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Dear Refirement members,

Time is one thing that seems to tick by so much quicker as we age. It is already almost halfway through February. There is a saying that says, “time waits for no-one”. This is true around managing our lives and ensuring that we know what we want to achieve, have some goals, action plans and then take the first step.

This past month as I have watched the Virtual Care Summit I have understood that we need to talk more about longevity and less about aging. Longevity is about all of life and aging is about the end of life. How our life ends often is related to how we have lived our life. I know I want to “live long and die short”- God willing. What about you?

What decisions are you making? Do you understand the new longevity landscape and how it impacts your life? Will this be a legacy season? Do you need to work to allow your investments to grow? What kind of work can you do? Local or global?

These are all questions that come up in our courses and certainly will help you make some decisions, say YES and live a life of legacy.

Enjoy this newsletter, articles and sign up for one of our events.

Warm Regards

Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network.
Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.



Saying “yes” opened a whole new world to me

I love the internet, connections and the way in which this allows new connections in our lives. Over the last few months I have been introduced to Pia. Pia lives in Sweden but loves South Africa. In this article she shares about turning 50 in South Africa and saying YES. Read More.

The Power of Time

The Power of Time is an article about managing all this time we now have when we retire. I listened to a valuable podcast in December and this helped me to write this article about how to manage this new season we have been gifted with. There are some great lessons for those still in the workplace as well. Read More.

Design your legacy season 50+ for women

This past month we held our first Legacy Season Workshop for Women 50+. It was a day filled with laughter, tears and reflection. A time to meet new people, learn and start the process of creating this new season. I will be doing the same workshop in Johannesburg on 16th March. Please see details here

Finding Passion, Purpose and a
Pay Cheque 50+

We have just started the February Online Course called Finding Passion, Purpose and a Pay Cheque 50+. The dates for March are every Monday from 19h00 to 20h00. Why not sign up and take the plunge of designing your next season of work? Read more.



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