinations?  He says kids are sicker than ever, with asthma, arthritis, autoimmune disorders, cancer, allergies, and autism exploding.
The good doctor simply calls for the government to step forward and investigate but nothing has happened in the 21 months since the whistleblower doctor stepped forward and said the original studies were fraudulent.  The doctor concludes that vaccines have not been properly studied and that some of them just do not work and no one knows if it is safe to inject the 70 plus vaccines into children at such a young age.  The doctor is sure that the toxic additives such as mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum and MSG are not safe to be injected into any living creature.
Be sure and call your state rep and senator early this week and ask them to push for the veto override.  Call at night and leave a message if you are pressed for time or on the way to work.  Those phone calls really go a long way in convincing the politicians to do the right thing.
Right to Farm or Right to Harm?
Who is Backing the Anti State Question 777 effort?
Strange how some things are just supposed to happen. Bear with me for a minute because this is an interesting story. Last October, a few days after the Appellate court reversed and dismissed the charges against me for emailing the good senator, I had a busy day planned, had given my word that a set of countertops would be installed that day to a builder. Well, that morning on the way to work the alternator light comes on, alternator dead, and the job site is way out in the sticks so no way I could make it on the battery. Into the mechanic shop where the mechanic said he would give me a ride to my shop and come back and get me when the car was ready. An older guy had come in right before me to pick up his favorite coffee cup he had left accidentally the day before, he was the president of the American Farmers and Ranchers Union and he offered me a ride to my shop. We got to talking for about an hour about politics and he left a copy of their annual platform with me to see what they were about.
So, a few days ago when this Right to Harm business started showing up, I gave him a call, busy man, it was a few days before he could call back then we played phone tag for a few more days till I finally got to speak with him and ask about this issue.
Here is the skinny on SQ 777. Who supports it? Almost all of the AG organizations except for the corn and soybean growers who are in the far East part of the state and I was told that was because they simply weren't that active any more. The Pork Council, the Cattlemen's Association, the wheat growers, the Farm Bureau, and of course the Oklahoma Farmers and Ranchers Union. Now some might call a farmer with 3000 acres a corporate farmer and they have probably incorporated for legal and tax reasons but the profit per acre is not that great and in some cases there are three, even four, generations trying to eke a living out of the operation. The American Farmers and Ranchers Union is composed of small, medium, and large operations and all of them are backing this state question.
What doesSQ 777 do? Very little, but it is a fig leaf that will allow the farmers and ranchers to attack bad legislation that is being pushed by out of state special interests like the HSUS, PETA, and the Sierra Club. The following language will be added to our Oklahoma Constitution if the question passes:
“ To protect agriculture as a vital sector of Oklahoma's economy, which provides food, energy, health benefits, and security and is the foundation and stabilizing force of Oklahoma's economy, the rights of farmers and ranchers to engage in farming and ranching practices shall be forever guaranteed in this state. The Legislature shall pass no law which abridges the right of farmers and ranchers to employ agricultural technology and livestock production and ranching practices without a compelling state interest.”
Here is how the law will affect future legislation. From the date that the state question was passed the legislature, assuming it passes in November, any legislation that impacts farmers or ranchers MUST have a compelling state interest, i.e., the state must have a really good reason to stick their nose into the business. So ANY law or regulation BEFORE that date is still law but any NEW laws that are proposed or passed MUST pass the litmus test of having a compelling state interest.
The proponents of the bill knew that it was a weak constitutional change but it did allow a court challenge of any law that restricted or outlawed farming and ranching practices. As an example HSUS is trying to make all eggs come from free range chickens. And as a baby step they passed a bill that doubled the price of eggs by doubling the space required for a bird in a cage. You take a 100,000 square foot laying house with all the climate control and needed machinery and investment, then chop the production in half in one fell swoop. Their profit might be ten percent before the law and now they increase prices to meet the double costs of plant, equipment, mortgage payments, and of course for the new plant and equipment required to keep the same number of eggs flowing out of their operation. So the price of eggs doubled and the free range eggs at $9.00 look more affordable according to this article.
Then there are the pork producers who are being pressured to outlaw farrowing crates for sows. Now a good farmer is going to pasture a sow for part of the time, yes pigs eat lots of grass if they have a chance. But when it comes time to have the piglets the sow will smother around 20% of the piglets if you don't use a farrowing crate. After a few weeks the little legislators are big enough to get out of the way but that division between them and the sow is important. Now you kill off 20% of the litter, added on top of the normal stillborn rate and you really impact the cost per piglet produced. Around 85% of the piglets will die before they are weaned; average litter is around 12, so you lose around two of the 12 to still births and normal attrition. Now add that 20% death rate of piglets being crushed or smothered, you lose another 2.5 piglets. So 12 were born, 7.5 survive without using farrowing crates. Your cost per piglet has nearly doubled, production per sow has been almost cut in half, and twice as many sows, twice as much feed, land, equipment, boars, and labor are incurred.
Now it would be lovely to raise all eggs and pigs and chickens free range, healthier, less antibiotics, and it is more humane. But after the cage restrictions in California and due to the Avian flu, egg prices shot up to as much as $5.99 per dozen in California and some stores just didn't have eggs to sell. Can anyone afford to pay double the price of meat, milk, and eggs and all the associated products like cheese and other dairy products? This is where this state question might help, it would require a compelling state interest to outlaw caged chickens, farrowing crates, feedlots, or genetically modified plants or animals. Not simply because it is more humane for a hen to have a few more square inches of room.
Back in the seventies the state AG department convinced farmers that it was better to use chicken litter for fertilizer and they started spreading it on the land but neglected to think about soil testing so they added more fertilizer than the land could absorb and it ran off into the rivers. That would still be regulated under this new constitutional clause. But you couldn't pass a law about dust from farming unless the state could PROVE that it was impacting a significant number of people. Control burns will still be regulated by the local fire department. All farmers large and small would benefit. Just like that farmer that fought the EPA in Wyoming over the pond, there would need to be a compelling reason for the state to act. And that is good government for ALL laws I think.
Here is a good source for info on who is attacking SQ 777.   Drew Edmondson, the guy that tried to put the chicken farmers out of business, as liberal as they come, is a spokesperson for the anti 777 group. Then he says chicken fighting and puppy mills would be legal which is a bald faced lie. Edmondson also claims that cities and the legislature couldn't regulate agriculture and the power of the people to vote on changes is removed. Edmondson goes on to claim that proving a compelling state interest is nearly impossible. Then there is the former state senator speaking against 777 and he is a MEMBER of HSUS. This Oklahoma Council of Churches proudly states that they work on social justice issues and they are openly sending out press releases asking the Syrians be brought into the U.S. for resettlement! They call for unity with Muslims and are against the death penalty
Here is another article that confirms the connection of HSUS, the Social Justice Oklahoma Council of Churches, and that Adam Price is a local grown food and organic food kind of guy. Both of these guys are right on HSUS's own website!
Also  look at the anti 777 website that proclaims that HSUS, the Sierra club, SPCA, a group called the Oklahoma Animal Welfare League, Oklahoma Alliance for Animals, and the Oklahoma Coalition of Animal Rescuers are backing the anti SQ 777 movement. This is a coalition of animal rights activists, how in the heck have they managed to convince so many activists that they want anything but SQ 777 preventing them from putting an end to modern farming!
I like our cheap food. You know that Americans spend a tiny percentage of our income on food. Most third world countries like the Philippines have the poor spending about 40% of their meager income on food and we are talking dried fish and rice.
We will continue to watch the fight over SQ 777 but it appears that the constitutional change is helpful and conservative values.  At this point it seems clear that animal rights activists have joined with anti GMO or sustainable food activists in order to drive up the cost of food and make organic food seem more affordable to the masses.
Rep. Chad Caldwell is an Idiot
The legislature is grasping at straws in an effort to balance the budget and one way to do that or to act like they are doing that is to pass laws that can’t be enforced but will provide an estimate of cost savings or income.
Such is HB2531 that will probably be signed by Fallin even though it is nothing more than a resolution “asking” out of state companies to voluntarily collect and remit Oklahoma sales tax on online purchases shipped to Oklahoma.  It also asks these same unknown companies to send annual statements to their customers in Oklahoma reminding them of how much they owe the state.  Representative Chad Caldwell, a Republican from Enid thinks that Oklahoma businesses are at a disadvantage with out of state retailers that don’t charge sales tax and the moron is convinced, and has convinced others, that “tens of millions of dollars” will flow into state coffers without any enforcement measures.
First, how do you know who these out of state retailers are?  Second, without the retailer having an Oklahoma Sales Tax account how do these retailers go about computing the tax which varies from city to city and how do they go about sending Oklahoma the money?
Then there is the legality of taxing businesses outside the state.  The 1992 Quill Supreme Court decision said that states cannot tax a business that isn’t located within the state’s borders.  And just last year in Direct Marketing Association V. Brohl the Supreme Court upheld a challenge to an identical out of state internet sales tax law from Colorado.  This so called “Amazon tax” required the out of state retailers to notify in state customers of the use tax obligation and to provide the sales data to the Colorado tax commission.   It was challenged by DMA as a violation of the Interstate Commerce Clause.
A local court enjoined the Colorado law but the Tenth Circuit struck it down as federal law is limited in enjoing or restraining the collection of tax where a remedy may be had in state court.  The Supreme Court overrode the Tenth Circuit and allowed the lawsuit to proceed.
Then there is this fallacy that brick and mortar stores are somehow harmed by not being able to compete with online stores due to sales tax.  The sales tax on a product usually pales in comparison to the shipping charges.  A bulky item like a set of suitcases is going to cost at least one third to one half of the actual cost of the product to ship to a consumer’s home.  The local store does pay freight to get the product to the store but it on company trucks or commercial truck line by the pallet with cheap per item rates.  So that  $75.00 suitcase bought locally is going to have a $6.56 sales tax added and the same suitcase from the online retailer is going to have a $30.00 fee added.
