The year is whizzing by so quickly, but at least we’ve had some nice weather to get out and about in, enjoying the countryside, maybe, and all that the beautiful natural world has to offer.
We’ve enlisted the services of that talented twosome, Mike&Scrabble, to help keep track of busy lives next year, in the form of a fabulous Mike&Scrabble calendar, complete with pithy sayings and colourful cartoons to brighten each and every day of 2018 - copies are available from H&H HQ so get yours NOW!

Hope you and your animal companion animals are having fun in the sun!
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Jude Brooks,
M&S … 365 … 24/7 … 
Keep forgetting those special birthdays and dates? Fear not … we have just the thing for YOU!
People are busy nowadays. Super busy. Really really busy. So busy, that many important dates are forgotten simply because there’s just not enough room in our heads. At least, that’s how it feels to me, sometimes. Okay, all the time.

Well, we can help you to remember not … uh … to forget, with the Mike&Scrabble 2018 calendar. This compact, wisdom-filled wall hanging is the perfect, colourful aid memoire for every house, office, and kennel. Plus the odd stable here and there.
Amazingly, for such a compact, cleanly designed object, it contains EVERY SINGLE ONE of 2018’s 365 days – AND their dates! As if that wasn’t enough, each and every week contains WEEKENDS! Yep: Saturday and Sundays too. Even major holidays are included.

That’s pretty amazing stuff. A WHOLE YEAR in one calendar. At a compact 10.5cm x 21cm, when hanging, it’s a perfect size, too: not too big, not too small. There’s enough room to mark birthdays, anniversaries, vet appointments (don’t tell your dog), and all manner of things to remember. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be Mike&Scrabble if it didn’t have astute observations on living with a pet human, illustrated in Mike’s inimitable style, so this has one for each month. 

So there you have it: a wonderful, compact, colourful, enlightening calendar, that will see you through an entire year of days, weekends, holidays, and … well … everything else. The calendar is in stock right now, so there’s no excuse to not get one in time for Christmas, is there? 

The Mike&Scrabble 2018 Calendar is available now, only £9.95 … 
£9.95 • HH5067 • Staple-bound wall hanging • 10.5x10.5cm • 24 pages • 7 days a week • 365 days a year
ISBN 978-1-787110-67-0 • UPC 6-36847-01067-6 • Published May 2017
If you have yet to grab yourself a copy of Mike&Scrabble, then you're in for a treat. We could wax lyrical about the book all day, but don't take our word for how great it is: checkout these five-star Amazon reviews and read what others think.

 Better than your average cute dog book!
This book will make you smile. Every dog owner will identify with the lovely observations and the illustrations are simple and adorable. We love it!
 Funny and clever
This book is absolutely adorable! It is very sweet and it guarantees to bring a smile to any dog lover's face. I absolutely love it.

 It's a rather lovely thing
It's a rather lovely thing to see these in printed form, in a cover with pages and stuff. A thing to be proud of.

 Sometimes we all need a Scrabble in our lives
Beneath the simple humour is an important theme for all of us who struggle at some point in our lives. 

 Truly uplifting
A wonderful little book. Affectionate, tragic and funny - just like life. Recommended to anyone who loves dogs or who doesn't understand why others love dogs.

 A wonderful book for the significant humans in your life
The illustrations will make you smile and any dog owner will understand exactly what "Scrabble" is saying. Great if you do have a dog and excellent preparation for owning a dog if you don't. Going to order one for my sister - who clearly does not understand her dog (she washes it in the shower every day!).

That's just a selection of the fantastic five-star reviews Mike&Scrabble have been getting from Amazon's customers … you can read even more over at the Reviews page on Amazon.
And – DON'T FORGET – the next instalment from this graphic duo will be hitting the H&H bookshelves before the end of the month!
Further tips on training your Human
Mike&ScrabbleToo explores the growing relationship between a Dog and her Human through the medium of interpretive dance, illustrated giggles and pithy one-liners.

It's better than Mike&Scrabble, because Dogs make Humans better people!

£9.99 • Hardback • 17x17cm • 64 pages • 50 colour pictures
ISBN 978-1-787110-60-1 • UPC 6-36847-01060-7
Want to be informed when Mike&ScrabbleToo comes into stock? Click 'Tell me when stock arrives' on the product page, let us know your details, and we'll email you when the book comes into stock … it couldn't be easier.
Unleashed this month …
Before June arrives, we'll be receiving stock of this eye-opening book …
Unleashing the healing power of animals
True stories about therapy animals – and what they do for us
Animals who came in from the cold – and warmed the hearts of many!
This amazing book details how rescue animals can become therapy animals, by employing patience, understanding, compassion and love. Taking you through the journeys of nine animals and one human, the book demonstrates how human-animal connections can lead to a relationship that is both therapeutic and healing, regardless of species.
  • The stories of a diverse range of rescued animals
  • How animals who have been helped go on to help others
  • How rescue animals can make it as therapy animals
  • Reveals what’s involved in achieving a good therapy animal
  • How animals with personality can go on to affect our personalities
  • Ten true stories of the human-animal connection
  • True stories of rescued animals who have helped people in need of rescue
  • Animals who came in from the cold and warmed the hearts of many
  • Mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects – a truly therapeutic menagerie
  • An insight into the life of animals used in therapy
£9.99 • HH4956 • Paperback • 22.5x15.2cm • 88 pages • 32 pictures
ISBN 978-1-845849-56-6 • UPC 6-36847-04956-0
Did you know that 77% of dog bites are by the family dog, or a friend’s dog?
If you’re surprised or shocked by this statistic, then you’re not alone. Many people think that dog bites are usually inflicted by strange dogs, or in unfamiliar places or circumstances. Not so.

