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NDIS Scorecard Alert
  Friday 22 May 2015
Dear ,
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Citizens’ Jury Scorecard was handed over to representatives at the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) head office in Geelong this week.

The Agency’s initial response to the scorecard’s findings and recommendations has been positive because they have committed to establishing a tracking system to make sure the recommendations arising from the citizens’ jury are responded to and reported back on in a regular way.

The second progress report on the NDIS is also expected to feature information on the citizens’ jury, how it has helped the NDIA and what responses have been undertaken.

Furthermore, the Agency has committed to undertaking more citizens’ juries because they see significant value in this methodology and its ability to interrogate specific areas of the NDIS and contribute to improving the scheme.

Live launch event
As you may know, our members were given the opportunity to watch the scorecard launch event live online and send in questions they wanted to ask a panel of people involved in the citizens’ jury process and NDIA representatives.

You can watch a replay of the launch by clicking this link or on the below image of our President Craig Wallace.
A headshot of People with Disability Australia President Craig Wallace being interviewed as part of the NDIS Scorecard launch. There is a triangular shaped play button over the top of Mr Wallace's image, in the centre of the image. The button indicates if you click the link it will play a video replay of the Scorecard launch event.
Read the Scorecard
To make sure the scorecard findings and recommendations are understood by the people responsible for the NDIS, we will be sending a copy of the scorecard to every member of parliament across Australia.
Watch the short film
This is a film that ‘tells the story’ of the NDIS Citizens’ Jury Scorecard Project and its interactions with NDIS participants, adding deeply personal and qualitative elements to understanding the process and how the scorecard was finalised by the jurors.

By clicking the below image of smiling NDIS participant and focus group representative Simone Stevens, or 
by clicking this link, you can watch the short film documenting the citizens’ jury process (with audio description, Auslan translation and captioning).
An image of Simone Stephens giving evidence to the NDIS Jury. Simone is an NDIS participant and was a focus group representative. There is a triangular shaped play button over the top of Simone's image, in the centre of the image. The button indicates if you click the link it will play a video of the short documentary about the Citizens' Jury Scorecard.
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