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Bloviating Blogger or Conservative GOP Chairman?


Current GOP State Chairman Dave Weston puts out a weekly blog in the GOP newsletter and if one was clueless and reading the newsletter one would think that Oklahoma Republicans have good leadership.  But is Weston a RINO or an actual Republican?   His words say one thing but will his actions and his pedigree determine he continues following the well worn RINO path?

His latest rah rah sure sounds good, attacking Obama on the Benghazi murders, the NSA-Snowden civil liberty outrages, Obama Care and other progressive/liberal programs.  He goes on to wonder why anyone would trust the federal government to do anything or to have any honesty.

Weston goes on to wrap himself in the Constitution and the Federalist Papers about the friction between the three branches of government and about the abuse of power and how to affect good government when that friction isn’t preventing abuses.  Weston puts forward the state AG offices that are holding the line against the overreaching federal government and boasts of how Obama Care has been slowed by AG actions.  Weston then calls for unity in what he calls “America’s most challenging war for independence” and urges us to support the GOP in the coming elections.

Well Dave, can I call yah Dave?  Being that you were groomed by RINO U.S. Congressman Tom Cole for the better part of two decades you will forgive us if we are a tad skeptical of your rantings.  You’ve been keeping your eye on Oklahoma while working for Tom Cole and are acutely aware of the hypocrisy of the Oklahoma Republican Party in the past years.  Despite having a wonderfully conservative Oklahoma GOP Party Platform the majority of Republicans in elected office have ridden roughshod over the party platform and the people of Oklahoma ever since they took control of the state Capitol.   You are painfully aware that it took the Tea Party to defeat the Republican led plan to implement Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges.  You are painfully aware that pro liberty bills, pro anti abortion bills, lower government and spending bills, have all been defeated by first the House of Representatives at the State Capitol then at the State Senate after the House had been brought under control of the people.

You just saw the last big fight against Agenda 21 where not only did the Republican led State Senate kill a bill designed to turn the Agenda 21 movement away, you saw the Senate go after the only group that had the political power to kill bills that were detrimental to Oklahoma citizens.  And you are aware that both the Oklahoma GOP Party Platform and the National GOP Party Platform are opposed to Agenda 21?

And have you spoken out against those Republican elected officials that are directly opposed to the GOP party platform?   Allow me to answer that for you….. of course not.  Not a single word has been said or written condemning the abandonment of the party platform in favor of progressive and liberal policies.

You ask why people should trust government after seeing repeated lies and hypocrisy.  I ask why people should trust the Republican Party after seeing repeated lies and hypocrisy?   Why should state Republicans trust you since you aren’t speaking out and are doing nothing to bring elected officials in line with our stated goals as Republicans?

Unity Dave?   After seeing the RINOs fight at state and county conventions to kill resolutions that would have forced RINO Republican elected officials before the state and county Republican Executive Committees to explain their liberal and progressive votes?

Bottom line Dave is this;  you have a fresh start but we aren’t stupid.   Either start doing your job enforcing the GOP rules and party platform or shut your pie hole about unity and support for the Republican Party.  Spewing meaningless phrases and buzz words isn’t going to cut it with voters or activists anymore.  Do your fricking job, enforce the rules and the party platform or go back under Tom Cole’s skirts.



The Difference Between A Truck Driver And A Politician

By Ms PM


Being one, a truck driver and not a politician, it has come to attention that upon taking the necessary steps to be in compliance of having a Commercial Driver License (CDL), time has come to take another physical to get the new two year health card to carry in my wallet. This is a good thing, driving an 80,000 pound rig around and not being in good physical health could cause all sorts of issues including driving over someone because your health has deteriorated to the point that you pop a cork.


The new regulation set in motion by the federal government is being accepted by Oklahoma and what many including myself have a serious issue with. Along with getting your physical you are now required to turn in a copy of your health card to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. For now at least you can mail, email or fax the copy along with the application called a “Medical Self-Certification Affidavit” and a copy of your CDL. Talking to the Shawnee Tag Agency they said that they were not getting the mailed, emailed or faxed copies. Later talking to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety, they said they were getting them. What’s a trucker to do?


The places for a DOT physical approved by government jackasses are sometimes not very close to where you live, but you have to do it and the cost has increased from $50 to $75, so you pay it because insurance doesn’t cover it. Under the old regulation you had to get your physical every two years and simply carry the health card.


Before long, and in some cases already by trucking companies, any driver will have to physically go to a tag agency set up to handle a CDLand get the health card stamped and put on file. It is a law, you have to have a valid card and even if you are in compliance, you have to prove you are in compliance by having a stamp. Evidentially this new stamping regulation is what really makes you able to drive a rig. No stamp could mean you lose your license.


