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April 24th 2016 newsletter
Big Brother is Watching You

SB 359 produces a new program ran by local District Attorneys, one that partners with private companies to set out automated license plate readers capable of capturing a picture of your license plate and comparing it to a data base of insured cars.   When it catches an uninsured motorist the system sends a ticket and summons to appear in court.  If someone buys insurance before the court date they are fined $50.00, $125.00 if they are convicted.
Sounds like a good way to get uninsured cars off the road, right?  Yes, but at what cost?
Imagine a law enforcement officer or office worker accessing this system to check on a spouse… where they have been, dates, times, photos showing if there was anyone else in the car.  Or perhaps selling such information to a candidate for public office, tracking his opponent.  Or perhaps the system data is used to check out a teenager that a parent is concerned about.  Or simply to blackmail citizens, the list is endless.
Worse, this sets up a moral hazard as the local D.A. officer gets to keep a large percentage of the fees and fines generated and that money can be spent on anything the D.A. wants to spend it on.  Worse still is that the profits can be used by the private company providing the cameras and computer system to proliferate the system to other counties, towns, and cities.
It wasn’t that long ago that the State Chamber of Commerce was talking about legislation to tax Oklahomans by the mile traveled as a way of raising more taxes.  Fuel efficiency has allowed cars to go from 8 miles per gallon to thirty miles per gallon and the fuel tax intake has plummeted.  And what else can they come up with, a list of delinquent property taxes, behind on child support.,, where does it end?
Some would say that there is nothing to worry about if you are a law abiding citizen.  I would accept that argument if the same people removed the locks from their homes and business and took down the curtains.  Privacy is important; it is not to be given up without a compelling public need.  Illegals are stopped all the time and given warnings or tickets and the cars are allowed to drive away.  Once law enforcement starts impounding these uninsured cards and auctioning them off a few weeks later the problem would evaporate.
The legislation is now headed to Conference Committee where anything and everything can happen so please contact your legislators by email and telephone and urge them to reject the legislation and protect privacy rights when traveling public roads.
Here are the names of those that voted for this legislation.  The legislation will be on the 2016 Oklahoma RINO Index.
Anderson           David               Marlatt          Smalley         
    Barrington        Fields            Mazzei            Standridge       
    Bass              Floyd             Newberry          Stanislawski     
    Bice              Ford              Pittman           Sykes            
    Bingman           Fry               Quinn             Thompson          
    Boggs             Griffin           Schulz            Treat            
    Brecheen          Holt              Sharp             Wyrick           
    Brinkley          Jech              Shaw              Yen              
    Brooks            Jolley            Shortey      
    Crain             Justice           Silk             
    Dahm              Loveless          Simpson
House votes:
  Banz               Denney             McCall             Roberts, S.       
    Biggs              Derby              McCullough         Rogers            
    Billy              Echols             McDaniel, J.       Rousselot         
    Caldwell           Faught             McDaniel, R.       Sanders           
    Calvey             Grau               Mulready           Sears             
    Cannaday           Hall               Newell             Tadlock           
    Cleveland          Hardin             Nollan             Thomsen           
    Cockroft           Henke              Ortega             Vaughan           
    Condit             Joyner             Osborn             Walker            
    Coody, A.          Kannady            Perryman           Watson            
    Coody, J.          Lepak              Peterson           Wood               
    Cooksey            Loring             Pfeiffer           Wright            
    Cox                Martin             Roberts, D.        Mr. Speaker       
Comrade Mary Joins with Comrade Yen
to  Defeat the Will of the People
Comrade Fallin, it is only FOUR pages of info!

HB 3016 is vetoed by Governor Mary Fallin this week after a massive bipartisan effort to pass the legislation through the House and Senate. We are torn between labeling Fallin as Comrade Fallin or Lying Fallin as her actions are both tyrannical and completely false and misleading.
 In her veto letter to the legislators Comrade Fallin said she supported giving the parents of the patients the Vaccine Information Sheet and informing them of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program but she is against providing the parents the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Appendix B of the Pink Book.
Comrade Fallin claims that Appendix B of the CDC Pink Book is 34 pages long, highly technical, irrelevant, and contains obsolete information.  She claims most of the information would be incomprehensible to consumers and that the information might intimidate and confuse the parents of patients.  She also complains that the ingredients and substances used in producing the vaccine that are later removed are listed.
