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VOICE:                  International Day for the Eradiacation of Poverty, SWITCH Asia
CREDIBILITY:        Pakistan & Sri Lanka workshops November,December 1st Deadline for SAR
MARKET ACCESS:  Mega Show Hong Kong, SOURCE Expo
NEWS UPDATE:      IFOAM Conference, VIP Program, Fashion Week Brighton, Global Business School Conference,                                 Product Focus, World Fair Trade Day
International Day for the Eradicaiton of Poverty: Break the Chains of Poverty 
17 October
The eradication of poverty is at the core of Fair Trade.  Fair Trade 'contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers.'  
As part of the global Anti-poverty week campaign, WFTO-Asia asked Fair Trade Organizations what freedom from poverty means? See the full document Anti Poverty Week Quotes
SWITCH Asia: FTOs in the Garment Industry
The largest EU program on sustainable consumption and production in Asia.
 SWITCH ASIA asked Executive Director of WFTO-Asia, Christine Gent, about Fair Trade textile organizations. Christine (page 8), called for more reporting on Fair Trade within Corporate Social Responsibility. There are 76 FTOs working in textiles and garments in eleven Asian countries. The growing number of FTOs – in Asia alone grew by 16% in 2014 – shows significant potential for further growth within the garment industry!
Workshops in Pakistan & Sri Lanka
WFTO-Asia in Pakistan and Sri Lanka, November
WFTO-Asia  will be working in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. These visits include workshops on Fair Trade, speaking engagements, meetings with members, and NGO collaboration. We are excited to co-sponsor the Pakistan Fashion Revolution Documentary Screening of True Cost (14 November) in Islamabad.  
On 29 November we will participate and hold a session during the Sustainable Fashion Symposium in Sri Lanka.
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Pakistan and Sri Lanka: WFTO-Asia wants to meet you
We are hosting two open workshops. If you have been wondering what WFTO membership entails and what the impact your membership has, then this workshop is for you!
  • Islamabad, Pakistan: workshop for potential members on Saturday, November 14
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka: workshop for potential members on Wednesday, December 2
If interested to meet, collaborate or participate in a workshop contact our office at: to RSVP! There are still places available and its free of cost.
                                                                                                          SAR Deadline 
                                                                                                                                         1 December
Members are required to submit their Self Assessment Report (SAR) by 01 December.
Pradeep from the Ants Craft has just submitted the SAR and says, Gosh it took a few hours but at the end we have a completed SAR and 'phew'! ...on to the next stage.  It was so great to talk it through in person. We are extremely thankful and hope to get to the next level soon. Thanks once again to the entire team (WFTO & WFTO-Asia) for being supportive, patient and helpful in fulfilling this humongous task of SAR”. 
 Please let the WFTO-Asia team know if you would like support, we are here to help.

What is the SAR?
The Self Assessment Report (SAR) expands on the 10 Fair Trade Principles. Every two years, members update the SAR for monitoring requirements. The SAR is checked by the office, auditor and peer visitor. In turn members have committed to a seamless embedding of continuous improvement in business operations and their commitment to Fair Trade.
Interested to join, contact
Dhaka Handicrafts & CORR-The Jute Works at Hong Kong Mega Show 
20-23 October
Travelling to Hong Kong for the Mega Show next week?
 Dhaka HandicraftsHall 3F, booth D-40 CORR The Jute Works:  Hall 3G, booth B32
4-5 November
SOURCE Expo is the world’s leading, sustainable, on line fashion-sourcing event. It connects clients and buyers from around the world, from the comfort of their own desk. 900+ visitors have already registered including buyers and merchandisers from ASOS, Kering, Arcadia Group, and Adidas. Unlike face-to-face trade shows, SOURCE Expo enables exhibitors and visitors to log into the online meeting platform and, in only an hour, make dozens of new connections to help grow their fashion business.
Presentation showing South Asia WFTO members working in textiles
WFTO connects with Organic 3:0 The Next Phase of Organic Development – Visions, Trends and Innovations
Last week WFTO-Asia was invited to participate in the IFOAM Conference on Organic Agriculture 3.0 in Goesan (South Korea) "Uniting with Like-minded Movements & Engaging Consumers". The presentation emphasized the synergy between Fair Trade and Organic.  Calling for Fair Trade to be engaged when vulnerable producers who are involved in organic production.

IFOAM will be holding their global conference in Delhi at the same time as the WFTO 2017 Global Conference.  
                                                 VIP Program
Jeromine Schneider, WFTO-Asia VIP coordinator, connects volunteers with members in Asia. In Chiang Mai she interned at Thai Tribal Crafts. Jeromine started as a volunteer herself. Read below to hear about Jeromine’s experience.
"Having studied International Trade, I was considering working in a Fair Trade company but wanted the field experience first. I discovered the VIP Program on WFTO-Asia website. An internship with Thai Tribal Crafts (TTC) in Chiang Mai, Thailand was suggested. 

In checking their website, I was really excited to learn they support ethnic minorities in Thailand. My internship at TTC was a great opportunity for me: a strong working experience abroad, but above all a wonderful HUMAN experience. I was involved in developing a new shop display and the research it required upstream. In this experience, I felt I gained unique insight while contributing to the team".

Interested to read about other interns experiences? Read the Earthquake Damage Report by Layne Mostyn.

Brighton Fashion Week 
15-17 October 2015 
WFTO is a partner in Brighton Fashion Week. Image: Christine Gent and Lizzie Bishop, the organizer of Brighton Fashion Week at the FAIR Shop with Siobhan Wilson.
GBSN Conference and ISEA Intern Program
4-6 November
VIP Coordinator Jeromine Schneider will be attending the the GBSN Conference at Asian Institute of Management, The Philippines to discuss and share ideas on how to connect students with social enterprises in Asia, using the VIP as an example.

The Intern Program ISEA will be held on 4 November, 2015 at the GBSN Conference. 
iWedding Dresses
Made by: A Tribute to Jacobs Well and Tamman’s Wedding Dress Collaboration
A wedding dresses should match both your design aesthetics and values of humanity. Member Jacobs Well did just that by working with Tamman to develop a beautiful wedding dress. Three women of Jacobs Well, Ammu, Sumitra and Lydia, together with Lucy, worked closely to tailor, sew and embroider this piece of art of a wedding dress. Read the full Ammu story here.
“Whenever we engage in consumption or production patterns which take more than we need, we are engaging in violence.” ― Vandana Shiva Earth Democracy Justice Sustainability and Peace
World Fair Trade Day 2016 - Building Chains
May 2016
The World Fair Trade Day (WFTD) 2016 theme will focus on building chains across the supply chain in the name of Fair Trade.

In light of the theme, how will you show a link to producers across the supply chain this WFTD?

Email: for WFTD questions, support and promotion!