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Dear Refirement Members

It has been a month of celebration for me. I have spent two weeks down in the beautiful Cape working and playing. That is what I love about the choices I have made for myself in this season.

I ran two successful workshops in Hermanus and Cape Town. It is such a privilege to engage with individuals grappling with their next season.

I also had the opportunity to celebrate the 60 th year celebrations with my classmates from high school. We all turn 60 this year and felt this was a good reason to connect face to face and celebrate this milestone.

My main article this month talks about life as a tragedy or a legacy. We all have choices to make and the sooner we face ourselves in the mirror the better. Included as well is a podcast I did for Radio Today on older workers and working virtually.

The second article talks to ten options to look at work-wise in this season. Remember to join us for one of our Cavern events in August and October

Have a great month

Lynda Smith
Founder of Refirement Network. Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist.

Celebrating life and friendship

Some insights from my talented school friend, Maricha on celebrating life and friendship as we turn 60. In the end relationships are a key intangible that brings joy, memories and laughter into our lives.

Read this article here:




Will your life be a tragedy or a legacy?

As I engage with more and more people I understand that we all are grappling with life challenges as we age. The secret is taking responsibility and control around your future choices in spite of what life challenges you may have had to date. This article will help you see your life as a legacy not a tragedy. Read full article here

Radio Today Podcast (older workers and working virtually)

I had the privilege of speaking on Radio Today last week about older workers and working virtually. This is a great advantage for many of us but we do need to understand what this means and learn some new skills to engage. The workplace also needs to do some re-thinking around how older workers engage at work. - Listen to the podcast here

Top Ten Ideas for work 50+

I am starting a new series this month with lists of ten ideas that may help you as you transition from formal work into second careers. Feel free to connect and chat about coaching around this to enable you to find your best fit for the next season. Read full article here.

Two day getaway and retreat
Join us in either August or October at The Cavern in the Drakensberg to enjoy quality time with like-minded people learning, engaging and having fun.

August : Two night getaway with other travellers 50+

October : Two day Christian retreat for women 50+



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