But the folks over at Oklahomans for Vaccine and Health Choice (OVHC) have pointed out that the language in Comrade Fallin’s veto letter are nearly verbatim from a letter sent to Comrade Fallin by an Oklahoma pediatrics group that stands to lose millions of dollars in business if parents begin making informed choices on what vaccines are necessary and safe.
The OVHC have also pointed out that the entire Appendix B isn’t required to be handed out, only the Vaccine Excipient and Media Summary which is only FOUR pages long.  And of that four pages of information only a tiny part needs to be read,  it is a table of vaccines with the ingredients listed to the side, only the few lines under the vaccine that the child is to be given.  The Summary is written for the public, mentions the substances used in production that are later removed from the vaccine and present in trace amounts, and the Summary says it was updated in February of 2015.  Hardly obsolete, hardly confusing, hardly intimidating.
If Lying Fallin, AKA Comrade Fallin, is against people knowing what is in a product that is injected into their children then it is only because campaign donors have twisted her arm.  But to outright lie to the Oklahoma citizens and to copy and paste language right out of a letter from her campaign donors is downright political corruption and the abuse of office.
So now it is time for Sooner Tea Party supporters to join the OVHC group in lobbying the House an Senate to stand firm on their votes and override Comrade Fallin’s veto.  The house vote was 89 to 6,  with 6 absent or abstained. You have the numbers for a House veto override if none of them change their votes.  The Senate vote was 39 to 6, three excused. Same thing, veto over ride IF we band with the vaccine group and hit every single one of the 149 with emails and phone calls asking them to do three things:    1) Promise that their vote will not change 2) that they will pressure House and Senate leadership to hear the veto override, and 3) that they will lobby their fellow legislators to stand firm on their vote.
But no one ought to be surprised if they are a regular reader of the STP newsletter.  The game has always been this, legislation with strong popular support is passed by the House and Senate if the donor class approves,  the legislation is blocked by a single term limited committee chair, or if the heat is too much the legislation is passed and the governor vetoes the legislation and a few votes are changed to defeat the veto override, usually term limited members that can’t be harmed.
There is no use calling the Governor, the Obama Care issue was generating one phone call every 15 seconds into the Governor's office. The Agenda 21 issue when Senator Brannan was generating an equal number of calls. We know this because of sworn testimony of Brannan at the STP blackmail trial.   Branan of course blamed the Sooner Tea Party for every call, email, and office visit.   The point being that this issue isn't going to generate that sort of outcry and remember that the Obama Care calls didn't sway Fallin.
What swayed Fallin was the 10 freshmen legislators that had enough of the STP robo calls so they wrote a press release changing their votes on Obama Care (the health insurance exchange). The next day Fallin returned the 40 million dollars to the feds, a few days later so did the insurance commissioner. So it wasn't the four phone calls a minute that swayed Fallin, it was losing the votes needed to pass the legislation.
Same deal on Agenda 21, despite around 800 emails a day and four calls a minute Senate leadership didn't buckle. Fallin won't buckle on this either so the only way forward is to hammer the legislators so they don't switch their votes.
Below is more information on who to contact, the three things to ask them to do, and all the information you will need to make some quick emails and phone calls.  Remember that we fight to grow stronger, each punch we throw reminds the legislators of our numbers and that even if we lose the veto override the fight is NOT over as we will have a list of senators and representatives that switched their votes!  Then we punish each and every one that switches their vote. 
It doesn’t matter if they are term limited or running for another office, we hang this around their neck like a rotting chicken and let the stench taint their public life, their businesses, and their personal life for decades to come.  Remember, we aren’t punishing the honest “no” votes on HB 3016 but the cowards that switch their vote in the veto override.
By the Oklahoma Advocate
HB 3016 needs a lot of phone calls to ensure that the veto override is accomplished.  Below is a list of all the Yes votes on HB 3016 and each one of these rascals need a phone call and an email.  The best way to do this is to call your Senator and your Representative personally and send them a personal email.  The rest can be sent emails using Bcc on the email header so each one gets a copy but none of them know that the others got a copy.  There are three email blast groups at the bottom of this article, copy and paste them into the Bcc field and add a personal note asking for three things:

1) Promise that their vote will not change
2) that they will pressure House and Senate leadership to hear the veto override, 
3) that they will lobby their fellow legislators to stand firm on their vote.
