Happy New Year, friends!
I hope you all have a happy and magical 2010!  Last year was quite an exciting year for me, musically. It was the first year of my life as a performing musician — I logged over 40 gigs in 2009, a new CD, lots of radio play….things that would have been unthinkable for me a few years ago. I have always loved playing back-up in bands, but as for being the front guy and singing songs that I wrote, that was terrifying! And now I love it. I have so many friends, family and fellow musicians to thank for the support and love without which it would not have been possible to overcome my stage-fright and do something that stirs my soul!
The funny thing is, once the fear of performing turned into the love of performing, it inspired me to look at some other aspects of my life where I have let my fears drive the bus — aspects where I have shortchanged myself and the people I care about. I am still working on that one. I will let you know when I get it perfect….but don’t hold your breath!
So I am looking forward to a cross-country tour in 2010, more gigs, more collaboration with my fellow musicians and songwriters — maybe even starting another CD. I am working on my ‘music mission statement’ — which I realize is becoming my life mission statement, just expressed through music. It isn’t done yet, but let’s just say I hope I can inspire others to reach for those things that make them come alive.  Thank you so much for your support!
Bless you all.
Peace and Joy,
Upcoming Steve Meckfessel concerts...
I have several shows coming up in the next couple weeks — one at First Street Café in Benicia which is one of my favorite haunts, and I am really looking forward to my first performances at the Davenport Roadhouse.  Hope to see you at one of the shows!  Bring your family, your friends -- and the pink slip to your car.  (Okay, you can leave your pink slip behind...)  Wink   Here are the concert details...
Friday, JANUARY 15th, 8pm to 11pm, FIRST STREET CAFÉ, Benicia
Back again at one of my very favorite venues, in downtown Historic Benicia. We will have a few new songs for you! Come on over and have dinner at the cozy restaurant downstairs or just come up directly to the wonderful upstairs café/venue (serving wine, beer, coffee, tea, small plates and desserts). This venue has a wonderful, homey vibe! I will have the usual list of suspects playing with me:  co-writer Bob Hahn on harmonica, Julie Baker on harmony and Paul Fifield on bass. Maybe there will be a surprise guest performer as well. Come and have dinner, come upstairs, settle in with a cup or a glass, take your shoes off, and enjoy some homemade tunes and favorite covers.
440 First Street Benicia
Saturday, JANUARY 16th, 6pm to 9pm, DAVENPORT ROADHOUSE, Davenport, CA
This is my first appearance at this beautiful restaurant/inn, located 100 yards from the ocean on Highway 1.  Nestled in an artist colony 11 miles north of Santa Cruz, the Roadhouse provides great food, beverages and accommodations. I am really looking forward to playing at this place I have heard so much about! Again, I will be accompanied by some or all of the usual cast of characters, and, as always, there will be a surprise visitor or two!
Tuesday, JANUARY 19th, 6pm to 9pm, DAVENPORT ROADHOUSE, Davenport, CA
Back again at the Roadhouse!  I guess my first gig on Saturday is going to be so special that they are asking me back already….even before I have performed there!
1 Davenport Avenue
Steve Meckfessel  •  Alameda, CA