STEPS! Dance Parade's Official Newsletter
  September 2014
This Sunday!
Dance Parade has been asked to participate in the largest climate march in history and are thrilled to come out and be apart of this massive event.  Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to gather along Central Park West starting at Columbus Circle Sunday September 21st.  Our group will be meeting on the steps of the Natural History Museum at 82nd and Central Park West.  Click here to sign up and join us!
Anouncing Dance Parade's 2015 Theme:
Our team of passionate Dance Parade and Festival makers came up with over 10 different themes and asked the community to vote. The most popular outcome? "LIVE FREE and DANCE".  And so now we begin to crank out the creative, programming and production for the May 16th 2015 parade.  Parade and Festival Registration will begin at the end of the September and you can keep your eyes out for our launch party in November!  Click here to see the 2015 Promotional Video.
Here's why your company will want to sponsor the 9th Annual Dance Parade and DanceFest May 16th 2015:
The Parade and Festival won't just throw itself - We need your help! 
Dance Parade offers an exciting mix of packaged sponsorship opportunities including parade floats, stage banners and branding throughout an extensive promotional campaign.  You can even show your support on a 8ft street banner along the parade route up 30 days before Parade and Festival Day!  For more information on sponsorship, please contact Executive Director Greg Miller
Dance Parade acknowledges the generous 2014 support from:
Albert Wilking
Judy Atrubin Nicole Tilar
Alex Krauss Forney Miller Judy Pritchett Park McGinty
Alex Naddafian Gail Esta Toonkel Julie A. Miller Paul Hines
Amanda Hogue Genesis Fernandez Kevin Wadalavage Paul Nagle
Anonymous Grace Hannon Kristin Marting Pete Dolece
Benny Ledet Greg Miller Kristin Wynn Peter Zehren
Brenda and Brandon Neville Hal Lamster Laura Torell Philip Ribolow
Brian Weng Heidy Torres Lewis Siris Rebecca Myles
Chiling Weng Jane Miller Luis Vargas Renee Allen
Clair Seager Janet Washington Madeline Fernandez Rose Rubin Rivera
Dan DeVos Jeanette Dowling Mahayana Landowne Sarah Roberts
Daniel Zen Jennifer Argenio Marcia Monteiro Shireen Dickson
David Andrew Raper Jennifer Dunkl Marjorie Liebman So Danca
David Leventhal Jernee Martha Chapman Stacy Evans
DJ McDonald Jerry Goldman Melanie Barry Stefan Pildes
Doris Chavez Joan Robins Melchor Alvarez Suzanne Zuckerman
Douglas Drummond John Ellsworth Melissa Savadove Terry Browder
Dr. Martha Eddy John Tepper Marlin Michael Olson
Drew Meeks Jonathon Horan Murray Halpern
Elisha Friedman
Erik Bryan Slavin
Joseph McElroy Michael Valloney

Dance Parade is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization!