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Visit Our Website  6/29/2016

In this issue...

Teacher Appreciation
Teachers are just 'bout the finest folks around - entrusted with our wee 'lil ones, they give 'em the structure and learnin' so's they don't grow up writin' like I do, but actually use real words and proper phrasin'.
So - to show our appreciation as they head into a new school year, we're holdin' not just one, but TWO Teacher Appreciation Nights, 'cause teachers so nice, gotta be appreciated twice:
  • Friday, August 5 - Teachers get half-priced items from our Appetizer Menu from 3:30p to close (things like fried pickles, hot soft pretzels, and our famous SpinArt Dip 'n this menu link for more)
  • Friday, August 12 - Our friends from 360 Vodka will be here and startin' at 3:30p, Teachers can enjoy a sample of our Red Apple-Tini featuring 360's new Red Delicious Apple vodka
The O'Lympics - are They Irish?
We sought to answer just that very question - bein' familiar with the various families from Ireland, like O'Neill's and the O'Quigley's, we were not so familiar with these O'Lympics or where they came from.  So - after months of studyin', we determined they're a bit more Greek than Irish, and in fact found that the Irish haven't necessarily fared all that well historically.
In fact, in the 2012 Summer Games, Ireland took down 6 medals - of which, 4 were in the sport o' boxing.  The only gold was in the Women's Lightweight division by Katie Taylor.
So - whether ya root for the Irish, the Americans, or both and all, come join us throughout the O'Lympics, startin' on August 3rd when the US Women kick things off in soccer before the August 5th Opening Ceremonies.  With 15 TVs, we can tune in whatever sport ya want, whenever ya want - and serve up some fine fare and quenchibility to go with it.
A Royal Push to the Playoffs
It's lookin' to be a bit of a challenge, especially so if'n we gotta do it without Wade Davis.  But that just means we need to create all the more hometown excitement to get on a run and make a push.
So - that's why we've been offerin' Half Price Selected Appetizers everytime the Boys in Blue take the field.  We also always serve up complimentary peanuts at the bar...all for bringin' folks in and startin' some good gametime mojo.
August - Live Music Lineup
As a reminder, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - our patio is not only filled with cool breezes, fun and frolic, but also the sounds of some great local artists:
  • August 4: Rockaholix
  • August 5: Brett Blakemore
  • August 6: 68 Overpass
  • August 11: Phil Vandel
  • August 12: The Students from School of Rock (pictured)
  • August 13: Andy DeWitt 
  • August 18: Joel McNulty
  • August 19: Miner's Bluff Band
  • August 20: Gas Food Lodging
  • August 25: Dallas Lybarger
  • August 26: Andy DeWitt 
  • August 27: Ethan Ridings
More info on these events and others can be found on our website.
As always, some final words for our family and friends:
May the lilt of Irish laughter
lighten every load.
May the mist of Irish magic
shorten every road...
And may all your friends remember
all the favors you are owed!

Paddy O'Quigley's