Add that you will be spreading the news of this issue on Facebook so that your friends and family in other areas of Oklahoma know who switches their vote or refuses to push leadership for a veto override.
YES         R             Senator   Mark Allen      405-557-7415405-557-7415 
YES         R             Rep        Ann Coody             405-557-7398405-557-7398 
YES         R             Senator   Don Barrington           405-557-7234405-557-7234 
YES         D             Rep        Ben  Loring             405-557-7399405-557-7399 
YES         D             Rep        Ben Sherrer          405-557-7364405-557-7364 
YES         R             Senator   Stephanie Bice        405-557-7531405-557-7531 
YES         R             Senator   Brian   Bingman              405-557-7422405-557-7422 
YES         R             Rep        Bobby Cleveland         405-557-7308405-557-7308 
YES         R             Senator   Larry Boggs    529A
YES         R             Senator   Josh Brecheen            428B
YES         D             Rep        Brian Renegar      405-557-7381405-557-7381 
YES         R             Senator  Corey Brooks  529B
YES         R             Senator   Bill Brown     405-557-7412405-557-7412 
YES         R             Rep        William Murdoch       405-557-7384405-557-7384 
YES         R             Rep        Chad Caldwell     405-557-7317405-557-7317 
YES         R             Rep        Charles McCall     405-557-7412405-557-7412 
YES         R             Rep        Charles Ortega    405-557-7369405-557-7369 
YES         R             Rep        Chris Kannady     405-557-7337405-557-7337 
YES         D             Rep        Chuck Hoskin      405-557-7319405-557-7319 
YES         R             Rep        Chuck Strohm     405-557-7331405-557-7331 
YES         D             Rep        Claudia  Griffith       405-557-7386405-557-7386 
YES         R             Senator   Brian Crain      417B
YES         D             Rep        Cyndi Munson     405-557-7392405-557-7392 
YES         R             Senator   Nathan Dahm    405-557-7534405-557-7534 
YES         R             Rep        Dan Kirby                 405-557-7356405-557-7356 
YES         R             Rep        David Brumbaugh   405-557-7347405-557-7347 
YES         R             Rep        David Derby         405-557-7377405-557-7377 
YES         D             Rep        David Perryman   DAVID.PERRYMAN@OKHOUSE.GOV      405-557-7401405-557-7401 
YES         R             Senator   Kim David       417C
YES         R             Rep        Dennis Casey       405-557-7344405-557-7344 
YES         D             Rep        Donnie Condit     405-557-7376405-557-7376 
YES         D             Senator   J.J. Dossett 521A
YES         R             Rep        Doug Cox                   405-557-7415405-557-7415 
YES         R             Rep        Dustin Roberts    405-557-7366405-557-7366 
YES         R             Rep        Earl Sears                 405-557-7358405-557-7358 
YES         D             Rep        Ed Cannaday        405-557-7375405-557-7375 
YES         R             Rep        Elise Hall                     405-557-7403405-557-7403 
YES         D             Rep        Eric Proctor          405-557-7410405-557-7410 
YES         R             Senator   Eddie Fields     405-557-7530405-557-7530 
YES         D             Senator   Kay Floyd         522A
YES         R             Senator   John Ford         424A
YES         R             Senator   Jack Fry                413A
YES         R             Rep        Gary Banz                 405-557-7395405-557-7395 
YES         R             Rep        George E. Faught    405-557-7310405-557-7310 
YES         D             Rep        George Young     405-557-7393405-557-7393 
YES         R             Rep        Glen Mulready    405-557-7340405-557-7340 
YES         R             Senator    Ann "A.J." Griffin       428B
YES         R             Rep        Harold Wright      405-557-7325405-557-7325 
YES         R             Senator  David Holt         405-557-7423405-557-7423 
YES         R             Rep        Jadine Nollan       405-557-7390405-557-7390 
YES         R             Rep        James Leewright    405-557-7353405-557-7353 
YES         D             Rep        James Lockhart   405-557-7413405-557-7413 
YES         R             Rep        Jason W. Murphey 405-557-7350405-557-7350 
YES         R             Rep        Jason Nelson       405-557-7335405-557-7335 
YES         R             Senator   Darcy Jech        528A
YES         R             Rep        Jeff Coody            405-557-7307405-557-7307 
YES         D             Rep        Jerry Shoemake  405-557-7373405-557-7373 
YES         R             Rep        John R. Bennett      405-557-7315405-557-7315 
