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Oh, Barrack, sweetie… my love……take me with you back to Washington D.C. and away from these rubes.
I’ve got a neighbor who is a solid, raw meat eating, hard core Republican with conservative values but he cannot entertain the idea of supporting anyone other than a Republican for Governor this year.  But I know that if he gets the facts he will do the right thing and vote for Joe Dorman for Governor rather than abandon his conservative values.  So this article is for one guy but in publishing it I bet we reach a lot of Republicans that are holding their noses at voting for Fallin and are just needing a nudge in the right direction.   I am a firm believer that you cannot change another person’s mind but you can remind them of why they are conservative and remind them of things that they have forgotten.
A new website was launched today making the case of why hard core, conservative Republican Tea Party members should vote against Mary Fallin on November 4th.   The website goes through a laundry list of Governor Fallin’s bad actions and liberal  policies ranging from her outright support for Obama Care to her anti 2nd Amendment vetoes to her support for Common Core until she realized it was political suicide.

Remember the fight to get Open Records from Fallin and the costly court battles?

Fallin opposed releasing her records when the news media started asking questions about the defeat of the  Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchange.  After a long court battle she grudgingly  release 50,000 pages including the email where her Chief of Staff told another official that "The Tea Party is kicking our butts over Obama Care."   Fallin refused to turn over dozens of other documents claiming "executive privilege", something that is not found in any statute or in the Oklahoma Constitution.
In those emails we learned how Fallin and her staff were twisting arms at the Capitol trying to get the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchange legislation passed.


Fallin is tough on crime?

Nope, back in January of 2013 the Associated Press ran a story bout the JRI program's demise that was based on 8,000 emails that Fallin was forced to release.  In those emails it was revealed that Fallin was initially for the JRI program but her staff warned her that the Sooner Tea Party would label her as soft on crime if she continued to support the program.  JRI was a crooked deal set up by outgoing Speaker Kris Steele and Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater to provide a job for Kris Steele after he was term limited.  The program would have released thousands of prisoners before their sentences were up to provide "clients" for the JRI program.
Remember Prater going after Terrill and Leftwich for allegedly setting up a job for a retiring politician using tax dollars?  
Is this any different?  Why was Governor Fallin supporting such corruption and why was it necessary that grassroots activists stop the corruption?

Fallin Opposed Common Core?

She did once she was forced to by grassroots activists and public outrage over supporting the federal educational standards.  You see, Fallin helped develop these standards with the National Governors  Association and as a former leader of the group she was obligated to try to force the standards on Oklahomans.  She teamed with State Superintendent of Schools Barresi to remove control from local school districts and increase the power of the state over local schools.
Once Fallin realized that the legislature was going to repeal the Common Core legislation she had plenty of time to have educational standards in place that would have continued the No Child Left Behind federal funding but she chose to use Oklahoma school children as pawns in a political fight to keep Common Core standards.
Fallin held the bill that repealed the 2010 Common Core legislations and refused to sign the bill into law until the public outcry was enormous.

Fallin refused to issue Same sex marriage benefits to Oklahoma National Guardsman so she defended Oklahoma's prohibition on same sex marriage, right?

Wrong!  Despite the press releases Fallin quickly had the ID card machines moved to federal property and sent gay and lesbian Oklahoma National Guard members to one of three federal locations to process their benefits.
Recently the Supreme Court refused to hear appeals from several states that had laws that prohibited same sex marriages and Oklahoma started issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples without as much as a whimper from Governor Fallin.  Despite her rhetoric about states rights Fallin did nothing to uphold Oklahoma law.

Fallin Supported Obama Care?

But...she gave back the 53 million to the feds!  Right?

