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December 2018
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NEWS - Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland
Wildlife Education in University College Dublin

Students learn about wildlife first aid 
WRI were delighted to be invited for a fourth year running, to provide practical and theory sessions on wildlife first aid and treatment, to UCD veterinary and veterinary nursing students.
Instructors Kieran Corry and Bev Panto found the students a pleasure to teach - enthusiastic, interested and keen to participate.

Some feedback from the students:
I would like wildlife to be part of the curriculum because:
"they are animals and our profession is to care for ALL animals"
"it's common for wildlife to be brought in by the public so beneficial to know appropriate handling and care techniques"
WRI's Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation Courses

All course dates for 2019 announced! 
This 'Introduction to Wildlife Rehabilitation' course focuses on the theory and practice of wildlife rehabilitation. Topics include: the legal and ethical issues regarding wildlife rehabilitation; safe rescue and handling; how to perform a physical examination; first aid and common ailments; what to feed wildlife; how to house them; zoonotic diseases; and release considerations. The highlight for most attendees - the practical sessions!! (on cadavers), include: capture and handling; physical examinations; injections; tube feeding; bandaging; etc..  The course is open to anyone - regardless of your wildlife experience.
Credits: 22 CVE credits
Venue: Ashbourne, Co Meath
 NEWS - General
People's Manifesto for Wildlife

Practical steps we can all take to help halt destruction of species and habitats
The People's Manifesto for Wildlife has been drawn up by the naturalist Chris Packham, with the aid of 17 independent experts and scientists. They warned that people are sleepwalking into an “ecological apocalypse”, but said everyone could take practical steps themselves, and campaign for broader measures that could yet avert the wholesale destruction of species and habitats. Read Article

Wildlife Crime Prosecution: NPWS
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Criminals are making a killing on birds that go for more than a song
The illegal trapping of goldfinches is on the rise, with criminals eager to cash in.
In July two men were convicted in Portlaoise district court after being found with 22 wild goldfinches, tubes of banned rat glue and other devices for trapping birds after a two-month investigation led by Kieran Buckley, National Parks and Wildlife Service Conservation Ranger (NPWS CR).
Kieran said that the birds had a price on their heads which was fuelling a criminal trade.   Read full article in The Times
Wildlife Crime Prosecution: NPWS

Traps seized by NPWS

Man prosecuted in Limerick for possession of 26 animal traps
Congratulations AGAIN to Kieran Buckley, NPWS CR, for the prosecution of a man at Newcastle West District Court, Co Limerick on the 4th Dec, for the possession and offering for sale of 26 leghold traps at a poultry market at Portlaoise Equestrian Centre.These barbaric, completely indiscriminate traps, nine of which had serrated edges, are prohibited under the Wildlife Act.   Read full article in the Green News

RSPB's Wildlife Crime Investigations Newsletter

Winter edition of wildlife crime cases and prosecutions
Legal Eagle magazine showcasing how wildlife crime is being tackled in the UK and beyond. Articles include; Owl killer caught in the act, Finch trapping banned in Malta, Nations gather to address illegal wildlife trade.  Read the December Legal Eagle

Irish Raptor Study Group Conference 2019
Learn more about Birds of Prey

This is a one day conference that is open to all, you don't have to be an member. The conference will provide an update on some of the latest Bird of Prey research from within Ireland and the UK. It's a chance to meet other Bird of Prey enthusiasts.
Date: 26th January 2019
Venue: The Green Isle Hotel, Dublin
And Finally..
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Did you know

Researchers are experimenting with sterilized fish skin as bandages. The normally discarded skin of the tilapia fish is now being used to treat both human and animal burn victims. It can stay on for days or weeks at timeand it's safe if ingested!
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