That same suitcase came in on a company truck or pallet with dozens of other suitcases and might have $5.00 shipping embedded in the price.
Sure, there is Amazon Prime, free shipping, that you pay a large fee for up front and they bury the cost of the shipping in the retail price or the seller accepts much smaller profit margins hoping to make it up on volume.  Either way the shipping company gets paid.
Rep. Caldwell is just setting the state up for a lawsuit, one that Oklahoma will lose if it tries to bully out of state companies into paying sales tax.   He is also helping push for the collection of internet use tax collections from Oklahomans, of which it has been said pay only 4% of the tax obligations on their online purchases.  Guess what?  It seems the public doesn’t want to pay the use tax so being known as the guy pushing for enforcement might generate a primary opponent.
A Better Candidate for
Canadian County Sheriff
By the Watchman
As the position for Sheriff of Canadian County is an open position this year, we owe it to the citizens to present to you both sides of the story. In this case there are only two candidates that filed for the position and both happen to be Republican. We told you about Undersheriff West last week. This week we present to you former Patrol Sergeant Joshua Moore.
The first article of interest we found was a Facebook entry here (43) Joshua Moore for Sheriff. What this is is a pledge signed by Candidate Moore to the Constitutional Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association to follow only those laws that are constitutionally correct. That is something that is not being done by most of the Sherriff’s and Law Enforcement Officers in this country and indeed in this state today. There are only three other Sheriff’s in this state who are members of the group and have taken this pledge. Out of 77 counties, that’s a pretty poor showing.
The next article of interest we found was this Joshua Moore Opposes Civil Asset Forfeiture, Seeks Canadian County Sheriff’s Office | The McCarville Report. This indicates that Mister Moore is against all asset forfeiture. That is a stance that is consistent with the citizens of the State of Oklahoma. Unfortunately the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association and other groups lobbied hard with the legislature and won this year. Asset forfeiture is still the law in this state. We stand with Joshua Moore on this matter. Asset forfeiture amounts to nothing more than legalized highway robbery by people wearing a badge. At no time should assets be seized without an arrest and at no time should assets be forfeited without a conviction.
The next article of interest we found was this from the 2012 campaign Mustang Times, Edwards addresses claims by opponent in race for Sheriff. The Sheriff at that time indicated that the opponent was manipulating crime stats and various others under handed tricks just to make the Sheriff look bad. We found that the statistics from the FBI indicated that his opponent was in fact telling the truth. Is this a possible reason why the Sheriff is not seeking a third term?
The next article of interest we found was this Joshua Moore for Canadian County Sheriff. This is from his campaign web site. This is well worth your time to open the link and read the article it contains. In it you’ll find some endorsements from some of the State’s most powerful Second Amendment groups and some former legislators. You’ll even find that he wants to do more to protect the citizens of the county in a faster time than is currently being done.
We also took a look at the biography page on the web site here About - MooreforSheriff. There is no indication of military service, but we did find where he served as a contractor in Iraq to teach the Iraqi Police in proper police methods.
The next item we looked at on his campaign site was the Issue page here Issues - MooreforSheriff. This is another link that is well worth your time to open and read. The most important to us are in the Safety and Security sections and the Protecting your Constitutional Rights section. These are areas that should appeal to almost all the residents of Canadian County.
The next item we looked at is also worth the time to open the link and read here All of these endorsements are well worth reading.
The next article of interest is actually a radio broadcast. You can open the link and listen to it here News - Talk 1520 :: KOKC. This is a very telling interview about the differences between the two candidates running for this open seat for the Canadian County Sheriff.
The next article of interest we found was this Press Release - MooreforSheriff. This is a basic press release where Joshua Moore has announced his candidacy for Sheriff in 2016. It should be noted that this is not his first bid for the office and he was defeated based on false allegations made by the sitting Sheriff in the 2012 campaign.
The next article of interest we found was this We know that the link doesn’t make a lot of since, but it boils down to an article in the Yukon Review of the announcement that Joshua Moore was announcing his candidacy for Sheriff of Canadian County. We agree that it’s a long winded title for a newspaper article.
The next article of interest we found was actually a youtube video that you can see here
It should be noted that the other contender in this race also appeared in front of this same group. We provided you a video of it last week. This group, after hearing both contenders, decided to endorse Joshua Moore for the position of County Sheriff. That is worth its weight in gold.
We have here a contest between two Republican candidates for the office of Sheriff of Canadian County, Oklahoma. Both men have a long and distinguished career in Law Enforcement. The biggest difference between the two is one actually believes in the use of property forfeiture and one is dead set against it. One has sworn and signed an oath to protect and defend your constitutional rights while the other seems to have forgotten that oath he took as a young Marine. We therefore are left with no choice but to endorse the Constitutional Sheriff candidate Joshua Moore.