Does this mean that later down the road of more government regulation, an insurance card in your car would no longer be valid? Will you have to make a trip to your insurance office and get it stamped and sent in to a newly created government entity before you are legal to drive? If this would never happen then why are the blowhards at large picking on the trucking industry? Could it bethey are testing the water? Who out there would be willing to not jump through the hoop and lose employment because the state and feds will pull your license? Could this be paving the way to put everyone in the pickle barrel?


All people going into a Tag Agency fully know that no one knows how long you will stand in line. Add a new regulation and that already long line has just gotten longer. Never mind that the places for these DOT physicals already have to send a copy of the health cards to employers, it is far too much to ask these regulators of regulations require the health facilities add an address and send the copy on to the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. There is more to this and as always it is about money and power.


Making a few phone calls it came to light that the reason, or at least one of the reasons, is Oklahoma will lose federal funding unless the state complies with this new regulation. During the call it did appear that Oklahoma can opt-out of this stamping ho-down…but as usual, the state wants the money. What is it about Oklahoma that continually throws state sovereignty to the wolves in D.C.? One way to increase manpower at CDL locations is for Oklahoma to act out the redundancy of bureaucracy, practiced by our overly largeand wasteful federal boobies, just so our corrupt elected representatives can spend more time figuring out how to waste more money. So what if we all dip deeper into our pockets, it’s only your money.


The biggest difference between a truck driver and a politician is a driver has to abide by the rules imposed by an elite establishment that hasn’t a clue about doing the real job…but that could be said about any other business regulation the government insists on knowing best about.


The next time you go and purchase something….remember, if you bought it a truck brought it. Have you hugged a trucker lately?


Take Daddy’s Seat and Continue the Corruption

Why Political Dynasties are Bad Politics

By the Watchman


What is a person to think of a political candidate so afraid of a formidable opponent that he would move his entire family just to remain in the district he was originally elected to after re-districting? Is this the cowardice we want in our senators, or do we expect them to have a little courage and mount a spirited campaign to maintain a seat in the senate?


We are talking about the lack of fortitude being displayed by Senator Rob Johnson. He is another one of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce bought and paid for legislators that infest the state senate.

We  went to to see what information was available there. We  found out he was out of office for two years because of a failed campaign for Corporation Commissioner in 2008. That ended his four year career in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.


We also learned where he obtained his version of being a Conservative from. He’s a former Legislative Assistant to U.S. Representative Wes Watkins, and worse than that, a toadie and former Legislative Director of Representative Tom Cole. This makes him the third Senator from the class of 2010 to have direct ties to the liberal Tom Cole. It’s no wonder they keep passing bad legislation.


We next took a look at his Ratings and Endorsements pages.


2012    Oklahoma National Federation of Independent Business                  100%

2011    Research Institute for Economic Development                                    97%

2007    Oklahoma Center for Consumer and Patient Safety                            62%


What this tells us with the high ratings from the business groups and low ratings from the consumer group is that Senator Johnson is more willing to pay tribute to business wishes than he is to do what is right for the citizens of Oklahoma. After all, he’s got to keep his  masters at the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce happy.


2010    NRA                                                                                                     A


2008    Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy                 100%

2007    Oklahoma Institute for Child Advocacy                   50%


The pattern here indicates that during election years he tends to pay more attention to items that matter about child advocacy than non-election years.


We looked up his data at the The first thing we noticed was his Statement of Organization was filed on Feb. 20, 2012. That would indicate that any donations received and recorded for the 2014 campaign could not have been received prior to that date. When we looked at his first schedule A we found this.


Jan. 30, 2012   3508 Partridge Rd. Oklahoma City, Ok. 73120                      $   500.00

Jan. 30, 2012   347 N. Broadway, Suite 102 Edmond, Ok. 73044                   $1,500.00


We could list them all, but that would be redundant. There are eleven more entries like this totaling an additional $3,875.00 from eleven additional donors. What’s even worse is all of these individuals are listed as either “Consultants”, “Lobbyist” or “Government Relations”. They are all out there trying to get the man to vote their way on legislation.


While reviewing his financials, we also took into consideration this reportThis report prompted us to look at Senator Johnson’s Statement of Organizations for some of his previous campaigns. The question we sought to answer was his residence and if he had moved to stay within his district to avoid a fight with another incumbent. There is a block on this form that requires a candidate to indicate his Residence Address. Here is what we found.


