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Waste treatment will be a main topic in the following years. Save the Planet - Exhibition on Waste Management and Recycling will take place in Sofia (27-29 March) and gives an opportunity to the internationally recognized companies to develop their network into the region.
In this bulletin we will introduce two of the exhibitors – key players from Germany - BTA International GmbH and STEINERT GmbH

The Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts (BAMEE) unites environmentalists from Bulgarian municipalities and we are glad to announce our partnership.
You can still join the exhibition till 10th of February!
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You can get more info about the event from Ginka Dimitrova, email: sales4@viaexpo.com, tel. 00359/32512906, 00359/882240437
BTA International GmbH is a member of the Agraferm Technologies Group, Germany.

The main business of the group is planning, construction, service and operation of plants for anaerobic digestion of organic residues from agricultural, municipal, industrial or commercial sources. BTA International complements the group´s portfolio for wastes, i.e. biowaste, municipal solid waste, and all other organic residues, when removal of impurities proves meaningful or necessary.
Interview with Mr. Stephan Schulte, Sales Manager, BTA International GmbH
For the first time BTA International will be a part of the exhibition Save the Planet in Sofia. Please tell us more about your company and its activity in the region.
BTA International is one of the pioneers in the anaerobic digestion of organic waste. Since 1990, more than 50 plants worldwide have been built according to the BTA® Process or parts thereof. While most of the references can be found in European countries like Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal or recently also in Malta, till now we do not have any reference in the Balkan countries. It is our goal to change this.
BTA International is a specialist for the wet mechanical pre-treatment of different kinds of waste. Please give us more details about the BTA® Process and its benefits.                                                         
The BTA® Process comprises two central steps: the BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment and the subsequent wet anaerobic digestion step. The BTA® Hydromechanical Pre-treatment facilitates efficient removal of impurities as well as complete transfer of digestible organic components into an organic suspension for further anaerobic digestion.
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STEINERT GmbH provides innovative solutions for the separation of valuable materials, increasing customer profitability through higher recovery and reducing operational costs.

In the areas of treatment of secondary and primary raw materials, STEINERT operates in both the resource recovery and mining sectors. STEINERT is a global leader in consulting, manufacturing, installation and services in innovative sensor sorting and traditional magnetic separation technology.

Read a short presentation of the company made by Mr. Björn Lövenich, Sales Manager
Dear Mr. Lövenich,  please tell us more about your activity and what makes STEINERT GmbH a trusted partner for clients all over the world.

STEINERT offers separation technology since 1889. Our network consists of subsidiaries and sales cooperation for decades which support customers all over the world. STEINERT benefits from the advantages of a family-owned business: stability, respectability, continuity, and flexibility.
Since 1931, STEINERT has not only been backed by the Buchholz family, but by an entire company group. The individual companies operate in different markets: STEINERT and RTT STEINERT develop innovative separation technologies, while Anofol - a division of STEINERT - have gained an excellent reputation in the area of metal surface finishing and electronic industry.

STEINERT GmbH is a member of different  associations among which German RETech Partnership. Please tell us more.
Representatives of German companies from the recycling industry — including STEINERT — and German universities established the association “German RETech Partnership” at the end of 2011. 
You can read the full interview here
Partners for the 2018 edition
The Bulgarian Association of Municipal Environmental Experts (BAMEE) unites the environmentalists from Bulgarian municipalities. At the present moment, its members are 176 from 262 municipalities. The Association works in close cooperation with the Bulgarian Ministry of Environment & Water, the Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria, with international financing organizations and structures working in the field of ecology.