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White Man Speak with Forked Tongue



Blake Wade, the executive director of the American Indian Cultural Center, sent out an email late last week with talking points aimed at influencing the House members into passing SB 1651.  The legislation intends to steal forty million dollars from the state unclaimed property fund and use the stolen private funds to fill the money pit called the American Indian Cultural Center.    Wade posed his own questions in black type then answered himself in red type.   Our reply is in green type:


AICCM Funding

SB1651 Legislative Debate Points


1.      Why is it important to pass SB 1651?


This bill funds completion of the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum (the “AICCM”) without creating any debt state debt or using tax dollars. Non-State and non-federal pledges totaling $40 million have been made to finish this project, contingent upon a match from the State of Oklahoma. The project can be complete in 2017 if the funding is provided now.  Something must be done with the AICCM site. The State’s ownership of the property is subject to a requirement in the deed that it be used for the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum and failing that, the City of Oklahoma City will own the property. The State cannot sell it.

Mr. Wade, that money is private money held in trust by the state for the purpose of finding the owner or heirs of the owner.  What you are advocating is simple theft of private funds.   You are wrong when you say that something must be done with the money pit called the American Indian Cultural Center.   That forty million dollars would be better used to repair the state capital instead of funding this corporate welfare scheme.


2. How can the State be guaranteed that $40 million in non-state and non-federal pledges will be honored to meet the State’s match?

Under this bill, the NACEA cannot use the first $20 million of the state’s match until non-State and non-federal funds totaling $20 million in cash have been deposited in a state fund, and the final $20 million of the state’s match cannot be used until NACEA shows that non-State and non-federal funds totaling $40 million in cash have been deposited in a state fund. State money cannot be spent without commensurate matching funds.

Mr. Wade, if this project was feasible private businesses would have invested and built this project without tax dollars.  The fact that you have to beg for money to be stolen from citizens is all the truth that is needed to understand that private individuals are not going to throw their hard earned cash into this boondoggle.


3. Why should the State put money into a tribal facility?

This is not a tribal facility. This is a State facility conceived to economically benefit the citizens of this State and generate tax revenue for the State of Oklahoma. It is intended to capitalize on and showcase the State’s tribal heritage, and to attract international tourists. The State of Oklahoma will receive enhanced tax revenues from that tourism. The tribes have made significant financial commitments to the project because the tribes understand that the project will also produce some benefits to the tribes by enhancing historical and cultural awareness, but this is a State facility.


Yes Mr. Wade, this isn’t a tribal facility because the Indian tribes don’t want this monstrosity competing with their existing tourist sites and casinos.  There are already numerous Indian museums none of which cost this kind of money to build and none of them can stand on its own if it was saddled with the construction cost that your leadership blew on this monstrosity.  The reality is that this is an Oklahoma City Chamber and State Chamber of Commerce faculty that was designed to create huge profits from developing the wasteland and flood plains around the donated land.

 4. What is the ongoing monthly cost to maintain and secure the unfinished AICCM property while construction is suspended?

$68,000 dollars per month, which pays for site security, grounds and mechanical maintenance, builders risk insurance, general contractor oversight fees, utilities and warranty preservation

 Yes, under your existing board leadership this project was started without all the financing in place and what a gold plated project it was!  The per square foot costs dwarf what was paid to build the Devon tower.   But it would cost nothing to return the project to Oklahoma City on the condition that they take up the millions in bond payments each year.

 5. What is the benefit to terminating the state agency and creating a public trust in its place?

 The goal of creating a public trust is to enable the AICCM to operate without ongoing appropriations. Since the NACEA will not terminate until the earlier of July 1, 2019 or the date of the AICCM’s completion, the Legislature retains oversight on this project to see that it gets completed. When the NACEA terminates, the Legislature will no longer be obligated to appropriate money for operations, staff, or maintenance of anything related to this project.

No, your goal is to get the project out from under supervision of the legislature once it is producing an income stream so you can inflate the payroll and benefits.   The millions upon millions spent from public tax coffers has set up a tidy little business for you to plunder at will once the legislature has paid for completion and everything turned over to the trust.  Along with that claim that you won’t come back with your hand out begging for subsidies goes an possibility of ever recovering any of the tax money blown on this boondoggle.


6. What economic benefits can be reaped from the AICCM for the State of Oklahoma?

Economic benefits from completion of the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum will be widespread throughout the State. Over the first 20 years, it is projected to generate $150 million in total State tax revenue. Citizens and businesses will also benefit, because the direct spending in this State by visitors is projected to be $1.79 billion.

Bull hockey Mr. Wade.  Look at your numbers    150 million in state tax in twenty years is only 7.5 million a year and the state is on the hook for one million dollars a year more than that already from the bond issues sold that you claimed was enough to finish the project years ago.   And 7.5 million in sales tax assumes 90 million in sales, $246,500.00 per day in ticket sales, or 24,650 paying customers per day at $10.00 per ticket.  Two thousand people per hour Mr.   Wade…..    Admit it, you pulled these numbers out of your ass and expect the legislators to be too stupid to run the numbers.


7. How can we be guaranteed that this will be the last time NACEA asks the State for money to finish this project?

The NACEA Chairman has promised in writing that he will not request more State money to finish this project. (See attached letter from Governor Anaotubby, dated May 20, 2013).

 Oh really?  Like that promise last time your leaders came begging for tax money?  And what is to stop you from changing chairman or having a board member ask for the money?   Let’s call it what it is Mr. Wade.   Your board is incompetent and so are you according to the state audit done last year.


8. How much money have tribal sources put into this project?

Since inception, in excess of $20 million has been provided or pledged to the project from tribes, tribal members and other tribal sources.

 Okay, I smell more bull hockey Mr. Wade.    We don’t want to know how much money the Indians have “pledged”, we want to know how much they have actually paid on this project.   Your twenty million in “pledged” money is probably already counted in the alleged forty million in “private” money waiting to be invested.  Try again buckaroo; tell us exactly how much money the tribes have spent, not tribe members, not future pledges.


9. Why is it important to pass SB 1651 now?

The question of what to do with the partially completed AICCM is unfinished state business which must be resolved in order to avoid waste of the tens of millions of dollars which have been spent on the project and to provide a return to the taxpayers on the state’s investment in the AICCM, which will be derived from increased tax revenues and economic benefits to citizens and their businesses.

 The question should be Mr. Wade, why you and your board are still swilling at the trough and why you haven’t been replaced for wasting millions and millions of hard earned tax dollars.   If you are serious about getting additional funding why not resign along with the entire board and put some competent people in place with experience in running a museum and construction?


10. What are the statewide benefits?

Cultural tourists from all over the world will come to Oklahoma to visit the AICCM, which will be a portal for connection with cultural and historical museums and centers throughout the state. Cultural tourists do not visit just one facility, but visit many facilities in a geographical area. Part of the draw of the AICCM will be the fact that it can connect cultural tourists to museums statewide.

 Of course they will Mr. Wade…. Of course they will.    Oklahoma City business coffers will be overflowing along with the millions made of developing the surrounding property by Oklahoma City businessmen.   And my goodness, Oklahoma City is just a mecca for tourism with so many interesting sites to see when they visit the completed Center…..yeah, that’s the ticket…..


Here is the final word on this Mr. Wade.  If this center is economically feasible then it will be completed without stealing forty million in private funds from citizens.   If the state gives the boondoggle back to Oklahoma City it will get completed without another dime in state money and all those wonderful economic benefits would flow and all those millions of tourists will magically appear just like you forecast.


Mr Wade’s cell number is (405) 919.2700  or you can email him at   and he could use some emails and phone calls telling him to find a real job, one that produces wealth instead of sucking on the public teat like he has done for decades.  Pay some taxes Mr. Wade instead of wasting tax money.



A Trip To The Moon, Part Three

By Ms PM


Last week we ended with Wade Starr somehow getting his memory back. Exactly who is Wade Starr and who is L.B. Moon?


Wade Starr is the owner of Deep Fork Grill where the campaign victory party was held for District Attorney Prater. Wade had stated under oath that L.B. Moon paid for the party. Wade was hit with perjury charges because he changed his tune and said L.B. Moon did not pay for the party. Prater would be in hot water for accepting more than the allotted $5000.00 campaign contribution from any one person and the bill for the party was over $12,000 dollars.


Our October 27th newsletter in 2011 tells the story. You can access our archive on any Sooner Tea Party Newsletter. The article is titled, “Oklahoma District Attorney David Prater Under Investigation By The OSBI.”


And The Plot Thickens


With The Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma bringing three counts of perjury charges against Wade Starr, case number CF-2012-3806, one might wonder how much trouble he got himself into. Well, not much considering that the three counts were dismissed with costs and without prejudice. The fine was approximately $379.00 for all three counts and Wade Starr can’t say anything about the charges being dismissed unless he wants to risk the option the state would have to re-file charges if he blabs. That’s one way to shut someone up…but wait…wouldn’t that be blackmail? Any way you look at it it’s all too coincidental and smells like CORRUPTION at its worst. Can you prove anything? Nope. Has this sweet deal taken a front row seat with a single citizen in the line of fire? Yep.


L.B. Moon is a lawyer and a drunk. There is a saying that says who you hang out with says as much about you as it does them and it’s very true. Moon is Prater’s partner in crime.


As Moon sat in his vehicle at the drive-through at Whataburger, bombed out of his mind, and when the police showed up he pulled out an Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputy Badge and gave it to the officer. The officer smelled alcohol and stated that Moon appeared to be extremely intoxicated. Moon would not turn the vehicle off and the officer ordered him not to drive off and had to forcibly place the car in park and remove the keys.


Moon was placed under arrest all the while verbally abusing the officer along with spitting in his face. He threatened the officer’s job, and said all charges would be dropped because of the judges, district attorneys, city and state officials, and other influential people he knows. In his drunken stupor he asserted that he would file criminal suits against the officers. Now…we wonder, could this be another blackmail charge coming to light? Surely Moon wanted the officer to let him go and went as far to say he would bring civil charges against him if he didn’t. We suppose it’s all in whom you know and don’t you know Moon plead guilty to misdemeanor charges in exchange for dismissal of the felony counts.


“Moon received a two year deferred sentence on each count to be served under the supervision of the District Attorney’s Office.” What a dandy deal. The fox is guarding the hen house. “He was also ordered to obtain a drug and alcohol assessment and to receive treatment as directed, including the completion of an outpatient treatment program for one year and to submit to random, monthly urinalysis testing.”


Moon has a long list going back many years of getting in trouble because he is a drunk. On Feb. 20, 2011 he totaled a Ford Mustang belonging to a Captain in the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department when he hit a guardrail on the turnpike. The Captain took an officer to his home where they observed a number of gallon-sized liquor bottles. Moon came out of his bedroom wearing his birthday suit and armed with a gun. He then begged the Captain not to let the officer arrest him saying that he would lose his law license. The Captain didn’t want Moon in jail so the officer wrote out two citations.


Moon called the officer the next day and promised to pay the citations along with restitution for the damaged guard rails he had hit. He threw in free legal work or a donation to the officers preferred organization. Another sweet deal. Moon didn’t pay the $1523.96 to fix the guard rail, the Captain’s insurance issued the check but he did give the Captain $3000.00 towards a new car.


Is it no wonder why Moon wanted the officer at the Whataburger incident to take him to Oklahoma County jail where he could play nice with his buddies? Has it crossed your mind why Moon didn’t have to pay for the guard rail? And what is the name of this Captain? And did the insurance company know the Captain loaned his car to a drunken friend that could and should have paid for the repair?


The devils work is in the details and there is no doubt that the more we dig the more we find and the trail of corruption is like a spider web. The mantra is to protect the ones that will afford you the most. Moon and Prater have become masters of deception and corruption.


Al testified as a witness in this grand jury investigation against Prater even though in the states response to Al’s motion to recuse Prater they said, “There is at present no evidence before this court that Defendant testified before any grand jury, except for Al’s statement contained in his motion.” We can only wonder why the state couldn’t find this list other than they didn’t want to which afforded them the lie. When they said “no present evidence” they hope to lead people to believe “there is no evidence.” Their statement is false, there is proof, and we can only believe they are trying to persuade a person into believing what they have conjured up to be a fact. This is a legitimate reason for Prater to recuse himself. If you look at the end of this document there is a long list of witnesses and sure enough, Al is on it.




Next week we’ll get into how other charges against Al surfaced with their hope of him accepting a plea rather than go to trial. Trial day is May 5th, 2014. Time is getting short.




House District 79 Weldon Watson gets a Challenger


Rep. Weldon Watson is a nice enough fellow but hardly a Republican despite the R behind his name.   He managed to get a 6 score on the 2013 RINO Index only by missing a vote, meaning he voted wrong eight times out of nine and would have likely have voted wrong on the missed vote had he been there.


His 2011 RINO Index rating was a dismal twenty or two correct votes out of ten votes cast.   Usually can be found with his head firmly inserted into leadership’s butt trying to ingratiate himself.    Truly a poor example of a House member that is supposed to be representing the people of his district.


Rep. Watson had a challenger in his 2012 primary election and the same challenger is back to take another shot at unseating him.   Lois Jacobs is a Tulsa area dentist and School Board member that is a solid conservative and liberty minded.  Her website can be found here


The primary election is June  24th.  If you live in the Tulsa area Mrs. Jacobs could use all the help she can get to defeat the RINO incumbent.



Final Week of the Session to Pass Legislation

to the Other Chamber Ends


This last week marked the midpoint in the legislative session and the deadline to pass legislation out of one chamber and into the other chamber.    Some good and some bad occurred as usual.  HB 3399, the Anti Common Core legislation passed the House, allowing the Option B under No Child Left Behind to enable Oklahoma parents to maintain control over their school’s curriculum and books.  The bill passed 78 to 12 with 11 excused legislators.


