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April 2010 

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DISCLAIMER: EFT and FREED are gentle energywork techniques and have produced remarkable results in relieving emotional and physical distress. 
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Starting May 2010, my EFT classes will be replaced with workshops on FREED (Fast Release of Emotional Energy Drains) at Lightworkers Gifts and Energy Healing Center.

What is FREED? 
Colleen created FREED, after years of experimenting with various types of energy work, including EFT.  FREED is a simpler way to release fears, phobias and negative emotions via the energy meridians. 
It's faster, easier and as effective as EFT or MTT. 
No more tedious tapping, humming, counting.
Clients have commented "It's almost TOO EASY!" 
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"Get Yourself FREED Manual"!

Saturday May 1st, 3-5 pm $30  
FREED for Physical & Emotional Healing
 at Lightworkers Gifts and Energy Healing Center

Sunday May 9th, 1-3 pm $30  
Lose Weight, Gain Confidence with FREED
at Lightworkers Gifts and Energy Healing Center 

  Saturday May 15th, 3-5 pm $30
FREED for Your Animal Friends (includes how to release fear blocks and communicate with your pets!)

Sunday May 23rd, 1-3 pm $30  
Get Yourself FREED for Abundance!
at Lightworkers Gifts and Energy Healing Center 

Get more value in each FREED session!
HOW?  We'll get about 33% more releasements done in one hour!
FREED Sessions release emo-garbage so fast that some clients run out of issues to work on. 
(Remaining unused time is credited to their account for future use.) 
Everyone who invests in a session with me
will ALSO receive 5 days of 1-email-per-day  support after their session. 
You can ask follow-up questions, get surrogate muscle testing readings to work on yourself or energywork tips. 
(1-3 per daily email) 
Save money by investing in multiple-session packages and getting 10, 15 or 20 days of email support.

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Everyone who pays for a FREED session in April 2010 will receive a FREE copy of my new $20 E-book
"Get Yourself FREED from Energy Toxins!"
Learn quick, easy FREED techniques to desensitize yourself, loved ones and animal friends from physical and emotional allergies or sensitivities to food or beverages, vitamins and supplements, airborne and chemical substances.
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(10% of Colleen's session fees are donated to charities.)

Featured Article
Energy Work to Release Your Resistance!*
by Colleen Flanagan

Spring in the northern hemisphere and Autumn in the southern hemisphere began about 1.5 weeks ago.  The energy of the changing seasons will last through the month of April. This is the perfect opportunity for us to examine our lives and release our resistance to making necessary changes. 
Nature shows us how to accept and embrace the cycles of life.  Seeds accept that they must burst out of their shells and grow into plants in the Spring.  After a vigorous cycle of growth and maintenance, trees shed their leaves and fruit to rest during the Autumn and Winter.
Are you resisting the cycles of your Spring and Autumn?    
My self-applied muscle-testing proved that my resistance to dating or starting a new love relationship caused blocks in several other parts of my life. I thought I was being smart to focus my efforts on my business.  But as I resisted one facet of living, the resistance spread like weeds in my garden of life, choking the growth of other areas.
Author, teacher and speaker Doreen Virtue provided these Angel Affirmations about change and letting go in her last newsletter.  As you read through them, try to sense any resistance.  Use my techniques below to release and LET GO so the Universe can assist as you change seasons of life!
It is safe for me to receive.
I now live my life according to my inner guidance.
It is safe for me to be happy.
I enjoy and deserve peace.
I have compassion upon myself.
I trust and listen to my feelings.
I am loved and supported.
It is safe for me to be successful.
It is safe to be my authentic self with other people.
I have the right to change my life to mirror my higher self’s visions.
I easily let go of the old when its purpose has been served.
The below resistance releasing statements are based on Ms. Virtue's above affirmations.  They can be used AT YOUR OWN RISK and with almost ANY energywork modality, including FREED, EFT, MTT, Reiki, Meditation or whatever you prefer! 
If you are new to EFT and want to try it, please download the FREE EFT chart  that I created.  All my FREED clients can use their magnetic or manual releasing techniques, as we've done in our sessions. 
If you're doing FREED, apply your magnet or hand 3 times and repeat the below statements.  If you're doing EFT, tap on your karate chop point or rub your sore spot using the below as a setup statement 3 times, then do the 9 gamut procedure and reminder phrase tapping for a complete round:
I now release these fears and resistance that it is unsafe for me to receive. I open my energy to all Universal gifts for the highest good of myself and everyone involved.
I release my fear and resistance that I cannot live my life according to my inner guidance.  I now live my truth and trust my intuition.
 I release this resistance and silly fear that it is unsafe for me to be happy because something awful will happen right afterward.
I release all resistance and fears that I don't enjoy and deserve peace because of something I did in my past to myself or another.
I release my fear and resistance that if I have compassion upon myself I will continue to do hurtful things to myself or another.
I now release this resistance and fear that I cannot trust and listen to my feelings because they were wrong in the past.
I release my resistance and fear that I don't deserve to be loved and supported by others and the Universe.
I release all fear and resistance that it is unsafe for me to be successful because it will change my life in ways I do not want or others will try to take my success or money from me.
I release my terror and resistance to being my authentic self with other people because I fear they will reject, abandon or hurt me.
I now release my resistance and fear about changing my life to mirror my higher self’s visions.  I know these visions are to bring about my soul's growth, to help me and enlighten the world.
I now release any fears of not being safe if I let go of the old, including old resistance, when its purpose has been served. I let go to allow the Universe to shower me with blessings each day... and so it is! 
Try doing these releasements each once a day and notice how everything flows more smoothly, easily and effortlessly in your life!  Happy Spring, Happy Autumn, Happy Living to you and yours!
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