She did after ten freshman legislators abandoned House leadership's plan to force Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges on Oklahomans despite the 2010 State Question that passed by 70% in favor of prohibiting Obama Care in the state.
In 2011 Fallin was behind HB 2130 which would have opened an Obama Care state health insurance exchange.  Fallin announced that she was accepting the Obama Care Early Innovator Grant in February of 2011, just a month after taking office!    She had the support of House Speaker Kris Steele and Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman and incoming Insurance Commissioner John Doak.
The Tea Party quickly labeled this legislation as Obama Care/Fallin Care and initially the legislation passed theHouse of Representatives with 51 votes on March 17th of 2011.  Here are the votes for that legislation:
Fifty-Third Legislature First Regular Session
HOUSE BILL 2130 Insurance; modifying duties and requirements of Steele the Health Care for the Uninsured Board;
THIRD READING PASSED YEAS: 51 RCS# 356 NAYS: 34 3/17/2011 EXC : 16 4:03 PM C/P : 0 '
YEAS: 51
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NAYS: 34
Bennett Glenn Kouplen Rousselot Blackwell Hamilton Lockhart Schwartz Brumbaugh Hilliard McDaniel, R. Sherrer Christian Holland Moore Terrill Condit Hoskin Morrissette Vaughan Derby Inman Murphey Wesselhoft Dorman Kern Proctor Williams Faught Key Reynolds Fourkiller Kirby Ritze
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But on April 14th a group of ten freshmen House members sent Fallin an open letter saying they would refuse to support HB 2130 as they had been misled on what the legislation would do. 
That meant that when the Senate sent HB 2130 back for a House vote before final passage the legislation would fail as there were only 41 House members supporting the legislation.   The Senate also served Fallin notice that they had removed their support for the Obama Care/Fallin Care Health Insurance Exchanges.
And what caused the ten freshmen House members to drop their support for HB 2103?   A massive Sooner Tea Party robo call campaign that targeted their House district voters and those voters blistered the hides of the freshmen legislators over their support for Obama Care/Fallin Care.
Not to be frustrated in her desire to force Obama Care on Oklahomans Fallin pushed the legislation to create state health care exchanges in 2012 but Senate leaders were inundated with phone calls and emails opposing the legislation so on March 7th Senate Pro Tem Brian Bingman announced that the Senate would not support the legislation and the legislation never made it on the Senate Floor.
In 2013 Governor Fallin couldn't get either House or Senate leaders to touch the issue but once she is reelected in her final term as Governor she is likely to renew the push to force Obama Care Health Insurance Exchange legislation.    Some warned that her staff has been researching ways to use executive decree and bypass the legislature entirely. 
But the final proof of Governor Mary Fallin's support for Obama Care came in August of this year when she boldly announced that she had applied for grants under the Affordable Healthcare Act, otherwise known as Obama Care.  On July 18th Fallin requested a three million dollar grant to implement programs on health problems that are targeted under Obama Care so as to reduce health care costs to the program.  This is the same program that Fallin returned the grant money on in 2011.    The State Innovation Models program was authorized by the Affordable Care Act, often called “Obamacare.” It was launched last year with a first round of federal funding totaling $300 million. 
The 50,000 pages of documents released by Fallin after the bitter court fight tells the entire sordid story of a newly elected Governor turning her back on the people's wishes.  Some wonder why Fallin would risk so much to ram through Obama Care/Fallin Care in the face of such opposition by the public and the answer is that special interests including the State Chamber of Commerce wanted Obama Care implemented so they could shed their employee and retiree health insurance plans and saddle the state government with those costs.
So the answer to the question of does Governor Fallin support Obama Care is yes, even in an election year she has chosen to participate in the program and once re elected she is sure to implement full blown Obama Care by executive decree if the legislature will not cooperate.

Fallin is Pro 2nd Amendment only when in front of the cameras

Numerous bills have passed the House and Senate only to be vetoed by our liberal gun grabbing Governor.

Fallin Vetoes Gun Bill

House Votes 86-3 to override

House Bill 2461 would have required a timely response from Oklahoma sheriffs and police chiefs when processing firearm transfer licenses or other gun related paperwork.   The law would have allowed 15 days for the law enforcement officers to do their job as long as there was no question that the licensees was legally entitled to have the weapon.  The bill was introduced to solve the problem of county sheriffs and local police chiefs from arbitrarily stalling the paperwork required to transfer or obtain certain types of weapons.  If they have a valid concern then the new statute does not apply.
The Senate voted unanimously to override Governor Fallin's veto in early  May and the legislation passed into law.  Fallin put out a press release explaining her action containing this statement::  "I vetoed 15 bills in an attempt to refocus the attention of the Legislature on important issues......" 
So Fallin held your 2nd Amendment rights hostage so she could get some pork barrel projects past the legislature

