NEWS & ADVENTURES of a mama musician artist | August 2017
~ The Amanda West Newsletter ~
Dear Ones,
Happy August! I am celebrating some things I wanted to share with you.
#1 "The Art of Song” musical summer camp went SO well last week. I was blessed with a wonderful group of kids who were all amazingly creative and supportive with one another. Getting to be outdoors, talking about songwriting, musical inspiration and the art of listening was one of my favorite parts of summer yet!
#2 Our show at the lovely listening room, Lille Aeske was also wonderful, with some fun live radio interviews leading up to it. Many thanks to the folks at KPIG radio in Freedom, (Sleepy John Sandige!) and KBCZ in Boulder Creek for hosting us. Sarah & James, the owners of Lille Aseke were the most gracious of hosts, and if you haven’t yet checked out this venue, you really should! I can't say enough nice things about it. 
Pete & I hadn’t done a full concert like that in a while and it was heartening to notice just how much shared history we have by now along this journey of music and parenthood. The show was also live-streamed and we had as many people watching online at home as we did at the show itself! We are looking forward to doing more live-streamed shows in the near future, so stay tuned!
# 3 In just a few days time we leave to journey northward on our Solar Eclipse Tour which will have one epic concert we are calling “The Totality House Concert”, in Corvallis, Oregon. As a total solar eclipse calls for a unique and cosmic alignment of celestial bodies, so too is this house concert and tour. I will explain more in future newsletters. If you’d like to learn more about solar eclipses, there's a great link HERE.
Meanwhile, if you, or friends of yours will be in Corvallis for the eclipse, we do hope you will join us for this concert! (Pass this newsletter along to your friends!) Please RSVP for concert details & directions to Greg & Maria:
And so the road of life continues through learning, illness, birth, loss, joy, age, change, beauty and all the incredible fullness of the human experience!
May you keep your eyes, ears and heart open ~ the music is always all around us!
with love & song,
~ Amanda
p.s.  I'm on social media too! Come find me :-)
~  U P C O M I N G  E V E N T S   ~

Saturday August 19th @ 6pm 
Totality House Concert
Greg & Maria's | Corvallis, Oregon
more details
Please join us in Corvallis, OR for "Totality Weekend"
celebrating the rare total solar eclipse.
In honor of this celestial alignment, we'll be offering 
an intimate evening of original songs, storytelling and singing.
Saturday September 16th @ 8:30am 
"If you can talk you can sing" ~
a hands-on musical workshop for toddler teachers
First 5 Offices |1309 Market St. Suite 1125, San Fransisco, CA  

Monday September 18th @ 7pm 
Womb Song ~ Fall Equinox Circle
birth-centered singing circles for women
1307 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz, CA
for all the details please visit
Private Lessons in Voice, Guitar & Songwriting
Falll Sessions Available
Grandview Studios in Felton, and Sylvan Music in Santa Cruz
Specializing in work with girls and women. More details:

Amanda West 
~ Grounding Connection Through Music  ~
PO Box 7345 | Santa Cruz CA 95061