HB 2851, an anti terrorism bill passed the House as well.  The bill allows property seizures if property is used in committing acts of terror, allowing injured citizens or law enforcement agencies to file claims for costs or damages.  As an example, an mosque that was used in planning or preparation for a terror attack would face serious financial liability or the property of a person that committed a bombing like the marathon bombing last year could be seized and liquidated to pay for damages.


HB 2540, one of the texting while driving bills appears to have been laid over and not passed despite it passing out of Committee.  No House vote was recorded so any other version of this privacy grab will have to come from the Senate.  The bill would have allowed state troopers and other law enforcement officers to write you a ticket for $500.00 if you were caught looking at or texting using a cell phone.   How they can tell the difference between someone dialing a number or reading a text is a big question for me.


SB 1719 passed the senate 36 to 0 with 12 excused.  The bill guts previous legislation that removed a loophole that allowed collusion between bidders, government officials, or state agencies to use single source contracts that eliminated competition.   Another clause eliminated the requirement to consider similar products and replaced the requirement to consider with the “ability” to consider.   The requirement for bid specifications to have three options for products was stricken and an option to get the state attorney general’s office to approve single source products prior to bidding was removed, and a requirement that only products that cost less were to be considered, allowing a bidder to meet the prices of competing products and avoid having to take the chance that another bidder would win the contract.


This bill, SB 1719, shows just how corrupt the Senate has become.   The legislation defeats legislation that was implemented to root out corruption and bid rigging and throws the door wide open to steal money from taxpayers.  The author of the senate bill was Senator Clark Jolley and the House author was John Echols, who took over former Representative Charles Key’s district.


         YEAS:   36                                            RCS# 1102    

         NAYS:    0                                            3/06/2014    

         EXC :   12                                             11:38 AM    

         N/V :    0                                                          



    YEAS:   36


    Aldridge          Brooks            Griffin           Sharp            

    Allen             Brown             Holt              Shortey          

    Ballenger         Burrage           Jolley            Simpson          

    Barrington        Crain             Justice           Sparks           

    Bass              Dahm              Loveless          Standridge       

    Bingman           David             Marlatt           Stanislawski     

    Boggs             Fields            Mazzei            Sykes            

    Brecheen          Ford              Paddack           Treat            

    Brinkley          Garrison          Schulz            Wyrick           



    NAYS:    0



    EXCUSED:   12


    Anderson          Ellis             Johnson, C.       Newberry         

    Branan            Halligan          Johnson, R.       Shaw             

    Coates            Ivester           McAffrey          Shumate          




You can bet that this bill will be on the 2014 RINO Index and anyone that votes for it will be held responsible in the primary.  The legislation moves over to the House and hopefully they will do the right thing and kill this bill before it leaves committee.


HB 3143, the legislation that added sales tax, use tax, and occupancy taxes to military bases passed the House  80 to 11 with 10 excused.    This legislation is simply shocking and some major arm twisting was going on behind the scenes.  How these legislators can justify increasing taxes on military families is beyond belief.    Here is the video on the vote.  Notice that there was no debate and no questions about the bill.




The Song…”Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off”

Has Been Replaced With…

”Tongue Piercing Makes Your Teeth Fall Out”

By Ms PM


Another Republican do-gooder has stepped in to save our youth and authored House Bill 3403 which will warn folks about the dangers of tongue piercing.

 Representative Sally Kern believes that “many of today’s young people are getting their tongue pierced, which is their right; however, they are doing so without the understanding of the health risks involved.”


She believes “it is the job of the STATE to help ensure the safety and well-being of the health of its citizenry, as well as to protect the consumer.”


We believe the state has interfered in our lives by trying to protect everyone from themselves long enough. Our gal Sally would serve Oklahoma better if she would stop the “motherly syndrome” and allow people to make up their mind when it comes to their own body. A bit drastic, but if the state knows better how to raise “young people”, isn’t it time to remove them from parents at an early age. Instill the “states” values, then when it’s all said and done the “state” can wonder what happened to today’s youth when they haven’t a clue as to making good choices in their lives.


Sally’s reasoning on this issue shows the path government is taking by continually poking their nose into your business because they know best. This bill passed the House unanimously so all the big shots think they’re better at running your life.


The information about tongue piercing is accessible for anyone to find. When people chose not to find out it is far better to let them learn the lesson and know what is best, even if the consequences are unpleasant. Leave it alone and let parents guide their children. Isn’t this how people learn to become an adult and make adult decisions?


Is this what we pay these people to do? Once again, the joke is on the folks. These well intentioned protectionists continue with government intrusion and shows very clearly why this country is in trouble. Sally has done her part to increase the “say” government has in your life. What’s next… school kids shouldn’t wear grey clothes on a cloudy day because they might get hit by a car when they cross the street…or if they do, they need to wear a warning device that goes off if traffic is coming because they’re too stupid to figure it out.


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