If you're a parent of humans, as well as dogs, what can you do to ensure that your dogs and children will be safe together? That's where comes in …
Since 77% of bites come from a dog your kids may know and love — how do you protect them? By teaching them. And by keeping your kids safe, you're keeping dogs safe, too.

“We're two dog-trainer moms, with four kids and five dogs between us — and we're here to help! Since we know you hate nagging as much as we do, we've created some hip music videos to do the hard work for you. They’ll teach your kids exactly what they need to know, and they're so much fun they won't even know, they’re learning!”
To truly understand where Stop the 77 is coming from, visit the Stop the 77 website, and watch the video, first … click the image below to go there.
View the video. Read the three steps. TELL EVERYONE.
Once you’ve seen the video, take a good look at the resources and info on the site, and follow the three simple steps.

Then take the test and see how safe you and your family are now, and share your experiences in the site’s comments.

And DON’T FORGET TO SPREAD THE WORD, and use the #stopthe77 hashtag on social media!

Keep up with Stop the 77's latest news and efforts on social media.
Going the Half-Monty
Hubble & Hattie HQ is very much a dog-friendly office … so watch where you put your feet!
Accounts Department Dog Monty is not normally one for doing things in half-measures, but Jude caught this candid snap of him – well, half of him – undertaking important number-crunching … 
Or perhaps he was just taking 'twenty winks!'
If you've snapped your pet, in a candid pose, share it with us on Facebook and Twitter!
Time for some homemade treats!
Homemade treats are not only fantastic for your dog, but they're also really easy to make.
Oh, and you can eat them yourself, too!
There's nothing quite like homemade dog treats. They're loved by dogs, and you'll know precisely where the ingredients come from, and what goes into them. Even better, you can tailor your treats to your dog's taste, or dietary requirements, and – as if that wasn't enough – you can eat them yourself!

Over on our blog, we've shared some oven-dried treats that you can make at home. There's lamb jerky, chicken liver jerky, fish jerky, chicken breast fillet jerky, beef … you get the idea! All the recipies are super-easy and super-tasty. There's even some ideas for marinades to liven them up … no added salt or sugar, of course!
To pique your interest, and maybe even get your mouth watering, here's how to make lamb or chicken liver jerky … checkout our blog for more.
Lamb or Chicken Liver Jerky
  1. Remove all sinew
  2. Slice into strips
  3. Space out on a baking tray lined with baking paper sprayed with non-stick spray. Make sure the strips are not touching
  4. Bake/dry for two hours – turning after one hour
  5. CHECK a sample. Make sure it's DRY before you take it out
  6. Cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes
Lamb or chicken liver jerky will keep in the fridge for two weeks. Or, if you freeze it, it'll last for four months. Don't forget to defrost it before you eat it!
You can jazz-up your jerky even more with a tasty, healthy marinade. Just make sure that you DON'T ADD SALT OR SUGAR if sharing with your dog. You'll need two cups of fluid for 1kg of meat, and the marinade should just cover the meat or fish. Full details and methods can be found on the blog, but here's some ideas …
Use flaxseed oil (expensive but highly recommended), coconut cooking oil, or extra virgin olive oil (cheapest). Olive oil doesn't lose its anti-oxidant qualities when heated.
Use ½ cup of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, or cranberries (these may a little tart for some dogs).
Berries make a tasty, nutritious addition to jerky marinades. 
A big 'thank you' to Robyn Youl for these recipes. Full details of how to make your own jerky and marinades can be found here, along with plenty of handy hints and tips on how to make your jerky with minimum fuss and mess, and maximum taste!
Give them a go: we think you'll find that your dog loves them even more than shop treats, and they make excellent training aids. And snacks for you!
Once you've tried making homemade jerky, why not go the whole hog and share a complete meal with your dog? We have a fantastic foody book to help you do just that … 

Dinner with Rover
Delicious, nutritious meals for you and your dog to share
Share breakfast, lunch or dinner with your canine friend. This book is packed with scrumptious recipes that you and your dog will love! Tried and tested by Rambo and his doggy chums, and approved by a vet for nutritional value, the recipes in this full-colour book will transform mealtimes!
ONLY £5.99!
HH4313 • Paperback • 205 x 205mm • 144 pages • 109 colour pictures • ISBN 978-1-845843-13-7UPC 6-36847-04313-1 • Published November 2010
Not convinced that the sort of meals you'd be sharing are to your taste? Take a look at these images from the book …

If you're more of a Mary Berry than a Gordon Ramsay, why not try your hand at baking some treats for your dog … 

Dog Cookies
Healthy, allergen-free treat recipes for your dog
Do you enjoy treating your dog every now and then with something delicious? The answer is, of course you do! Whether you want to reward him for an achievement during training or just give him a treat from time to time, these little extras will increase his motivation and strengthen the bond between the two of you.
ONLY £9.99!
HH4380 • Paperback • 205 x 205mm • 96 pages • 47 colour pictures • ISBN 978-1-845843-80-9 • UPC 6-36847-04380-3 • Published April 2011
Ollie and Nina and …
The latest daft doggy doings … 

Ollie and Nina and … Daft Doggy Doings! is at the printer now! Copies available mid-July.
Watch this space, and also check out the dippy doggies and their daft doings on facebook …

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