YES         R             Rep        John T. Enns             405-557-7321405-557-7321 
YES         R             Rep   John Michael Montgomery  405-557-7374405-557-7374 
YES         R             Rep        John Pfeiffer       405-557-7332405-557-7332 
YES         D             Rep        Johnny Tadlock   405-557-7363405-557-7363 
YES         R             Senator    Clark Jolley     405-557-7537405-557-7537 
YES         R             Rep        Jon Echols             405-557-7248405-557-7248 
YES         R             Rep        Josh Cockroft       405-557-7349405-557-7349 
YES         R             Senator   Ron  Justice   405-557-7526405-557-7526 
YES         R             Rep        Justin Freeland Wood 405-557-7345 
YES         R             Rep        Jeff Hickman           405-557-7339405-557-7339 
YES         R             Rep        Katie Henke         405-557-7361405-557-7361 
YES         R             Rep        Ken Walker           405-557-7359405-557-7359 
YES         R             Rep        Kevin Calvey        405-557-7357405-557-7357 
YES         R             Rep        Kevin Wallace      405-557-7368405-557-7368 
YES         R             Rep        Lee Denney           405-557-7408405-557-7408 
YES         R             Rep        Leslie Osborn       405-557-7333405-557-7333 
YES         R             Rep        Lewis H. Moore        405-557-7400405-557-7400 
YES         R             Rep        Lisa Billy       405-557-7365405-557-7365 
YES         R             Senator    Kyle Loveless                405-557-7237405-557-7237 
YES         R             Rep        Marian Cooksey   405-557-7342405-557-7342 
YES         R             Rep        Mark Paul Lepak           405-557-7380405-557-7380 
YES         R             Rep        Mark McBride     405-557-7346405-557-7346 
YES         R             Senator   Bryce Marlatt 405-557-7427405-557-7427 
YES         R             Senator   Mike  Mazzei  405-557-7424405-557-7424 
YES         R             Rep        Michael Rogers   405-557-7362405-557-7362 
YES         R             Rep        Mike Christian     405-557-7371405-557-7371 
YES         R             Rep        Mike Ritze              405-557-7338405-557-7338 
YES         R             Rep        Mike Sanders      405-557-7407405-557-7407 
YES         D             Rep        Mike Brown          405-557-7408405-557-7408 
YES         D             Rep        Mike Shelton        405-557-7367405-557-7367 
YES         R             Senator  Dan Newberry            405-557-7234405-557-7234 
YES         R             Rep        Pam Peterson      405-557-7341405-557-7341 
YES         R             Rep        Pat Ownbey         405-557-7326405-557-7326 
YES         R             Rep        Paul Wesselhoft 405-557-7343405-557-7343 
YES         D             Senator   Anastasia Pittman     405-557-7518 
YES         R             Senator   Marty Quinn    528B
YES         R             Rep        Randy Grau           405-557-7360405-557-7360 
YES         R             Rep        Randy McDaniel 405-557-7409405-557-7409 
YES         D             Rep        R.C. Pruett 405-557-7382405-557-7382 
YES         R             Rep        Sally Kern                 405-557-7348405-557-7348 
YES         R             Senator    Mike  Schulz    405-557-7418405-557-7418 
YES         R             Rep        Scooter Park       405-557-7305405-557-7305 
YES         R                             Scott Biggs            405-557-7405405-557-7405 
YES         D             Rep        Scott Inman         405-557-7370405-557-7370 
YES         R             Rep        Scott Martin         405-557-7329405-557-7329 
YES         R             Rep        Sean Roberts       405-557-7322405-557-7322
YES         D             Rep        Seneca Scott        405-557-7391405-557-7391
YES         D             Rep        Shane Stone        405-557-7397405-557-7397
YES         R             Senator   Ron  Sharp     405-557-7529405-557-7529
YES         R             Senator   Ralph Shortey                527A
YES         R             Senator   Joseph Silk          405-557-7536405-557-7536
YES         R             Senator   Frank Simpson               405-557-7414405-557-7414
YES         R             Senator    Jason Smalley 405-557-7416405-557-7416
YES         R             Senator    Rob Standridge          417A
YES         R             Senator    Gary Stanislawski           427A
YES         D             Rep        Steve Kouplen    405-557-7306405-557-7306
YES         R             Rep        Steven E. Vaughan   405-557-7355405-557-7355
YES         R             Senator   Anthony Sykes     405-557-7426405-557-7426
YES         R             Senator    Roger Thompson              527B