2014    11208 NW 109th St. Yukon, Ok. 73099

2010    P.O. Box 714 Kingfisher, Ok. 73750

2008    1019 W. Fay Kingfisher, Ok. 73750


There is one other street address for Kingfisher for his very first campaign. His other campaigns all listed the W. Fay address as his residence. This raises the question as to what was his actual physical residence for the 2010 campaign and what does he have to prove it. The form calls for his residence address not his mailing address. The P.O. Box address listed was also listed for his campaign office. This is another question of ethics that the Senator needs to answer.


We next took a look at the donations from Corporations, Political Action Committees and Unions. We decided to stay with those listed in the 2014 campaign reports to date. We will list a few here.


Jan. 30, 2012   OG&E PAC Oklahoma City, Ok. 73101                                   $   750.00

Jan. 30, 2012   ITC Holdings Corp. PAC Lansing, Mi. 48933                           $   500.00

Feb. 02, 2012  Oklahoma Hospital Assn. PAC Oklahoma City, Ok. 73105     $   500.00

Feb. 09, 2012  American Electric Power, Columbus, Oh. 43215                   $1,000.00

Jun. 29, 2012   Glaxo-Smith-Kline PAC Research Triangle Park, NC 27709                  $   250.00

Oct. 26, 2012  JP Morgan/Chase PAC Chicago, Ill. 60603                             $   500.00


American Electric Power basically owns the PSO utility transmission lines here in Oklahoma. They are also looking to expand. What better way to be able to expand than to have friends in elected office. So far we have identified every Senator that we have written about, and the Governor has received donations from this company. Here is a map of their current service area.



We next took a look at his voting record since he’s been in the Senate on things that mattered to Oklahomans. Here is what we found.


HB 1397 Transvestite Birth Certificate Bill, Voted Yea-Liberal

HB2171 Obama Highway Bill, Voted Yea-Liberal

HB 1953 Governors Quick Action Fund, Slush Fund, Voted Yea-Liberal

HB 2169 Obama care Funding           Voted Yea-Liberal

SB 154 21st Century Quality Jobs Act Voted Yea Liberal


If you add the three times he voted for three different ways it impose Obama Care on us, Senator Johnson only voted Conservatively three times out of eleven opportunities. That gives him a RINO Index score of twenty seven percent (27%). He has miles and miles to go before he can call himself a conservative.


We next did a simple Google search to see what information was available on the Senator on line. One of the items we were looking for was his campaign site. We found this, but we couldn’t tell if it was his 2010 or 2014 campaign site. This is what we found, Rob Johnson for Oklahoma Senate Dist. 22He made the announcement to run for his father’s seat here. Keeping it in the family indeed, where does the think he came from, Arkansas?



Senator Johnson was also responsible for the defeat of local control of anti-smoking bans. Many smokers are appreciative for that. You can read about that here.  Many people took heated offense to this bill being killed by the Senator. Here is just a mild sample of the vitriol that we found.


We have shown the flow of money to Senator Johnson from corporations affiliated with the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. This article, Meet Your New Legislators - Senate | The State Chamber of Oklahoma, which clearly brags about the victories of the State Chamber of Commerce during the 2010 election cycle proves an even more direct tie to them.


There is no doubt that Senator Rob Johnson is working for the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce not the constituents of Senate District 22. Rest assured he will campaign as a conservative candidate but he is not a Conservative. It’s time for the residents of District 22 to learn the facts about politicians like Senator Johnson.


When the Oklahoma State GOP Chairman asks you for donations to support candidate remember that he too is a RINO.  Hang on to your money, donate directly to a

conservative candidate and take the party back.


Konawa Tea Party Monthly Meeting


The 4th Tuesday of every month is the regular meeting date for the Konawa Tea party.  They will be meeting on July 23, 2013 7:00 - 9:00 PM at the Kennedy Library- The Dougan Room

Konawa School 701 W. South St.  Their speakers this month will be Pastor Steve Kern, author & candidate for the Oklahoma Senate, and  Sally Kern author & State Representative, Dist. 84.




NSA Verses AAC, Who Will Win This War On Freedom?

By Ms PM


AAC stands for All American Citizens and after the NSA intercepts this story from the computer it will not be a stretch of the imagination to see AAC show up on their “favorite words to snoop on” list. The almighty king of America courted by his PA’s (piss-ants), have acquired the role as keepers over us all. Personally, I’d thoroughly enjoy the tight fit of this computer as it is self-propelled into the tail pipes of these arrogant bastards that are intent on stomping out the principles this country was founded upon, our Constitution.


