The Weekly Hash Headlines from Newcastle Hash House Harriers

Hash 1360
The George Stephenson, West Moor,
Todays headlines
  • Man and dog meet lamppost with near disastrous result
  • Swans fail to break anyone's arm
  • Local youth greet newcomers in traditional Killingworth style
  • Impromptu beer stop a success
  • Latecomer enjoys following back marking hare
Hashers were greeted by a cheery couple of hares in the car park on Wednesday evening. The evenings frivolities were soon set in motion as the hare distilled the long and detailed run down of the evenings trail into 3 crisp words - "It's that way".
The quivering pack, taking their lead from the ever keen Tripwire Hound, sniffed the air and headed over the road and straight into the nearest industrial park. The hare, mysteriously devoid of flour ran behind, demonstrating the use of chalk as a modern, lightweight alternative to flour. (Would be hares be warned, this only works on shiggy free trails.)
Heading towards Killingworth Pond, the hash were thrown into instant confusion as at each possible route,multiple morleys appeared. Having never come across this form of low cunning the pack ran back to the hare who had a good laugh at everyone's expense told them to keep checking until they eventually worked out the correct route.
Narrowly avoiding a game of watery battleships, the pack fought off an attack of angry swans, before finding sanctuary in the woods. Heading through what would become the first of many tunnels, the hash headed down towards Killingworth Village, with widdlers stopping for a inconspicuous widdle (oblivious of the fact that a yellow t-shirt does not an inconspicuous hasher make).  Billy Whizz II at the front of the pack, then encountered some of what passes for local banter with a few inhabitants in the woods. 
Passing a local hostelry the hash stopped for an impromptu beer stop and were joined by a latecomer who appeared only by degrees through the foliage after suffering a rather unhappy adventure to reach the pack.  After listening to his tale of woe, the hash headed down through Killingworth Village and back to the pub. 
After a raucous circle, where the RA was joined by an enthusiastic apple juice drinking hash grandchild, and a bollocking from the pub they adjourned for further beers and yearned about ultra marathons, hashers of the past, pokemon and moths. 
Thanks once again to the hares for a lovely run, 
 Stats and Special Notices
Widdlers 1
Beer stop 1
Hash grandchild - 1 
Morleys - 3
Tunnels - 6 
Swans - many
Hash hounds - 1
Model boats
Unhappy Late arrivals
Hash Colours - Pink, blue and yellow (Brown T-shirt failed to get the memo) 
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