YES         R             Rep        Todd Russ               405-557-7312405-557-7312
YES         R             Rep        Todd Thomsen    405-557-7336405-557-7336
YES         R             Rep        Tom Newell          405-557-7372405-557-7372
YES         R             Rep        Tommy C.  Hardin      405-557-7383405-557-7383
YES         R             Rep        Travis Dunlap       405-557-7402405-557-7402
YES         R             Senator   Greg Treat      405-557-7427405-557-7427
YES         D             Rep        Wade Rousselot        405-557-7388405-557-7388
YES         R             Rep        Weldon Watson      405-557-7330405-557-7330
YES         D             Rep        William T. "Will" Fourkiller 405-557-7394
YES         D             Senator    Charles Wyrick   405-557-7523405-557-7523
GROUP 1:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
GROUP 2:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
GROUP 3:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Why Article 5 Conventions are Dangerous

We have always been on record against the Con Con attempts, the so called Article 5 conventions.  We understand how they are attractive to the ignorant and ill informed, they are a silver bullet approach, sold as one thing that can be done without a lot of work or effort on the citizens part.  But a Con Con is also dangerous as hell and we would surely lose our 2nd Amendment if a Con Con was held until we turn around the long running programs that have dumbed down the citizenry. 
If a change in our Constitution would work it might be worth the risks but think about it, how much of our Constitution is already being ignored?
Here is a short animated video that outlines what a Con Con is and why it is so dangerous to conservative values and to the Republic.
Lying Ted gets Busted Misrepresenting Trump’s Policy Positions

Last week Rush Limbaugh listed a long list of lies told by Rafael “Ted” Cruz and then played audio sound bites of Trump agreeing or saying exactly the opposite.  The result was the radio audience listening to Ted Cruz lying about point after point and Trump stating his real positions.  One of the criticisms of last resort by Cruz supporters is that Trump is too “vague” and hasn’t stated any of his positions on the issues.
Then Trump came out with a list of his policy stances and I challenge anyone to read the individual stances and find major problems.  His policy on the 2nd Amendment alone shows that Trump understands or has advisors that understand the true meaning of the Constitution and that our rights flow from the Creator and not from the Constitution.  I’ve said all along that Trump is smart enough and willing to hire the best advisors in the country and will look at issues as a businessman and answer three questions: do the people support it,  does it make sense, is it sustainable, and is it needed.
The Man that Brought REAL ID to Oklahoma

Last week we wrote about how the Real ID act had been blocked by 26 states so far, Oklahoma being among them, with legislation passed that made the sharing of driver data with other states and foreign governments illegal.   SB 1362 was being pushed by Leslie Osborn at the time after Rep. Mike Christian listened to reason and dropped his support for the legislation.  There was talk of another bill that provided a religious exemption for the REAL ID bill and it had some good co authors and a lot of support from the grassroots.  That was SB 683 and it turned out to be a Trojan horse being pushed by a traitor to Oklahoma values, the Republican Party, and to grassroots activists.

Rep Jon Echols turned out to be the one pushing the Real ID legislation.  After we gave a public political beating to Rep. Leslie Osborn she was said to have told Echols “Thanks for getting me beat up by the Tea Party” after she dropped her support for SB 1362.  That bill has died, as it didn’t receive a hearing before the deadline last Thursday.   What we didn’t know was that SB 683 had a single line that gutted the state prohibition against participating in Real ID.  SB 683 had 24 lines of text describing the religious exemption to REAL ID but it had a two line section #2 that simply said this:   47 O.S. 2011, Section 6-110.3, is hereby repealed.
Now few if any legislators will know what that section is but Section 6-110.3 is the section of existing law that makes REAL ID illegal.  Grassroots activists were tracking SB 683 and supporting it, I happened to see a post about it and managed to watch the last portion of the question and answer period on the House floor on a live internet feed.   The vote was 86 to 1 with 14 excused or absent.  One of the immediate questions posted was who was the one vote that didn’t support the religious exemption?
