AshGPS: Firmware, Software Update Notification
for Ashtech, Magellan Professional, Thales Navigation
Wed 19 July 2012
Esri UC and Survey Summit Time
Unobtainium Stuff
New FAST Survey 3.0.3 Release
New MB100, MB800 Firmware 
Esri User Conference and Survey Summit, gossip alert
Next week (Mon July 23 - Fri July 27)  is the Esri User Conference; the Survey Summit starts in just two days (Sat July 21 - Tues 24) in San Diego California.
A fitting sequel to Comic-Con, this Esri conference is 'THE PLACE' to check out new geographic technology. Over the next four years, I suspect the Survey Summit will morph into the most important show for surveyors in the US.
We can look forward to every major and minor player in the GIS and Survey Industry to announce new hardware and software solutions over the next 8-days!
As you read about all these new 'ground breaking' products, keep a cynics eye for products that will never ship. Every year, products are announced that won't ship for 11 months. Many new products announcements are just 'place holders' meant to keep you on the fence away from a competitor's offering.
There will be plenty of other Esri UC coverage. I won't add to it, other than a synopsis of new and updated Ashtech GIS and Survey offerings; which I don't know anything about yet. Really.
Sneak Preview: The New Survey Data Collector
If you are wondering about the future of survey / GIS data collectors, for $200 you can get a sneak preview, just [ click here ]. I Got Mine!
It doesn't do anythng that my Droid phone won't do, but it does everything faster. With a damn nice screen. Pundits smarter than I have already reveiwed these to death, but let me point out that for the price of a MobileMapper 10 with no software, I can purchase five N7's! And unlike the iPad it has regular Bluetooth, a decent GPS and a (relatively) open OS.
I wonder if I will be able to get SurvCE for my N7 real-soon-now?
All Gone and there Ain't No More
These accessories are probably unobtainium

MMCE/MMCX/PM3 IO Modules: Please warn your field crews that IO Modules are no longer available. Don't let them put them on truck seats where they will fall on the floor and get the pins bent. If you bend the contacts your only recourse is to find another IO Module on eBay or replace the pogo pins! If you have extra IO Modules that you will never use again, please consider selling to others who need them. 
Dual Slot Chargers for MMCE/MMCX/PM3: Gone, no more. I sold the last six, last week.
SDIO WiFi Cards for MM100, ProMark 100 and ProMark 200: I bought the last ones from Amazon, the factory has no more and I don't know how a new ProMark 200 receiver will be able to connect to a MiFi bridge. This is bad, really bad.
MobileMapper 100, ProMark 100 & ProMark 200 Cigarette Lighter Adapters: You may not have known that there is a factory part (702494 MSRP $70) that will screw onto the bottom of your MM100 and charge the battery in the field. I still have 10 or 20 in inventory, but I don't believe I can get more. (This is not a big deal, because we (iGage) used to make them and I am sure we remember how.)
Internal U-Link Radios for PM500 and PM800: I am not sure if anyone uses these in the United States, but they are all gone.
ProMark 500 Hard Cases: I thought these cut foam hard cases were pretty nice. But at nearly $400, they were a hard sell. Not to worry now, they are no longer available.
New FAST Survey Version 3.0.3 Released
New FAST Survey software, addressing a number of issues and adding a few new features has been posted to the Ashtech FTP Site. This link:
  [ Info ]
will get you a detailed list of enhancements.
This link:
  [ Software ]
will take you directly to the software folder.
New Features:
  • SNR signals for L2/L5: SNR values are displayed in Monitor/Skyplot for L2 and L5 signals (L5 signals only for ProMark 800 / ProFlex 800 receivers)
  • New coordinate systems support: Romanian grid, ITRS 89 (TM 30 NE zone) Czech datum global transformation ETRS-89 (ETRF2000) to S-JTSK, Swedish coordinate system SWEREF 99 TM
  • SAPOS Network support: RTCM messages 1021-1023 are supported (it is implemented as a new check-box setting in \Equip\GPS Rover \ Receiver \ Advanced \ screen)
  • ADL radio support related to ADL Vantage Pro radio support has been added; ADL radios now support U-Link protocol
  • Norwegian language: Norwegian localization has been added
  • ADL internal radio module was not recognized
  • Parameters of China Coordinate System were wrong
  • The formats DBEN and ATOM super compact were not available
  • All satellites had "C" flag in SATInfo screen for ProMark 100/200
  • Problems configuring a PM800 as a mount point of an NTRIP caster
  • ProMark 800 antenna parameters update
  • Irish coordinate systems were not in the predefined list
  • Problems reading configuration of ARF747B EU or NA radio
  • 38400 baud rate set as default for SATEL radio
  • ZOOM IN/OUT support was not available via hard keys of MM10 device
  • When using a ADL radio with more than 15 channels pre-defined.
This latest FAST Survey version is available for these devices:
  MobileMapper 6
  MobileMapper 10
  MobileMapper CX
  MobileMapper 100, ProMark 100, ProMark 200
  Ranger 3
Absent are compilations for the
  Allegro CE
  Allegro CX
  MobileMapper CE
But don't despair if you have one of these 'older' data collectors I have two suggestions for extending the life of your FAST Survey software investment:
  1. Purchase an empty MobileMapper 10 receiver and transfer your old FAST Survey license to the new device.
  2. Convert your FAST Survey license into a SurvCE license. Carlson Software now offers a $250 'conversion' option (PN 6501.040.000)  to crossgrade your older FAST Survey' license into a full-fledged SurvCE license! SurvCE builds are still available for older data collectors.
With both FAST Survey and SurvCE, a data collector that 'holds' a license is worth at least the cost of a new copy of FAST Survey or SurvCE. The software is worth significantly more than the hardware! And the software value does not decline with use or time! FAST Survey (and SurvCE) are great investments. 
New Firmware for MB100, MB800
New firmware for these OEM/Sensors is available:
  [ MB100 ] [ MB800 ]
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Good survey and mapping to you all! 
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