Fallin Vetoes Gun Bill that cleans up antiquated language in criminal statutes   Bill had passed House 77-6 and had passed the Senate 45-2

Governor Fallin vetoed legislation that would have protected gun owners that used deadly force to protect other citizens.  The antiquated language in the existing statutes allowed only family members and "master, mistresses, and servants" to be protected from "great personal injury".  The new language would have protected gun owners if they protected anyone from death or from great bodily harm or to prevent forcible felonies from being committed. 
As an example of the kind of shooting that would have been protected was the Muslim terror attack in Moore Oklahoma earlier this year.  Under existing law the business owner could have been prosecuted by a zealous prosecutor for shooting the rampaging Muslim who had already decapitated one innocent co worker.

Fallin vetoes weapons bill after calling it "of no significant interest to the citizens"  The bill would have protected knives from being banned by local entities

HB 3367 simply added the word "knife" to existing law that prevents cities or counties from legislating the control of weapons or ammo.  The bill reserved for the state legislature for any legislation concerning gun supplies, guns, the right to carry same.in order to have uniform laws throughout the state to protect law abiding citizens from being charged with carrying a pocket knife of sheath knife while traveling through a local town or jurisdiction.
The law would have prevented local governments from ever confiscating knives used for lawful purposes or in the event of an emergency.  Oklahoma was following other states that have recently enacted such protection of 2nd Amendment weapons after the Hurricane Katrina confiscation of weapons by National Guard troops.
Who else can we vote for if Fallin is such a dangerous liberal?
Representative Joe Dorman is far more conservative and is our choice for Governor
 Dorman is by far the most conservative candidate in the race despite him being a Democrat.    Joe voted against Obama Care/Fallin Care on numerous occasions, voted against the Real ID act in 2008, is staunchly pro 2nd Amendment and he voted to override Governor Fallin's vetoes on the gun bills this year.
Dorman has always been a favorite for the Tea Party activists at the Capitol because of his deep conservative and rural values.  He is a staunch pro life supporter, is a fiscal conservative, and in the latest polling he was only 5% behind Fallin with 15% of the voters undecided.  Dorman has a real chance of winning.
Rep. Joe Dorman also was an early supporter of repealing Common Core federal educational standards and supporting local controls over local schools.  He is a solid states rights supporter that is concerned about the over reaching federal government removing the ability of Oklahomans to determine our own values and controlling our own communities. 
Joe is out of step with Oklahoma values on only one issue, expanding Medicaid.   However, supporting something and getting it past the House and Senate are two totally separate things and we believe that Joe's lone issue that is out of step with conservative values is either campaign rhetoric aimed at his base or something that he simply will not be able to pull off once he is elected Governor.
If we elect a Democrat to office what harm can they do to Republicans in the state?   Very little....Dorman could temporarily appoint someone to a vacant office if a Congressman or U.S. Senator resigned until the special election when they would have to run for office if they wanted to remain in office. 
Dorman could appoint the Secretary of State, with the consent of the Senate.  How many of us even know we have a Secretary of State?  Dorman can appoint his cabinet that helps run the various agencies but again he will need the cooperation of the House and Senate to accomplish anything and he would appoint fellow conservative Democrats.  Indeed, many of the executive and commission appointments require Senate approval.  The Governor also prepares the budget for the fiscal year but has no option but to negotiate with both the House and Senate to get the budget passed into law.
Dorman would also have veto powers over legislation but we have seen for years that Dorman is a conservative Democrat with nearly the same exact values as the average Oklahoman.  And of course the legislature can always override the vetoes as they have done to Fallin this year or send legislation directly to the ballot box as a state question.  Dorman can suggest up to six members of the judicial review board but the legislature has to approve all members and the governor would share the appointment of any vacant Supreme Court or Court of Appeals position with the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  The power to pardon individuals is restricted to suggesting to the Pardon and Parole board for pardons and the governor appoints three members of the Parole Board at the beginning of his term.  
So the bottom line is that any Oklahoma Governor is hobbled quite well by the legislature and there is no risk supporting Dorman.   What it will do is send a massive message to other Republican elected officials :  Straighten up or be replaced.
