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Dear Lovely People,

Here are some songs, dates & thoughts for you...


I decided that BandCamp is such a cool site, I put up another album, one that you may not have, because it is a limited edition, and until now, has ONLY been available at live shows. This is a perfect album to celebrate the Season of Love. I know, Valentine's Day was yesterday. But, really, isn't every day a good day to celebrate Love?
The album is "Truth, Love and Understanding", and the gift is this: FREE downloads of this album for the rest of the week!! Or, you can just take a listen here: After this week it will stay up for listening or downloading as you please.


Santa Cruz: TOMORROW - Thurs Feb 16th - we've got four local songwriters offering up "Song Tastings" at the Backstage Lounge next to the Rio Theater. Sets are half an hour each starting at 7pm and I'll be finishing off the evening with my beloved musical partner, Pete Solomon.

Bay Area: next month, mark your calendars for Sat March 10th. I'll be playing at the Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco, a pillar of the SF acoustic music scene, and a sweet intimate venue.

Central Coast: we had SUCH an incredible time in your part of the world a few weeks ago, including a sold-out show at Steynberg Gallery with Inga Swearingen, we just had to come back. So we'll be headlining the "Songwriters At Play" Monday evening showcase at The Spot, in Arroyo Grande on April 9th.

Three cheers for live music!

I strive to send out as much positivity & love in my letters as possible, but sometimes, things in life just suck. For example, I don't understand how the U.S. can be called "civilized" and "first world" when we lack universal health care.
It has been brought to my attention that someone in my circle is in dire need of a liver transplant, and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of care. He in fact has health insurance, but it still leaves him owing the equivalent of the cost of an Ivy League College Degree. And he's 23. Regardless of your opinion on health care, I wanted to share his story with you and request that if you do have any wiggle room in your finances, perhaps you could lend a small hand. There are many arenas of need in the world, I just felt it important to share this one with you.

Thank you for all you bring to the world! Hope to see you soon,

with love songs for all,
~ Amanda

U P C O M I N G  S H O W S :

Thursday February 16th @ 7pm
"Songtastings" at The Backstage Lounge
| 1205 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz, CA
Local & traveling songwriters spin their tales for an attentive audience... I'll be sharing the evening with Peter Weiss, "The Singing Scientist" (we've been wanting to share a show forever, and it's happening at last!) Also performing will be Mike Sugar and Jerad MacLean If you enjoy thoughtful acoustic music you won't be disappointed. Midyne ( hosts and may pull out a song or two as well if we're lucky! | $10 door

Saturday March 10th @ 7pm
Bazaar Cafe
| 5927 California Street, San Francisco, CA
Heads up Bay Area & San Francisco Folks! At last I'm returning to this pillar of the San Francisco acoustic music scene. Yes, it IS a cafe BUT, here's the thing: they only use the espresso machine BETWEEN songs. While the music is happening there is no other sound but the music. There's also no sound system... just you & the musicians. So intimate, so personal. If you've never experienced it, you really must come! |
 $ tips only     

Monday April 9th @ 7pm
The Spot | 116 W. Branch St., Arroyo Grande, CA  
Headlining the "Songwriters at Play" Monday evening concert series. We love our Central Coast friends so much, we just can't stay away!
| $10    

for more upcoming shows please visit: 

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Amanda West & Pete Solomon at Gather Wine Bar, Arroyo Grande 1-28-12
photos courtesy of Enrique Sanchez-Rivera 

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