It turned out to be Rep. John Bennett, one of our conservative heroes in the House and I wondered what he found objectionable about the legislation and later asked him about it.  Turns out he was one of the few, if not the only one, that read the bill before voting on it.  Bennett asked fellow legislators about it, saying that it implemented REAL ID but couldn’t generate any interest.  So he voted no, standing against the tide, but it turned out to be the only good vote cast.
Now SB 683 has been sent to Conference Committee where a handful of House members and Senators chosen by House and Senate leadership will iron out any differences and submit the bill to another House and Senate vote.    The bill doesn’t need defeated, it needs amended, to strike section two that repeals the Oklahoma law that makes REAL ID illegal.  Leave Section 1, strike Section 2, and put it back through Conference Committee and we will see if the legislators are truly interested in having a religious exemption or are they simply passing REAL ID right under our noses and counting on an exemption that might not survive judicial review. 
If this bill is not amended then the House floor vote on Thursday will be on the 2016 RINO Index.  If the bill goes up for amendment we will choose that vote for the Index assuming it passes the House and Senate.  All the legislators need to remember that this is an election year where insurgent candidates are winning and do they really want to be known as the politician that implemented REAL ID on the citizens and broke ranks with conservatives in 25 other states that have held the line.
Corruption Runs Deep in Creek County
By the Watchman
Sometimes a lead on a story will come from an unusual place. This is one of those stories. We first became aware of this story from this post on facebook (86) Alliance of Independent and Rural Oklahomans. After reading it we decided it was worth looking into just to see if there was anything to the case as stated. A review of court records proved fruitless. We did verify that the individual in question was on parole for embezzlement from the Federal Parole System. Missing was the arrest for the stolen AR-15 and sight and the possession of numerous weapons by a convicted felon. That left us suspicious enough to look a little deeper. We and the citizens of Creek County and the State of Oklahoma should be glad we did. There is a decade’s long history of corruption in both the Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney’s office that we will only touch the surface of here. Certain judges seem to feel that they are above the law and act accordingly. The legal system in Creek County offers Justice only to those who can pay for it.
We first took a look at the judge mentioned in the article above. The first item of interest we found was this Joe Sam Vassar - Ballotpedia. This tells us that the Judge was re-elected un-opposed in 2010 and 2014. Maybe that has given him a feeling of invincibility. This is a feeling of power that no elected official should ever have. It often proves to be a fatal flaw to their career.
The next article of interest we found was this Judge Vassar man of few words - Tulsa World: Legalnewsfeatures. What makes this interesting is the quote contained in the article in part “I always hope that I will be remembered as a lawyer….” He made that statement as he was receiving an award from his associates. The only question we have is will he be remembered as an honest, impartial judge or not? We think not.
The next article of interest we found was this "The Robing Room: OK State Judges. Although it fell short of actually rating the Judge in individual subjects, the comment section proved to be much more revealing. Those comments ranged from being a nice guy, but known as the smiling assassin in 2008, to an elderly first time offender saying he’s very nice to appear before. He put him at ease in 2012 to he is nothing more than an extension of the state in 2013. We would say this is an indication of extreme moodiness and stress.
The next article of interest we found was this Judge gives killer additional life sentence - - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports - |. This article left us a little dumbfounded. We were unable to determine what the judge meant when he said a man serving a sentence of life without parole and an additional sentence of life for the rape and murder of a 12 year old little girl would be out of prison in about 55 years. Is there something about life without parole that the people of Oklahoma aren’t being told? We believe the Judge needs to address this statement.
The next article of interest we found was this Judge rules on text messages in drug court case | News | Now it is important that this link be opened and read. This is the first real evidence of a softness towards those in the legal profession we see where the Judge has made a ruling. He’ll call it judicial discretion but most people would call it judicial bias.
The next article of interest we found was this Oklahoma judge indicted twice by state grand jury | News OK. This is a first case where Judge Vassar has ruled in favor of a fellow Judge. Once again a clear demonstration on Judicial Bias.
The next article of interest we found was this "STATE OF OKLAHOMA vs. ABRAM, KERRI LYNN " (CF-2015-00029) | On Demand Court Records. We wanted to show you what a case against an ordinary citizen looked like in Judge Vassar’s court. We abhor the abuse of any animals and feel that the defendant got off light, but he does have a felony conviction on his record.
