Hi again,

Wow, seems like just yesterday I sent the last issue. The holidays were hectic, which is what makes them zoom by so fast, I
suppose. We had our own fun just watching the cats tear through the used gift wrap! They sure do enjoy that stuff. How did
your cats get through the holidays? Let me know and I'll try to put your story here.



Great web site -- thanks to Lee for sending it in. Free bag of pet food to visitors, but only in Canada. The rest of us
non-Canadians will still love the web site, however, as it is nicely done and contains a lot of great information.



Why don't cats play poker in the jungle?

~~~Too many cheetahs.



It seems some batches of Diamond dry pet food ended up with some toxins in the mixture and could harm your pets.
This problem only applies to some states, mostly eastern, and only some of the dog and cat food products are contaminated.
Get the details here:




Is your cat sick? Some behaviors are normal, but changes can signal a problem.

Visit the vet if your cat shows any of these signs:

* Excessive self-grooming
* Frequent shaking of head (ear mites? neurological problem? ear infection?)
* Significant weight loss or gain
* Change in appetite (never let a cat refuse food for more than a couple of days. The attitude that "he'll eat when he gets
hungry enough" does not apply to cats.)
* Excessive thirst (rule out diabetes)
* Difficulty swallowing
* Drooling
* Fever
* Color changes in fur
* Discharge from eyes and/or nose
* Unpleasant smell (body odor, worse than usual bad breath)
* Distinct change in temperament (more moody than usual? apathetic? depressed?)
* Excessive vomiting
* Obvious physical discomfort (cries if you touch a certain spot, can't bear weight on one leg, etc.)
* Changes in bowel habits (diarrhea, constipation, etc.)
* Changes in litter box behaviors (refusing to use the box, or going more often with no result, i.e., straining)



I recently had a conversation with a representative at the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah about sheltering issues. We
drifted into comments about Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and she mentioned that her husband was still stuck in New Orleans
doing pet rescues. She added that Best Friends was the only national organization still helping out down there. Other than
that, only private rescues and individuals were helping anymore. I said I thought the Humane Society of the United States was
still working, and she said, no, they pulled out. Once they collected more than 20 million dollars from their public donation
campaigns, they pulled up and went home with the dough. I said I thought that wasn't very nice and maybe I should say
something about that in my newsletter. She said, "Please do." So, there you have it; I said it. And my warning, then, is to
be careful who you give your money to. Not everyone asking for some is really going to be much help.


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