Volume 20 Edition 
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THEME: Foodies Guide to Africa  

Jollof Rice
African Food - New Craze For Indians?

Are Indian’s prisoners of our palate? Do we suffer as a consequence when we travel, especially in Africa?  Are we so caught up in our spicy world of Indian food with its mesmerizing color, flavor and taste to look at everything else as far too bland if not down right repulsive?  If so, we may be missing out a lot, especially when in Africa. This article seeks to correct the bias by taking a brief look at the African culinary landscape and showcase a few hidden gems...Read More
 Paradise-Sidi Bou Said

 Tunisia offers some of the most
  beautiful resorts and vacation spots in
Africa and some great places
 to eat. Mariam and Walid our contributors
in Tunisia take us on this journey
of discovery  where we end up at their
very own beautiful restaurant. ‚Äč Enjoy reading...Read More 
Peppers in Cameroon market

Cameroon and Ivory Coast have some
great places to eat. Bhuwan Saurav our
contributor here has walked us through
this journey. We hope his personal inputs
encourage our readers to visit these
restaurants when traveling to this part of
West Africa...Read More
...My journey continued
                    in exploringthe novelty, uniqueness
 and fusion that painted the canvas of
culinary experiences in Africa...
Big thanks to our first time contributors.
We hope this association continues for
the very many editions to come  

  Table Mountain and the V&A waterfront

  Many members contributing and
many more places to explore. SA is truly
a foodies delight! Samarth Bajaj, Sarita
Mathur, Paramita Banejee and Shaila
Sam put together a rainbow of choices
Peri-Peri sauce-Mozambique's speciality

Southern Africa's secret holiday destination
abounds wiwith some wonderful restaurants. 
The Mozambican prawns and Peri Peri
chicken is world famous Jessie Sevi
George bring to us one of the most well
known sea food restaurants and
her personal favourite...Read More


Cacao Tree

 In business..it need not always be
business and sometimes we come across very
interesting moments. M.D Ramesh who
has spend almost 20 years doing
 business in Africa recounts an
 interesting episode, one of the
 many he encountered while
doing business in Africa

 Falafel and Tilapia,Ghana's special

 We cannot write of West Africa
and not write on Ghana. Accra Ghanna's
capital offers some great dinning
experience. Mr KDB Nair our person
in Ghana has a very crisp account which
i am sure will come to use for those
travelling to this part of the world 
Chapman drink
From Nigeria we bring to you its
most cosmopolitan city-Lagos. This
is a busting city with a large expat
population. Hence it offers cuisine
from across the globe. Captain Bala in
Nigeria helps us to discover some great
places to eat and hangout in
Mamri Mbaazi

 As we are on the
subject of food....we decided to bring to our
readers some traditional African recipes
which are a fusion of Africa and what
the migrants brought with them and

                   Lagoon Restaurant                             
    Senegal has been a great
discovery for us! Our contributor
from Senegal Mr Mauda Naby take
us on a journey to some beautiful
restaurants in this small country. 
We hope you will enjoy reading and
visiting these places...Read More

Mt Kenya from Mt Kenya Safari club

 Kenya is a foodies paradise and
exploring this paradise is Nidhee
Datta. Nidhee brings to us some of the
best places to eat in Nairobi and
surrounding places

Poisson Cote d’Ivoire’
  What’s this? "An air of good feeling was
engulfing me about the environment
– the cute bar,the Flag beer, the adjacent
dinner place.And also, the menu card,
the Poison item and above all,the photograph
saga. Intriguing atmosphere. I
must switchover to my Black Label whiskey."
A story with  humour at it's
surreal best...Read More

Suhasini and  friends in Nigeria

A beautifully riveting work ,with a sense
of humour. We see Nigeria from
the eyes of a young expat
Suhasini Mehra, who enjoyed each 
and every moment  while living
there. She lays to rest many myths
that people harbour about  Nigeria
Have fun reading it...Read More

Book Review

Dilli, because that is how we used to
pronounce and we still do. All these
thoughts jumbled up in my mind the
moment I heard the name of the book
under review. The book, simply by
way of its name, struck a very soft
chord here – in me, and there– among
many other people...Read More

Book Preview

To eulogise the myraid colors of this historical
city and meditate upon them,Dr Amitabh Mitra
came up with the wonderful idea of publishing
an anthology which talked about
the city. The interesting angle added by him was
that the city be described by woman poets who
are below the age of 30.  Here
you can read some excerpts...Read More
A Liftime Of Courage & Fortitude
Irom Chanu Sharmilla has been
on fast for the last 13 years demanding
repeal of the controversial Armed
Forces (Special Powers) Act (AFSPA).
Recently the sessions court in
Imphal ordered her release dismissing
the she attempted to commit suicide
by the way of hunger strike. Two
days later she was re-arrested on
fresh charges of attempt to commit
suicide. For this feisty lady the
battle continues...Read More
Evolution To Revolution

For all those who have watched
NDTV's highly acclaimed Indian
street food series "Highway on the
Plate" Rocky and Mayur are no
strangers! In this TED talk they draw
on their vast experience to throw
light on some of the lesser known
secrets of Indian cuisine and its
evolution. For us Indian's it is a must
Interview with Shahida Cassim
The Audio file throws light on how
entrepreneurship is being nurtured in the  new
South Africa - ensuring the countries
progress in the global economic

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