Animal Holidays for November
National Pet Awareness Month.

National Senior Pet Month.

Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Sponsored by Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) and the Animal Cancer Foundation.

Pet Diabetes Month.

National Cat Week - First week in November

First full week of Nov: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week. by The Humane Society of the United States.

National Cook for Your Pets Day - November 1

Nov. 17: National Black Cat Day.

The last Friday of the month is Fur-Free Friday (although every day should be fur-free!)

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November 7, 2018
Should You Feed Your Cat the Same Food Every Day?
This may be more complicated than it appears. It's not a yes/no type of question, probably best answered, "It depends." Youngsters of most species are taught by their mothers, if they're lucky enough to still have them around, what foods are appropriate for their well being and are also taught the skills needed to obtain the right prey and how to eat them. In this case, predators such as cats must learn to hunt, perform the "kill bite" correctly, and how to dispatch the prey. They learn things like eating the organs first, such as the brain and stomach, to get the best nutrition. They also learn how to protect their catch from intruders who would steal their prize. (Does your cat swat at you if you get too close to her food dish while she's eating? This is why. Don't take it personally. Just respect kitty's need to eat undisturbed.)

While all this describes wild cats, these instinctive behaviors can help us understand why our sweet, gentle house-kitties still do some disturbing things, such as bringing you the mouse they just bagged, or even just bringing any weird thing in from outside if they have access to do so.

However, today's question probably applies most specifically to our household cats that never go outdoors. So I will forego the details of the hunt. Just realize that hunting is basic to any cat, even one that has no experience with it. However, don't expect a tame cat to "go wild" if it gets outside and is expected to fend for itself. They do have to learn how to hunt properly and if they don't, they will not be successful and thus probably will not survive outdoors. The instinct exists but the skills must be learned.

So, in the interest of a housecat that never goes out....
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