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Senator Jason Smalley is a Cry Baby


HB 1749 by Tom Newell and Nathan Dahm had a former Marine blubbering and bawling last week.  We rarely say “former” Marine because Marine legislators are usually our best legislators and once a Marine always a Marine, Jason Smalley is the exception.

It seems that OCPA scholar and Vice President Trent England called a spade a spade (a spade is a shovel by the way for the PC whiners out there) and sent out a Tweet saying that the Oklahoma Educational Association and Planned Parenthood had Smalley’s back after Smalley broke ranks with conservative legislators and voted against HB 1749 which would prohibit union dues from being deducted from state paychecks.

The Oklahoman quickly joined in the effort to shame OCPA, claiming that “civility” was somehow damaged by pointing out the truth.  Senator Greg Treat joined in, demanding that OCPA withdraw the tweet and apologize.  The Oklahoman editorial quoted Russell Kirk as proof that civility is paramount in public debate:

 “‘Civility’ imports both the idea of citizenship and the state of being civilized, as well as good breeding and courtesy. Once the kind of civility represented by manners is cast aside, the responsibilities of citizenship and the very foundation of civilized existence are in peril.”

Kirk was a big believer in order as a massive flywheel against radical change.   But he was not the establishment brownnose that the Oklahoman would have us think.  Here is another quote from Russell Kirk:

The just society is one in which each man may seek the things which belong to his nature. By contrast, a system of economic totalitarianism treats the industrious and the idle, the able and the stupid, as if they were alike--which is contrary to the laws of justice. . . .”

What is unionism if not an attempt to treat all workers the same and to extort monthly dues from all who work in the regulated workplace?   Kirk valued morality and order as prerequisites to freedom, that freedom without limitations of responsibility will not endure.   Kirk would have been aghast at Senator Jason Smalley’s abandonment of conservative values and in Smalley’s abandonment of the requirement that he represent the social mores and values of his constituents.

Is Senator Smalley supporting special interests and specifically is he being paid by education PACs?   Yes he is, numerous union political action committees are contributing heavily to his campaigns.     Stand For Children Oklahoma Pac    CCOSA - PAC (Cooperative Council Okla School Admin)        Oklahoma Public Employees Association PAC and FOP PAC

And where is Senator Smalley on abortion?  We aren’t sure as he walked a vote on an attempt to increase standards on abortion clinics on 5/23/2014.

Senator Smalley seems solidly anti abortion on other votes but as he seems to have succumbed to pressure from his campaign donors on education issues so who knows if he will flip flop if the abortionists get their claws into him?

To Senators Smalley and Treat any kind of criticism is now politically bullying.   I’d say the ultimate bullies are those that write laws forcing others to do things under the color of law. 

 Yet those that attempt to expose Senator Smalley’s hypocrisy and lack of Oklahoma values are subjected to being bullied on the Senate floor and in the media?



Why Nothing Gets Accomplished at the Capital

By the Watchman



We are often asked why so little of the people’s business gets accomplished at the State Capital while the legislature is in session. There are many reasons that could be used. Most would simply be more politically correct answers that all of America is tired of hearing. The main reason nothing get accomplished here in Oklahoma is the Oklahoma State Senate for all intentional purposes might as well be paid by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. They don’t make a move without the Chambers approval, and the man behind that is Senator Brian Bingman.


We began our research by going to and looking at the Senator’s web site. This is what we found Oklahoma State Senate - Senators. We found this to be typical of most Senators in the Oklahoma legislature, devoid of any personal information and useless. This did tell us that he’s term limited in 2016, so he won’t even finish out his current term.


The next item of interest we found was this Brian Bingman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Here we found a lot more information on the Senator. We know he’s married and has children. What weren’t present were his election results for the Senate campaigns of 2010 and 2014. We also found where he served as the Mayor of Sapulpa from 1992 to 2004.


The next item of interest we found was this Senator Brian Bingman, Oklahoma Senate President Pro Tempore, Believes in Climate Change…Oklahoma’s Business Climate, That Is. We couldn’t help but laugh at this article. Twice awarded the Guardian of Free Enterprise Award by the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce. The trouble with that is the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce only believes in free enterprise for big business, as long as it comes with hefty tax breaks by the state.


The next item of interest we found was this Brian Bingman - Oklahoma Legislature - Open States. Here we find some insight into his campaign financing, but nothing since 2012. More importantly we see a good bit of information on some of the bills he has voted on this year. This is a link well worth your time to open.


This next article had us scratching our heads Oklahoma Senate president pro tem pushes a proposal for change | News OK. Here we have the highest paid part time legislature in the region and instead of pushing an amendment to extend the session; he’s looking for a way to cut the number of bills submitted by members each year. Maybe if they’d pay more attention to the people’s business instead of the State Chamber of Commerce’s business more would get done. They talk about filling a $611 million dollar hole in the budget, what might help is cutting back or even stopping the 33% of our tax dollars spent each year in corporate pork tax incentives. That’s almost $2 Billion dollars a year folks.