That said, Joe is man of personal integrity and he will support the Oklahoma conservative values that he has shown at the legislature.   Not only that but he will basically owe the Republicans that supported his campaign far more than he will owe the Democrats who voted for him.  Joe's only shot at a second term or getting anything accomplished in his first term is to cooperate with fellow conservatives both Democrat and Republican.
Rep. Joe Dorman's 2011 Conservative Index Score  #20 from the top and his 2014 index score was #22 from the top way ahead of most Republicans.   Joe is a solid conservative that would be a Republican if he lived elsewhere in Oklahoma.
Heads Up Senators
Looks like the Syphilitic Bastards at the Oklahoma State Senate have been busy down in Comanche County.  A surge in syphilis cases fueled by online websites and I Phone apps that allow users to find anonymous men for sex has resulted in a record number of outbreaks.   Nine people have tested positive for syphilis in July, a 300% increase in cases, primarily among men who have sex with men, including married men and IV drug users.
The Comanche County health department is busy tracking down the diseased people and finding out who they have been having sex with.    Perhaps they could save a lot of time and effort by starting at the State Capitol over on the East side.
Directed by Satan to Urinate on and to Destroy the Monument
And Fallin Just Urinates on the Constitution
Oh dear… the nut job that drove a car into the Ten Commandments at the State Capitol is saying that Satan told him to do the act.   Michael Tate Reed Jr., 29 years old, was picked up by the Secret Service after making threats to kill Obama and spitting on the presidential picture at the downtown Federal building.   Once he was interviewed by the Secret Service agents he admitted to the destruction of the Capitol monument after Satan ordered him to urinate on the monument and to destroy it.
The security force of course saw nothing going on and the damage was discovered the next morning.
Campaigning as always Governor Fallin quickly dove into the midst of the news cameras stating”
 “This monument was built to memorialize the historical significance of the Ten Commandments in guiding our own laws and lives,” said Fallin. “It is absolutely appalling that someone would vandalize anything at the Oklahoma state Capitol — the people’s building — much less a monument of such significance.”
Okay…. Mary Fallin talking about the Ten Commandments.  And lightning didn’t striker her?
Seems to us that Gov. Fallin has done more than pissing on the monument.   As in breaking one or two of those Commandments like the prohibition on adultery or lying.  Rep. Mike Ritze and Rep. Mike Reynolds both were interviewed by the media and both brought up the significance of honoring the Ten Commandments as being what our government and judicial system were founded on.   I think that both would agree that such a system founded on justice, truth, and respect is functional only when you have good men and women in office.
The Idiots And Their Politically Correct I-D-Allah-gy
By Ms PM
This story is about the politically correct reaction from the idiots regardless of the difference in the incidents that take place. The idiots are defined as those in charge. They set the tone to go along with the feds definition of what being politically correct is about and continue the farce by trying to convince the people that what is happening really isn’t what is happening. These warm and fuzzy leg tingles could prove to be what is necessary to finally wake a sleeping public.
Our first example is with our Governor. Her infamous I-D-Allah-gy is to play it safe with her non-committal statements of calling a situation what it truly is. She sits atop the fence with her hawkish look in wait, examining the perfect response before engaging the pie hole. We can only hope the winds of Oklahoma are strong enough to dislodge her talons and blow her into another profession.
She said, “It is unclear at this time whether the crime was an act of terrorism, workplace violence or a gruesome combination of both.” We ask everyone to dig into the way-back-machine and come up with a single case where an employee chopped someone’s head off because they were pissed at the company they worked for or another employee they worked with. Given the fact that his Facebook page, now taken down, is full of praises to Allah and what terrorists do, it is inconceivable for an elected official to be that stupid. She has mastered the art of political correctness much to the detriment of all citizens in Oklahoma. Is she just another political robot on the path to bigger and better things in the DC arena?
The next article is another example of political correctness with a new case of Ebola in NYC from the male physician that treated patients in West Africa. Is self-monitoring really the way to handle this?
Oops, there could be another health care worker now, a woman that treated Ebola patients.
She arrived in NJ, tested negative, was quarantined anyway and later developed a fever. So, if she tested negative for the virus and after the fever developed we find out she has the virus, is it safe to say that people will not test positive until the fever hits them? Too many questions, with no answers and we’re supposed to believe that government has a handle on this. In the meantime no travel bans and the American people need to behave, trust the government and believe they will have your best interest in the decision process.
