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National Spay and Neuter Month
Dec. 10: International Animal Rights Day
Dec. 15: Cat Herders' Day
(The phrase "herding cats" comes from the common saying that something involving coordination of many different groups of people is as difficult as herding cats.)
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Dec. 7, 2017
 Information About Pet Food For the Holidays
Holidays often bring so-called "holiday foods" to the table and our pets are only too willing to share some of it. Especially if we feel generous and want to include them in the festivities. Much of this special cuisine can be toxic, or even dangerous for them. However, all is not lost. There are human foods that are safe to share:
Make your own cat food at home (from the Two Crazy Cat Ladies)

Dry Food can lead to increased risk for diabetes
Are you planning to put up a tree this year?
Humorous and heartwarming:

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