The next item of interest was this Oklahoma Sheriffs: OK State Senator Bingam on Sheriffs and Common Core: We’d Like to Put Weapons in Basement | Opinion - Conse. This involved the visit of the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association to the Senate Chambers last year. The incident involved the Sgt. at Arms asking the Sheriffs to leave their weapons outside of the Chamber area. From the interview the Senator conducted with a Tulsa radio station, it’s clear that Senator Bingman through the Sgt at arms under the bus. It’s equally clear that someone other than the Sgt. at Arms was responsible for directing that the Sheriffs be disarmed. This made National News folks. What a bunch of idiots.


We next went to to see what information they had available on the Senator.


We next went to the Ratings and Endorsement page.   Remember the higher the rating, the worse off it is for your pocket book.


Agriculture and Food

2013 Oklahoma Farm Bureau                                                            100%


Business and Consumers

2012 Research Institute for Economic Development             97%

2011 Oklahoma National Federation of Ind. Business           100%

2011 Research Institute for Economic Development             98%

2009 OkWatchdog Position on Consumer Advocacy              66%




We went to to look closer at his campaign records. We were sorely disappointed in what the Senator accepted as donations. Here is some of what we found.


Oct. 08, 2012 Greater OKC Chamber PAC                             $500.00

Dec. 29, 2012 General Motors Company PAC                       $500.00

Jan.  25, 2013 American Federation of Teachers                   $250.00


We could go on and on but here again the report is filled with those members that hold the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce in their hands. What we did find strange was the report from list the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce and the Oklahoma Federation of teachers as donors. We could not locate those organizations on the Ethics Commission report.

We next took a look at the voting record of Senator Bingman on items that matters to every Oklahoman.


SB 906  Popular Vote, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote,        

HB 3198 OETA Sunset Bill, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote 

HB 2580 Film Bill. Voted Yea, Liberal Vote               

SB 2128 Corporate Welfare, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

HB 2533 Pipeline Safety, Voted Yea, Conservative Vote

SB 1173 County Purchasing, Excused                        

HB 2974 Corporate Welfare, Voted Yea, Liberal Vote

HB 2480 Agenda 21,  Excused                                               

SB 1639 Corporate Welfare Voted Yea, Liberal Vote


That doesn’t say much for the man does it. Even giving him partial credit for excused votes he only gets a 26%. He cast only one (1) conservative vote in the group. A review of his campaign finances have shown that the president pro-tem of the Oklahoma State Senate is nothing more than a pawn of the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce.  He even tried to make your vote useless in elections.



SB 233 Defeated


Last week we wrote about SB 233 that was to be heard in committee on Wednesday.   The Sunday night newsletter drew a response from Committee Chairman Rep. Paul Wesselhoft who called on Monday expressing his willingness to vote against the bill.  However Rep. Wesselhoft did allow the bill to be heard as it seems that he and Jason Murphey are the only two committee chairmen that guarantee that all bills get a fair hearing.  We found it hard to argue with that position as we had championed legislation a few years ago asking that House rules be changed for that very purpose.


Wesselhoft advised us that the legislation had little support and that it was most likely going to fail to win enough votes to pass and indeed that was the case when the legislation was shot down 2 to 5 in committee vote.  Only RINOs Gary Banz and Charlie Joyner supported the legislation that would have moved our presidential primary three weeks backward.  The legislation had one purpose; to minimize voter turnout, leaving the party flacks more in control of politics in Oklahoma. 



Current Oklahoma GOP Chairman Dave Weston was the one that pushed for the bill to be filed and he did so without a vote of the GOP organization or even without any discussion on the issue.  Mr. Hair Plugs as we call him, had only one goal; to push the primary back so that Oklahoma became a winner take all state by RNC rules, in an effort to minimize any minority candidates from campaigning in Oklahoma.



Could The Real Issue Be That Lawmakers Are Simply Not Conservative?

By Ms PM


In this article we have state Representative Paul Wesselhoft asking lawmakers to boycott a dinner hosted by the State Chamber.


If those asked to attend this soiree were indeed conservative don’t you think there would already be a few empty spots in the room? It is a sad tale when it requires a representative to spell it out as to how the State Chamber operates. We have many “Anthony Weiners” all over this country and a few are right here in Oklahoma. Those who attend already have a price tag attached to their not so conservative ears.


Wesselhoft reminds Republicans that Chamber lobbyists are good at targeting them with anticipated defeat in future elections. Are our elected leaders that want to attend already planning out the weather to see which way the wind blows the most votes their way?  


Rep. Wesselhoft said “he faced an opponent recruited and funded by the chamber, as did state Sen. Josh Brecheen, Rep. Jason Murphey, and Rep. Dan Fisher, all Republicans.” Wesselhoft wants to see business members that pay chamber dues “urge the firing of their inept CEO Fred Morgan who crossed the political and ethical lines of a lobbyist organization.” Whoa Nellie….since when has anyone in politics worried about crossing the “political and ethical” lines of anything they might happen to get away with?


Political commentator Keith Gaddie said that Rep. Wesselhoft isn’t the only one that has issues with the State Chamber and his “criticism isn’t unique.” Wesselhoft sees the chamber big supporters of big business rather than small business. The Sooner Tea Party has pounded this drum for a very long time.


Wesselhoff summed it up nicely…the State Chamber is an irritant.








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