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May 28th 20017 Newsletter
A Mixed Bag for the Session
Fallin's Plan for 1.5 Billion in New Taxes
Results in a Half Billion in Taxes and Another
Half Billion in Taxes that will Likely be Struck Down
Time for Some Leadership in the State
Few dispute the fact that Mary Fallin has been a disaster to the state of Oklahoma. Her legacy is that of a Democrat, with higher taxes, slashed government efficiencies, bloated government payroll, broken campaign promises, all of which wasn't unexpected of the woman given her abysmal morals and intelligence.
The special interests have done well though so for Fallin and the tall building crowd it has been a good year. For the citizens, not so much. Fallin's Little Lamb, Lt. Gover Todd Lamb has been right there with the wretch and few expect any change should Lamb be elected Governor in 2018. Gary Jones has bumbled around acting like he will run but few expect him to as even Gary knows he isn't Governor materials. The Democrats will have a lineup of hopefuls with zero hope as well.
But there is one that not only has an excellent chance but would also be an excellent governor, former U.S. Prosecutor Gary Richardson.
If you haven't looked into this man you should. I can tell you that he is a man of great character and wisdom, the son of a sharecropper that has done well for himself standing up for the little people in court. He reminds me a lot of Donald Trump in that he can't be bought and he is willing to do what is needed to clean the state out and turn things around.
What has been lacking in Oklahoma is leadership. The House and Senate pass the laws for the special interests who pay them well. Facing a governor that has the best interests of the state in mind they would either find it impossible to rally a veto proof margin or find themselves telling the special interests to be patient and wait things out. What they won't do is out think him or run over him. Richardson has a plan to bring sanity to the Oklahoma budget as he knows we have a spending problem, not a revenue problem.
Moreover Gary Richardon is tough. Many the time we have backed a good man only to see him lose courage or quit in the vicious attacks of the RINOs. Not this man. That much I am sure of. Visit his website and get in touch with his team and let's drive the RINOs out of power in 2018.
Legislative Sessions is Over
RINO Index Time
They certainly gave us enough to work with this session. Even after Trump wiped the Republican RINOs off the map the state House and Senate leadership either wasn't paying attention or was willing to take a hit for those that hired them and the same old special interests that rule the Capitol got most of what they wanted while engaging in a bit of Kabuki theater to fool the masses that something was being cut.
The special interests played their parts and we were bombarded with radio and TV ads that one would think was special interests fighting over the remaining scraps of tax credits, with Barry Switzer getting some work out of the deal.
Leslie Osborn played her bad girl part, taking the heat for McCall while pushing back enough so that McCall could mockingly call her down, hoping the freshmen legislators would fall for the act. But the freshmen didn't fall for the bait and in the end both House and Senate leadership simply chose to lie and cheat, calling a tax a “fee” and passing what is sure to be proven an unconstitutional revenue bill.
They did kick the can down the road. They left a 500 million dollar hole in the budget for fiscal year 2018. The State Constitution states that no revenue bill be passed in the last five days of session and that any bill that raises taxes goes before a vote of the people or gets a three quarters vote in the legislature. Yet a simple 51% majority was used to pass these bills. The cigarette “fee” bill and the car “fee” bill are both revenue raising bills plain and simple. The car bill subjects car purchases, both new and used, to 1.25% sales tax but by claiming they simply removed an exemption House and Senate leadership called it a fee, not a tax.
The difference of course is simple and beyond debate.
A fee is when the payer receives a service from the government, like camping in a state park, driving on a toll road, a wide load permit, or a concealed carry permit, and the fee is used to defray the costs of the extra work or cost to provide the service or permit. These “fees” are usually kept by the agency providing the service.
A tax on the other hand is money that isn't tied directly to the activity and that money can be spent elsewhere in the public.
They will claim that the $1.50 per pack cigarette tax is a fee to pay for stop smoking programs or for medical costs of smokers but both of those budget items are covered by the Tobacco Trust settlement or state medical programs.
The end the result is to put the state Supreme Court in the uncomfortable position of shutting down parts of government and forcing the legislators back in a special session to deal with the illegal legislation.
And it is ratcheting, each year another billion or half billion in new taxes or fees is piled upon Oklahomans. Each year the special interests protect their tax credits or have new ones passed as the old tax credits are retired with much fan fare.
The work on the 2018 RINO Index has already begun and in a few weeks it will be complete and emailed to all of those that ran for office in 2016, posted online, and posted on Facebook pages for every single House and Senate district. 
The 2018 Primary Election begins now for those that have been unfaithful to the Republican Platform.
You are invited to join the Tulsa GOP Men's Club for a special evening with Rev. Rafael Cruz, father of Sen. Ted Cruz.

We have a wonderful evening planned with this dynamic, conservative speaker on June 6th, 2017. This private-ticketed event is $20 which includes dinner.

Buy Your Ticket

The last time Pastor Cruz was here in Tulsa we had over 800 people in attendance. Tickets will go fast so make plans as quickly as possible for we have limited seating.

We will have live music and Congressional candidates have been invited. We look forward to seeing you and be prepared to have a big time livin' on Tulsa Time!

