Hi Cat Lover,

Just wondering if you could take a moment to help me out for a minute.

Back in March, I was lucky enough to get an expert pet massage
therapist to do a teleclass with me. Her name is Nancy Dutton. Were you
on that call? It was awesome! If you weren't able to join us that evening, you
missed a great session!

But all is not lost. If you can do me a favor, I'll send you the link to go
listen to the replay of that class, so you can catch up before the next

Yes, Nancy has graciously agreed to do another call with me! In fact, we've
both been wanting to do one, because there is so much more to talk
about! And when we are done, we're going to set everything up on a
CD and a workbook and sell it as a pet care product.

So, if you can help us out ... you can still get all this great info for fr.ee!

All I need from you is a question. What would you like to know about
massaging your cat... or, what would you like to know about healing
energies in general? Nancy's web site isn't called "healing hands of energy"
for nothing. She also has special knowledge and talents in that
direction as well.

And we'd like to talk about it some more. But we need to know exactly
what you'd like to know.

When we get the date and time figured out, I'll let you know immediately.

It will be a great call, I can tell you that!

Thanks for your help!