The next article of interest we found was this DA takes case to Supremes – The Bigheart Times, Osage County's Weekly Newspaper. From what the District Attorney of Pawnee County is saying it warrants an investigation into the drug arrest in the county to see if in fact a Drug Court is warranted, or if this is just a Judge making a job for a long time former employee. Either way the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the Oklahoma Drug Enforcement Agency should examine the allegations being made by the District Attorney. After all a multi=county Grand Jury did issue two indictments over this issue.
The next article of interest we found was this Committee on Judicial Elections. We find that it is completely inappropriate for a sitting judge with so much turmoil around him at this time to be sitting on this board. How can a Judge who has demonstrated clear bias to those in the legal profession are counted on to select honest people to run for office as District Court Judge.  Judge Vassar should resign from this post or the Oklahoma Bar Association should remove him from this post immediately. If they refuse, action by the Governor should be taken.
The next article of interest we found was this Case Against Tulsa Judge Dropped | What is it with judges in Eastern Oklahoma who like to expose themselves. This case was dismissed without prejudice meaning it can be re-filed at a later date. Once again Judge Vassar was presiding judge.
The next article of interest we found was this STATE v. MARCUM :: 2014 :: Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Decisions :: Oklahoma Case Law :: Oklahoma Law :: U.S. Law :: Ju. This is another link you should open and read. It’s long, but it will give you more than the reason that Judge Vassar’s ruling on the text messages mentioned earlier was reversed, it will also tell you why our federal authorities are getting away with it on a daily basis. This is all the more reason stronger privacy laws are needed. This is why you need to stay on the back of your Senators and Representatives to protect your rights.
The next article of interest we found was this District Attorneys Council - Max Cook. It’s just one page and he appears to be the current District Attorney for Creek and Okfuskee Counties. The man’s has a job and a half on his hands and we are about to show you a few examples why.
The next article of interest we found was this Former Creek County Sheriff's Office Investigator Charged With E - - Tulsa, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports -. This is another link that is well worth opening and reading. A long time criminal investigator for the Creek County Sheriff’s Office managed to embezzle almost $9,000.00 from the property safe over a several year period. The matter only came to light when the Sheriff’s Office was scheduled to relocate and the Sheriff ordered an inventory of the safe. It seems this investigator that was arrested was the only one that had the key. That sure seems like a strange way to run a property room.
This next article really takes the cake STATE OKLAHOMA BAR ASS v. ERICKSON | FindLaw. This is a case that the Oklahoma Bar Association took disciplinary action against a Tulsa Attorney for allegedly attempting to bribe an Assistant District Attorney. We read the transcript and interpreted to indicate that the attorney’s in question were just joking. That the attorney attempted his best that it was not to be done especially with the OSBI investigating the office at that time and that the Attorney he had joked with wasn’t even on the case. We also noted that no such action was taken against the Deputy District Attorney.
The next article of interest we found was this DA investigator arrested | Tulsa Today. This is an indication of some deep rooted instability within the District Attorney’s Investigators office. This was a man who was an armed officer who was very volatile. Protective Orders generally prohibit a person from being able to possess a handgun. On the night in question, this individual even threatened to shoot the police and chop his wife up in a wood chopper.
The next article of interest we found was this OKC attorney wanted for probation violation after positive alcohol test | News OK. We can’t help but wonder if a little judicial bias went in to the initial sentencing of this attorney to begin with. Most people on a first offense would find themselves in DUI School, a fine, restitution and community service. This guy got probation and he violated it in the most horrendous way. We can only hope that the judge declared a mistrial in the case and allowed the defendant enough time to bring a new attorney up to speed.
From what we have discovered the legal and judicial system in Creek County is broken. You have a Senior Judge inserting himself in a case that has federal implications and federal parole violations. No records of the arrest are available on line. The county is running amuck. The time for correction and honest law enforcement has come. It is now time for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and  the Federal Bureau of Investigation initiate a complete and total lockdown of the law enforcement and judicial system in Creek County. It’s time for the Oklahoma State Attorney General to appoint special prosecutors to review and prosecute, if necessary any outstanding cases within the county. It’s time to bring this criminal empire to an end.