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Oxfam Peacewalker
August 25 & 26, 2018, Hautes Fagnes
Do It For Oxfam

Hi ,

You are taking part in the 11th edition of Oxfam Trailwalker and in less than 30 days you will walk for more equality in the world !

What’s on the menu?

Saturday morning from 07.00 am to 11.00 am at the starting point in Kettenis (Eupen):
Breakfast: the first serving is free for the walkers. Supporters must pay their own (3 € - 2 tickets).  Supplements are priced at € 1.50 (1 ticket).
The breakfast package consists of 2 pastries and unlimited drinks (coffee, tea, juice).
Brunch: the first serving is free for the walkers. Supporters must pay their own (6€ - 4 tickets). Supplements are priced at € 1.5 (1 ticket).
The brunch package consists of  2 pastries, charcuterie, cheese, eggs, quiche, fruit and unlimited drinks (coffee, tea, juice).
All products are local, organic and fair trade!
Register via the online form.

Sunday from 11.00 a.m. at the finish at Worriken (Bütgenbach): bread with a delicious barbecued sausage (meat or vegetarian) and salad for € 4.50 (3 tickets). Refreshing drinks, beers or sparkling wine at democratic prices.
Register via the online form.

No deposit has to be paid for tumblers but a deposit has to be paid for glasses "Leopold 7” (€ 3 - 2 tickets).

Responsible mobility!

At the starting point in Kettenis (Eupen):
A 'drop & ride' system (stop, step out, drive away) will operate at the small car park in front of the Sporthalle, Aachener Straße 236 in Kettenis. After dropping off your team you must immediately drive to one of the designated car parks. These car parks will be strictly reserved for cars that have been declared on the online form within the stated time limit. A special area is provided for motorhomes and vans.
Register via the online form.

The police will verbalize in case of non-compliance with the highway code.

• Each team will receive a single card to access the parking at check-points. However please note that there is no guarantee that parking spaces will be available for everyone.

• Due to the scarcity of parking spaces and the need to store our equipment, the following two rest points will be strictly forbidden to cars: 2 WP Drossart and 4 WP Küchelscheid.

• In order to allow supporters to approach their team during the night, we will set up a bus shuttle between Worriken (Bütgenbach) and Küchelscheid (round trip every hour, for € 5 per person).
Register via the online form.

Kilometers, numbers, arrows!

The course is marked by numbered arrows at regular intervals. At night these arrows are self-reflective. But beware, the numbers on the arrows do not indicate the kilometers already travelled or still to go! These numbers are used to locate participants in case of emergency. If such a case arises, go to the nearest arrow and communicate the number on the arrow to the alarm center. Emergency number: +32 473 701 959.
This number will also be on the wristband that will be given to you upon registration.

PAUSE – for an ad break

We are still urgently looking for volunteers!
Can you please spread this message amongst your friends and acquaintances. Why not invite them to a mini "cinema" session, to watch this video.

And that’s not all: we are also looking for a communication trainee to help in the preparations and to be present at Oxfam Trailwalker. Full-time, part-time or even for a few days. If you would like more information or if you’re interested in the role please send an email to or call +32 2 501 67 64 or +32 470 470 793

See you soon !!

The event-team


What is Oxfam doing in Belgium?

Following a lot of interest from walkers, supporters and donnors, we have written a summary of Oxfam Solidarité's actions in Belgium.
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