If you have any questions please call Darren Gantz @ 918-638-7430 or Billie Bell @ 918-638-9977.
The Depth of the Depravity that
Republican and Democrat Leadership has Sunk
Can easily be summed up in the rejection of one single bill, HB 405 by Rep. George Faught. This bill, rejected by the House Joint Committee on Appropriations and Budget, had one simple goal; to chop spending on trinkets and promotional items, so called “swag”.
Yeah, it was only $30 million dollars they say, enough for a $500 pay raise for teachers, but it was 3% of the budget short fall and hundreds of other small budget items could also be found. The final committee vote was five to twenty one..
Jon Echols, John Paul Jordan, Jason Murphey, Terry O'Donnell , and Todd Russ
The ones that thought trinkets were more important that sending a message on waste?

Scott Biggs, Chad Caldwell, Dennis Casey, Josh Cockroft , Jason Dunnington, Katie Henke, Scott Inman, Steve Kouplen, Ben Loring, Scott Martin, Charles Ortega, Leslie Osborn, Pat Ownbey, John Pfeiffer , Eric Proctor, Dustin Roberts, Mike Sanders, Earl Sears, Shane Stone, Emily Virgin, Kevin Wallace
By the Watchman
Our state legislature is spending like a bunch of drunk sailors. Most people in America understand the basics of finances. You should never spend more than you can afford. So why is our legislature doing so and doing it in violation of the State Constitution and the blessing of the Governor on top of that. Why hasn’t the Attorney General stepped in and brought this to a halt? What kind of idiocy is ruling our state? This is idiotic.
The first article of interest we found was this Update: House, Senate committees approve $6.9 billion general appropriations bill | Capitol Report | tulsaworld.com. Finally they reach a possible agreement, or did them. Instead of a tobacco tax of $1.50 they changed it to a fee of $1.50. There hope is to avoid the fact that they passed the deadline for revenue raising measures by the chancing of a few words. Most of the legislation being passed with less than the required supermajority that is required by law. We are a nation of laws and a state of laws. Since when did the elected members of our state feel that they had the authority to break the law anytime they felt like it didn’t suit them.
The next article we found was this GOP pivots, moves budget needing only 51 House votes - NonDoc. It appears that they were unable to get the necessary votes required by law to get these measures approved as tax increases. They did a little rewording and all of a sudden they are fees not taxes. You two fools running the House and Senate must think we the people are stupid. Regardless of the label you put on it a fee or a tax is still a tax. It also is a revenue raising measure that is being brought up in the last five days of the session and as such unconstitutional.
The next article of interest we found was this 9 Investigates: Lawmakers Consider Creating Veterans Registry - News9.com - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sport. We can see the need for a program such as this. We can also understand the desire to have such a program in place. What we can’t understand is why come up with some program like this when you can’t even produce a legal budget in the required amount of time. That doesn’t even consider the growth in government and the added expense to the tax payers for such a program. Letting the Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs may be problematic. We are still waiting for the results of the death of the veteran in the Talahina facility.
We aren’t the only ones questioning the legality of the budget bills being passed this week. We found this article The Okie » News9: Questions Continue On Constitutionality Of Remaining Revenue Measures. None of the four items remaining have received the required three quarters approval of each chamber for passage. None was passed prior to the last five legislative days of the year. That makes the passage of any of them unconstitutional. The Oklahoma Council on Public Affairs, a think tank, has already indicated that they have every intention of taking these increases to court once they become law. We support their effort.
Then we found this article MuskogeePolitico.com: State Senate passes $6.8B budget; House vote likely tomorrow. Now this article was dated Wednesday the 24th of May 2017. We have since learned that the House passed its version on Thursday morning. The bills were far different from each other and it did
not receive an immediate vote in the Senate. We may still see a special session held to get a budget completed. Why are they wasting the time on something they know is illegal?
The next article of interest we found was this MuskogeePolitico.com: Gov. Fallin comments on FY2018 Budget Agreement. We find her statement to be a little premature. The House and Senate Minority Leaders both denied that a deal had been reached. This is evident by the drastic and illegal measures they are taking to pass these bills pass the deadline date and without the required three quarters mandatory approval of each chamber. The most troubling part of her statement is that they didn’t finish filling the gap in the budget. They only left it about $400 million dollars short of being closed. Imagine that, $400 million short of filling an imaginary hole to begin with. What a bunch of baffoons.
Now if that wasn’t enough gluttony for you from our overfed lawmakers at the capital we found this article
MuskogeePolitico.com: House Committee rejects bill to cut spending on non-essential trinkets and swag. They are perfectly willing to tax anything and everything you can possibly think of, but they find that giving out the little trinkets to the citizens, mostly lobbyist, who visit their offices can’t be touched. What an asinine thing to do. Every single one of them should lose their seats next election for this reason alone.
The next item we found was the chart below. Will somebody please explain to us why after being told by the state treasurer over the last two years or longer of the decrease in incoming revenue that these people who claim they know everything can still spend money we don’t have and break the law while doing it? This is a disgrace.
The next article of interest we found was this http://www.soonerpolitics.org/editorial/the-looming-supreme-court-ruling-on-revenue-bills. We can’t help but wonder if any of these individuals thought about the court cost and legal fees involved in taking this to court and they lose? Did they not realize that the verdict of overthrowing these bills would leave the state without a budget? Are they aware that they are still going to have to come back for a special session? How much of the tax payers money are they willing to waste?
There is only one conclusion that can be drawn from the actions of our legislators. They are incompetent, greedy power hungry fools. They all have taken an oath of office and have violated it by voting yes to passing any of these revenue raising bills after the deadline. Those who did wouldn’t make a pimple on a good man’s butt. If they had any respect for their fellow Oklahomans they would resign from office.