Governors from New York and New Jersey have decided to step up airport screenings beyond what the feds require. We guess that these two idiots came to the conclusion that anything would be better than what the feds are doing. They are still being politically correct just not as politically correct. The article states, “The policy allows the states to determine hospitalization or quarantine for up to 21 days for travelers from the affected countries. A mandatory quarantine is called for those who had direct contact with an individual infected with the Ebola virus, including medical workers who treated Ebola patients. In addition, people with a travel history to the affected regions but with no direct contact with Ebola patients will be actively monitored…and, if necessary, quarantined.”
So, the two Governors decided to leave the door to Ebola open just a little bit. Who is going to shadow the people that came from the infected region? Does New York and New Jersey now have a “monitor” czar? It’s pretty clear that state government is no more on the ball at protecting Americans than the blatant inept tactics the feds use in their attempt of being politically correct not to pass judgment on anyone regardless of the harm that is caused.
And now we have this administration saying that they are considering a mandatory quarantine for health care workers from West Africa. Why is O-shithead thinking about quarantine for American health care workers and only monitoring the 1000+ folks that come here daily? Is it too politically incorrect to demand looking out for the people here in America? We wonder if government would continue to grow if West Africa was footing the bill. Would the idiots treat Americans better?
We also have the guy with the hatchet going after police in NYC. How is O-shithead going to call this one? Let’s see if we can put a little spin on it. The police were at work so it can’t be a terrorist act. Once again, just like Fort Hood and Moore, it has to be work place violence. Everyone will have to register their hatchets and there will be no concealed carry permits issued.
Welcome to O-shithead’s America!
Konawa Tea Party
(4th) Tuesday October 28, 2014 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Library - The Dougan Room
Konawa School 701 W. South St.
Go see these folks if you are near Konawa.   Probably the best little group of patriots in the state in my opinion and they always have interesting speakers.  And they always serve refreshments afterward.  Last time I visited with them was primary election night and we watched Senator Cliff Branan go down in flames in his bid for the Corporation Commission.  These folks are hard core Christians but they welcome one and all to their events and they will make you feel welcome no matter what party you belong to.
Senate District 4, a Better Choice
By the Watchman
In looking at the individual races this year we took a look at the race at Senate District 4. The one reason we looked at this race was the money. As many of you know we continue to harp on the big money funneled to candidates that serve the need of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. It’s even tougher when the incumbent, Mark Allen, who happens to be a Republican, is also a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. In short, the man in office is not serving the needs of the people; he’s serving the needs of the Chambers of Commerce. That’s not what he was elected for. Another item he helped to bring to you was the Common Core Curriculum, which took a four year fight to get rid of. That’s the point of the argument of his opponent.
For decades now our politicians and teachers unions have been telling us that the solution to our education problems has been more money. Just the other day we heard a pitch for more education funding saying that Oklahoma is 49th in the nation in dollars per student spent. Well maybe we are if you use Arne Duncan’s figures. The facts can’t be changed by a cheat though. If you look at actual spending per student in each state that has a border with Oklahoma, you’ll find that we actually outspend 3 of them and are within a couple of hundred dollars with a couple more. So we would suggest that before these talking heads get up and make a statement on the boob tube that they actually do their own homework and not rely on figures from an unconstitutional agency to begin with.
His opponent in this race for Senate District 4 is Democrat Ann Weaver. She is a retired school teacher who has held several positions within the teachers union. That’s why we were pleasantly surprised to find no contributions from the union. In fact her only corporate donation was from the 2nd Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. All of her other campaign donations have been from private individuals.
Mrs. Weaver has a remarkable personal history. One that is hard matched in today’s times. You can read about it here. All of this has led her to study our education system itself and had her compare it to others around the world.
Senator Allan has proven to be wholly owned by the Oklahoma and U.S. Chambers of Commerce and does not have the interest of the citizens of Oklahoma at heart.   His score of  60 on the 2014 Oklahoma Senate RINO Index shows exactly where his alliance lays and it isn’t with the common citizen of District 4.
2013 Senate members and House Members
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