This article should go beyond disturbing for anyone that believes in freedom and liberty. What is just as disturbing is the letter from the NSA saying that the Navy Vet, Clayton Seymour, wasn’t entitled to information about himself. Does anyone wonder about all the entitlements handed out by this administration, only to be told that legitimate entitlements such as freedom are off limits?


The one thing that is quite ironic is Seymour voted for O-Shithead in 2008 supporting the great lie in a platform of “greater governmental transparency.” Taking this humorous little ditty a bit further, Seymour is now “furious” and he “feels betrayed.” Wonder why Clayton Seymour did not have his ears on before he went to the polls, and adding salt to his wound, he repeated his lame choice in the election when the opportunity presented itself again in 2012. As with Mr. Seymour and the other fools following the red road to socialism, they are finding out that they are not exempt from the liar in chief’s decisions and only when infringed upon do they take notice.


In the NSA rejection letter to Seymour it stated; “Were we to provide positive or negative responses to requests such as yours, our adversaries’ compilation of the information provided would reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.” Exceptionally grave damage are mighty and powerful words and would be fitting to describe how the United States government has betrayed the people.


Contemplating such powerful language, why is it that these words were never used to describe the lack of security for those murdered in Bengazi? When a government ignores the safety of those within a foreign embassy it becomes difficult to believe their priority is national security. The smoke is very thick on this screw-up and this excuse of protecting our national security has more BS than all the stockyards in Oklahoma and Texas. What are they really up to? If they aren’t willing to share their dirty little secrets when it comes to your personal information given to you, how long will it be before someone is knocking on your door? The government becomes exempt from laws that govern every other person and business; doesn’t this strike anyone as odd and out of control?


Another point this article brings to the forefront is that any data collected on anyone can be “altered to appear to be something that it’s not.” What better way to make you behave like ducks in line for the few morsels you receive when their time is right?


The men and women from Oz, through regulation, hold your food source, and water. Add to their list of achievements the oil and gas which is the lifeblood of America. Education is controlled by the great lie of Common Core. Tack on health care and you’ve got the makings of a grand cocktail with the end result being the ultimate control of people. 


One thought that comes to mind about national security is the fact that our southern border is not secure. Why is it that information you request is termed a national security risk but anyone wishing to do this country real harm can come across the border with little resistance? As Seymour may now see, once enough illegals are given amnesty, their vote will go to the party that gave them a super highway to get here. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see the plan unfold; there is little doubt that this administration, with Republican RINO’s, and the far left wing nuts will stomp on all of the Clayton Seymours once their vote is procured.  Other than the fact that many refuse to see this unfold, the truth is that so many are being groomed to live off of the labor of hard working Americans simply because they like getting something for nothing. This is the great lie thrown at the American people who in turn swallow it down as if they have been crossing the desert with no water for some time. Freedom is and never will be free.


The false sense of security is on a fast track to remove your freedom in the name of safety for the United States. In the end you will never be safe, when the government takes your weapons and you are left with that free O-Bama phone, try to call someone that cares. By then it will be too late to protect your own butt much less your family.


The article points to justification by the NSA’s refusal to give out requested information because of none other than O-shitheads Executive Order 13526. Try reading through that one. What exactly are people like Seymour a threat to? He can’t be one of those wacked out Veterans that took an oath to protect the Constitution, remember he voted for the O-man. Is it possible that he is now a trained killer and against his government because they have also screwed him so now even he needs to be watched? This new form of government would have you believe this, otherwise why did puppet Napolitano come out with this handbook in 2009? (U//FOUO) Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. This is another story but the point in this article about citizens being a threat to an out of control government hits the nail on the head.


Does government fear some of the people? Why are we being targeted by the IRS? The Fourth Amendment very clearly says it all; “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”


Because of the wording in the Fourth Amendment, unreasonable searches, is it no wonder the wording in the rejection letter says “the information provided would reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security.” Because our government wants ultimate control, it is safe to say that those that govern are willing to change any argument that fits their new, ever powerful agenda. By now it should be pretty clear that our Constitution is something similar to a roll of toilet paper used to wipe their asses.


We live in a creepy time. The norm is no longer to work hard for what you want. When was the last time you trusted your government to look out for the rights of people outlined in our Constitution and Bill of Rights? A more important question is when was the last time you stood up because of your knowledge, and said something because it was the right thing to do? You know the time, it’s when you cowardly looked down or away and didn’t say a word when your knowledge and judgment knew better. Heroes are hard to find. The people got us into this mess and the people must be the ones to get us out of it.







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