The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers

The Plough, Killingworth
Hash R*n 1333
Hares – Matte Finish and Pop
It was a wet and windy night, when hashers met at The Plough in Killingworth for Matte Finish's virgin hare.
A gentle reminder from Pop brought Walkers out in droves, so much so that R*nners were vastly outnumbered. Although the start line was delayed due to  the  pre agreed imminent arrival of a lesser spotted Pimp, and a late changing hasher, eventual impatience won through and at long last a very select group ran out into the rain following fast disappearing flour. 
It was a hash that every runner dreams of,  when every runner achieves not one but at least 2 frb's,  a double Morley, beer stop, and a shortcut. Pop the running hare,  had  sportingly set a dastardly trail that was so long that we were only half way round by 8.05. The hare had overestimated our mph by a country mile. 
At the beer stop, the hare was slightly agitated by the lack off Walkerage and Pimpage  in the vicinity.  Concluding all must be lost,  the hash ( rather damp by this point)  took the unanimous decision to bugger off back to the pub as quickly as possible, missing out a delightful section of wet dark lakeside paths for dry clothes and beer.
Back at the pub, a lately discovered rather distressed Pimp retold his tale of travelling woe to the pub, a dark tale of over running parents evenings, trails that ran out before they started and misdirection by enchanted  signposts but that story is for another day.
Reunited at last,  the walkers were applauded for following the running trail and not just their own walking trail before all headed pub ward to congratulate the hares on a magnificent run/ walk. Well done for another cracking route.
Stats and special notices

Dolphins - 0 Hounds - 2
Shiggy - Spotted
Latecomers - 1
Crossword King - Pimp
Crossword apprentices - Grasshopper and Touch and Go
Diners - 2
Weather - Moist
Competitive runner - 1
Walkers v runners - walkers win hands down


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