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SPECIAL EDITION for Emotions Whisperers


“And so the concept is this: if you’re sick,
it’s a symptom to let you know that you’re
not living in harmony in the world in which
you’re in.” ― Dr. Bruce Lipton

Apologies for this extra email, but I couldn't
wait to share this news!
FIRST, I just finished watching and HAD TO SHARE
this brilliant Bruce Lipton video link with you.
You'll learn exactly HOW your body's biology is
affected by how you perceive the world.
Even though I'm aware of some of this info,
the way Bruce Lipton presents it all just
fascinated me.  I learned SO MUCH!

                     * * * * *
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 ===> TIP:  We feed, wash and care for our
bodies each day.
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Wishing you and yours a lifetime of
wellness, love, harmony, and joy!
Colleen Flanagan, "The Emotions Whisperer"
Your Peace is My Priority!
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
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